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  1. Isn't there a built-in defrag system in Steam? I haven't had a single fragment in Arma.

    I'm using Defraggler occasionally but it seems to mess up windows own scheduled defrag so it doesn't run at all automatically.

    AFAIK there is no built-in defrag in Steam. You might confuse it with the option to "Defragment Cache Files" which is used only for the games using the old content system that would defrag the files inside the .gcf container format.

  2. ..................

    On that note, I have some questions of my own =P. Have SSD's improved over the last year or so? I remember doing some research when I built my current PC, and alot claimed that SSD's weren't optimal yet. That they have issues.

    SSSs improvement is reaching a deadpoint if not already reached. They reached SATA 3 speed limits and the only thing they can improve is IOPS and capacity vs price.

    As for issues the only real ones I had with SSDs was with the 1st generation ones prior 2009 which have unresolved performance problems when used with a large write activity (used as an os drive, large file copies). The standard problems SSDs have are:

    - Life of the SSD reducing due to writes. You shouldn't have a problem if your OS & drivers support trim, you keep your drive at maximum 80% full and you don't write terabytes and terabytes per day. I am still using my 2 Vertex 120GB (from 2009) in my pc and it seems that I will have to throw them away before they run out of life.

    - Performance. You might not get the full performance of the SSD due to the sata controller. Rule of thumb, newer is better and Intel is better than AMD with 3rd party controllers coming last (does not apply for dedicated raid chips).

    - Crashes. Most SSDs come problem free but there might be still bugs which usually are fixed (firmware updates). Sometimes a SSD might not work due to a poor sata cable or a sata backplane/tray.

    - SSD Price vs capacity. Not much to say but prices of SSDs keep dropping.

  3. all documented ...


    yet there is newly added for arma3.cfg

    tripleBuffering=1; //boolean, default 0 as disabled

    it's experimental, may have no effect or slightly decrease fps

    You may not need it, as we don't use normal double buffering

    I text searched arma3.exe and "tripleBuffering" can't be found like all the other config variables (using dev version if it matters).

    Maybe it was implemented in an earlier version but it got removed.

  4. Most probably someone got your key and inserted a bad one in your registry.

    Bigger problem is that there might be left something behind be it a trojan or a keylogger. Delete everything you downloaded (there is no free upgrade for DLCs, trying to pirate?) it could be still harmful and scan your pc with more than 1 antivirus.

    The only thing you can do to reclaim your key is to reinstall Arma2 & Arma2OA if you have the disk or a digital version and apply the update patches.

    If you have the steam version you don't need to reinstall, you just need to R-Click on game, select Properties, got to the Local Files tab and click on Verify Integrity Of Game Cache.

    There is a chance that whatever stole your key changed permissions in your registry which would block the installation programs from updating your key information.

    While you can retrieve your key it will most probably be used by someone which means you won't be able to play online while he is playing and it soon might get global banned.

    Lesson learned, don't download or click on links from random people you meet on the internet.

  5. I'm still having problems. I have an error "MSVCP110.dll". What version of Virtual C++ Redistributable did you install? I tried the 2012 (latest).

    I had a look in my windows/syswow64 and have msvcp100.dll and msvcp120.dll in there. No msvcp120.dll

    However there is in /system32

    They updated Visual C++ Redistributable you need is at Latest Supported Visual C++ Downloads, Visual Studio 2012 (VC++ 11.0) choose the x86 version.

    Just tried and it works with latest Eliteness & DePbo.dll. MSVCP110.DLL version is 11.00.51106.1.

  6. Was considering purchasing an SSD an the computer guy at the store I goto for tech stuff said that I would have to run windows on the SSD versus using it for gaming only, hence negating the purpose of purchasing. Is that true? Or is this guy...cheers. Defraggin wise i've alway just done a anylise disk like every 1-2 weeks. just dl'd Defraggler though so may test.

    The only reason that you would have to absolutely put windows on the SSD is if you have only 1 sata connector on your PC/Laptop and you can't connect a 2nd drive. There is no reason that you can't have windows on a HDD and whatever you want on a SSD, it's just that putting the OS on a SSD you will get a general performance boost on your PC and that's why it's advised to do so.

  7. The DVD's contain game data and goodies that some people want.

    My post was about his remark not wanting to pass through steam, which can not be avoided if you want to play the game or access any of the digital extras. Unless you mean getting the dvd only for the physical extra things and not for the game itself :) .

  8. Although financially sound, I don't see this model catching with the Arma community.

    1. I might be mistaken, but I don't see the average A3 player paying to buy a hat, vest, car,etc

    2. The inventory system is mission/server dependent. Whatever you bought, you wont be able to use it unless the files are on the hosting server.

    Didn't mean selling comparable content as TF2 but the steam workshop agreement has sections for selling user content and with BI going all out STEAM they might (have to?) use it.

    TF2 shop sells also tickets for map servers to support the map creators.

  9. They way I read it:

    1. User makes quality content in his/hers spare time

    2. The community enjoys the content

    3. BI compensates the user for the quality content

    4. The user is motivated to create more content while keeping his/hers job

    5. BI gets a happy community (as far as content availability goes)

    I am afraid they might use the steam model for selling user generated content (see team fortress 2).

  10. Some problems with paid addons:

    - Might work for island, models, sound addons but what about enchanment addons (missions, ace, blastcore, AI enhachment, acre).

    - Paid content should be as bugfree as possible which means updates, what happens after 1 year when the author abandons his addons?

    - Some addons might break due to Arma 3 updates who is responsible for fixing the problem? Will the author fix it? Timetable for this fix?

    - I expect any bought addon will be encrypted like the Arma 2 OA DLC so no more "looking under the hood" to see how something worked.

    - If there are no lite addons, server owners/providers could try to monetize on this. Sell addons that give special benefits on their servers.

  11. From the latest REPORT IN! MAREK SPANEL – CEO_:

    That’s a lot to look forward to! How about the Arma 2 content library? Will there be some form of backwards compatibility?

    Originally, we had an idea that was similar to Take On Rearmed. Unfortunately, upgrading the Arma 2 massive content library to Arma 3 standards is beyond what we can do in reasonable time. So instead, what we are going to do will be similar to Arma 1: we are going to release the entire Arma 2 library to the community and allow them create any derivative work within Arma 3. More details will be announced very soon.

    If I am not mistaken this means that BI will supply the source models from A2 and OA.

  12. Use the "-profiles= command" line parameter.

    From Arma2: Startup Parameters:

    -profiles is a startup option allowing you to choose an alternate location for the user profile files, such as downloaded missions and .cfg files.

    The windows user account would need permissions to write to the folder of choice.

    An example might be like this:

    "C:\arma2\Arma2.exe" -profiles=C:\arma2\Profiles


    "C:\arma2\Arma2.exe" -profiles=Profiles

    would store all your profiles/configs/downloaded content into your ROOT ArmA folder under the folder name "Profiles"

    When your path contains spaces, you need to enclose it with quotes, like:

    "-profiles=c:\arma 2\profiles"

  13. Btw, they just need to add the head for the military version, the vest hides their curves. Though for the civilians would be cool a new body model.

    This might have worked in Arma 2 but in Arma 3 with removed uniform the model would look ridiculous.

  14. What's worrying is that there's no obvious textures and models in the files. I doubt females have been scrapped wholesale, but their absence in the initial release is disconcerting.

    In language_f.pbo there are a lot of different female names, so at least it was planned for female characters to be included.