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  1. Kju you may have explained this already I own all the dlc's for a2/oa/toh the baf pmc and acr have the shit textures when running AIA is there a way to use the good ones I paid for in AIA cheers mate

    Those DLC are encrypted, the only way that you are going to see them in Arma 3 is if BI builds support for them in the executable (spoilers, TKOH doesn't support them either with the BI implemented TKOH Rearmed DLC) or release them unencrypted (not going to happen).

  2. Why should physx drivers fix the problem?

    The game doesn't seem to require them, they are not installed as a required redistributable.

    Latest libraries in newest physx drivers seem to be for up to the 2.8 physx SDK and the game comes with libraries from the 3.2 physx SDK, so I doubt they are ever used.

  3. Latest dev build has gotten rid of the stutters while flying. Not all of the stutters though while playing just the massive stuttering that was happening while flying, though memory usage is all still the same as what I posted before. @Fred, that same behavior occurs with ArmA 2 for example, if it hits a certain VRAM cap it flushes textures and reloads them. You can do the same thing I believe by hitting shift and - and then typing "flush", I believe thats the routine for it. I think it's so that they don't run into the old memory overflow or d3d overflow problem that they had in ArmA and I believe that the original ArmA was around the time they came up with that flush trick, then eventually added it as an automated routine in the engine to prevent the overflow issue.

    Never had this problem with Arma 2, my older gtx480 would top at 1.5GB(max) and stay around there. Sometimes opening & closing the map would trigger a memory flush but nothing like Arma 3 where I witnessed an almost 1GB drop while flying.

    Maybe its graphics card/memory/driver specific.

  4. @Windies,

    i think i found the reason for the "stutters" while fast flying (moving).

    It seems a video memory overload situation, causes a drastical recovery action.

    The falling edges in the GPU memory allocation graph, are identical with the "stutters" in game.

    To verify, you can use process monitor, double click on arma3.exe process and select tab "GPU Graph", graph "Dedicated GPU memory".



    I have the same experience, today I was flying across Altis and my GPU memory would reach around 2.5-2.6 GB and then drop by 0.9-1 GB down. Sudden stutter and memory would start filling again till it reached the tipping point again.

  5. The main thing done to optimize Altis performance was to drastically reduce the amount of objects that are simulated as full entities (e.g. fences, low walls, coral reefs, etc.). The upside is that especially in scenarios with lots of AI - it can help quite a bit to reduce the memory footprint. The downside is for scripters wishing to retrieve object references to such objects - that is no longer possible. Objects that require user interaction (e.g. doors on buildings) or simulation elements (e.g. animated windmills) are still full entities.

    I see a big improvement in editor fps, having 12K for VD & OD and having 10-20FPS in Altis where before I would have below 1.

    Also the "count (position player nearobjects x)" command would take minutes if ever to complete for above 10000 will count 18739 objects after some seconds for 40000.

  6. All these things must be done automatically by game not by me. I've played a lot of games and i've never heared that i have to tweak my system or commandline options to make a game playable.

    What are you complaining about? There is nothing in the quoted post that the game isn't already automatically doing or is a personal preference option.

    - I set the following launch options: -nologs -nosplash -cpucount=4 -exthreads=5 -nofilepatching -nopause -maxmem=4096 -high

    -nosplash, -nofilepatching, -nopause, -world if they affect game performance it's only as a side effect and it's up to you to use them if you want what they change.

    -cpucount, -exthreads, -maxmem are detected automatically and are there if you want to try something other than the detected values. Used for troubleshooting.

    -nologs, -noBenchmark used for troubleshooting, -nologs might help if your disk is thrashing from writing a lot of errors.

    -high does not exist

    - I disabled Core parking via the ParkControl tool.

    That's an OS function, if you think you need it complain to your OS and CPU companies for support.

    - disabling all eye-candy of Windows 8.

    Personal preference.

    - I downloaded the newest PhysiX drivers.

    Not used not needed.

    - Tweaking GPU_MaxFramesAhead and GPU_DetectedFramesAhead did NOT help.

    Automatically detected used for troubleshooting.

  7. .............

    ok I just went and looked at the techspot review and have to call BS, they are bench marking CPU performance using a GTX titan...there is a FX 4100 getting 43 FPS on ultra.....how many people put a $1000 video card with a $100 CPU? please raise your hand if that's your rig because we will dispatch the clean young men in clean whites to pick you up :)

    So? It's a cpu benchmark test and they used the most powerful graphics card to avoid bottlenecking from the gpu, this is how it has always be done. For the graphics card test they also used a Radeon 7770, do you think many would pair it with an overclocked Core i7-4770K.

  8. I am afraid no.

    Further more, giving away keys with not a attached official distributor of the game files seems a little shady to me and screams piracy.

    Furthermore if your key's format is like "00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,AA,BB,CC,EE,FF" (15 hex numbers with no dashes) it's almost certainly a pirate key or a stolen key, nobody distributes keys this way. (DON'T POST THE KEY)

    Above is my personal opinion, to be sure wait for a mod/dev to confirm/deny this. There might be an obscure official distributor who gives keys this way.

    Did you ask the dude how to install it?

  9. I got a non steam serial of arma 2 I dont know where I have to put it can someone help me?

    Is it a Arma 2 Free serial if not activation codes exist only for steam, so if it doesn't work there you are out of luck. Serials don't materialize in the wild but come with retail disks or digital distributions, so I have to ask where did you get Arma 2?