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  1. I don't think there were ever servers run by BI in the history of OFP/Arma so expect only community servers.
  2. tonygrunt

    No Women=Disturbing

    Same to you. To think that when there isn't a representation of part of the populace in a game that the devs are misogynists but not that there was a technical difficulty. Where is the logic to that?
  3. tonygrunt

    No Women=Disturbing

    So the only conclusion you came is that BI devs are sexist it couldn't be that they based all of their computer characters to one model and making a woman character might look strange. Where are the old people? BI hates old people. Where are the fat people? BI hates fat people. Where are the children? BI hates children. Where is the limping old woman from Arma 2? BI hates disabled people. Is this your way of thinking?
  4. tonygrunt

    Wow, first impressions are very, very good.

    Independent air in editor.
  5. I am not on my pc to test it in Arma 3 but from what I remember PIP in vehicles is lower resolution, lower framerate and I believe it had some lag. All things that you would want to avoid while scoped in.
  6. tonygrunt

    in store?

    Not sure if I am reading the steam database info correctly but it seems that the Russian and Asian retail versions are region locked. Morphicon (EU?), Czech and Australian versions seem not region locked. Again, not sure.
  7. Main part of the missions should be at missions_f.pbo, missions_f_beta.pbo and missions_f_gamma.pbo but there are more supporting pbo. missions_f.pbo: Showcase_Helicopters, Showcase_Infantry, Showcase_SCUBA, Showcase_Vehicles, MP_COOP_m01.Stratis, MP_COOP_m02.Stratis missions_f_beta.pbo: Firing_Drills (1-4), MP_COOP_m04.Stratis, Defense, Showcase_Combined_arms.Stratis, Showcase_Commanding_I.Stratis, Showcase_Night.Stratis, Showcase_Supports.Stratis missions_f_gamma.pbo: Firing_Drills (5-10), MP_COOP_m03.Altis, MP_COOP_m05.Altis, MP_COOP_m06.Altis, MP_COOP_m07.Altis, MP_COOP_m08.Altis, Seize,Faction_BLUFOR.Altis, Faction_INDEPENDENT.Altis, Faction_OPFOR.Altis, Showcase_Arma.Altis, Showcase_Drones.Altis, Showcase_Gunships.Altis, Showcase_Tanks.Altis
  8. tonygrunt

    Bad FPS wheat do I need to buy?

    I didn't correct a random guide in the internet, I corrected your post/guide in the forums that advocates using parameters that don't exist or are out of bounds. This is how placebo effects and myths are created and perpetuated by members of the community or the internet. So many posts lately have these magic benefits command line parameters, after a while it gets a bit annoying and difficult to ignore. And like you when trying to correct them it's always the same answer, I saw it in the internet (translation: not my fault), performance improved greatly (translation: don't know why but it works, it couldn't possibly be a placebo effect or something unrelated). MadDogX is a moderator (probably a volunteer) that doesn't mean his opinion is Bohemia Interactive's stance. And his post is about how much memory a program can access "The maximum for 32bit LAA apps on 64bit systems is 4GB." not what numbers can a command line take.
  9. tonygrunt

    Bad FPS wheat do I need to buy?

    AFAIK -high does not exist, can't remember a dev ever mentioning it, BI wiki doesn't mention it, when I check task manager priority hasn't changed and if you string search arma3.exe it doesn't pop up with the other command line switches. And -maxmem doesn't use more than 2047, anything more defaults to 2047, with recent confirmation from 2 Devs. Here is some more info about memory usage and a workaround for increasing available memory to 3GB (I think it's needed only for 32-bit windows). TL;DR Please stop spreading misinformation.
  10. Thank you Dwarden for the info. More video ram usage would be most welcomed, with my 4GB gfx cards when the engine reaches the memory limit (2GB-2.5GB depending on settings) it would drop down about 600-700MB producing some momentary stutter and discarding what is behind you (look behind you and terrain is a blur and more stuttering till it loads).
  11. Can you confirm that maxmem can take values greater than 2047? Because I was under the impression till now that values greater than 2047 would default to 2047 (BI wiki, previous info from devs).
  12. tonygrunt

    Stuttering on Stratis and Altis

    I experience some strange stutter due to video memory. Using 4GB gfx cards while I fly in Altis the video memory usage will keep increasing till it reaches around 2.4GB and then suddenly I will get a little stutter and video memory usage will drop by 700-800MB. It will again start gradually increasing and if I look behind me there will be stutter and the terrain will be blurry. Seems like Arma 3 fills available video memory and when it reaches a point it clears part of it and starts filling it again but the way it does it is not so smooth. In Arma 2 I would reach my maximum video memory usage and it would usually stay there. To the Devs, can Arma 3 utilize all the memory of our gfx cards or is there a limit?
  13. tonygrunt

    Texture quality automatically lowered?

    You could try lowering graphics settings that use video memory, not sure but those should be resolution, sampling (if over 100% not sure for below) and AA. This would give you more memory in expense of visual quality. Wouldn't hurt to run a GPU monitoring program (MSI Afterburner) to monitor if your video ram is fully utilized.
  14. He said highest settings which is 12K for view and object distance. As he apparently is new on the forums and doesn't have Arma 3 yet, I wanted him to be prepared that he won't be able to do anything meaningful at highest settings except taking pretty screenshots. Of course if you lower your graphics settings the game will be playable, nobody denies that. And I tried low flying around with 5000 view distance and 3500 object distance in Altis and my frames dropped below 10 over towns and over the solar power stations which in my opinion is not playable.
  15. There is no known computer in the world that it will run the game on highest settings with acceptable frames. Maximizing view distance and object distance in an Altis town will get me less than 1 fps when I move and my pc specs are pretty much the same as yours. With this out of the way, the only improvement on your pc to get the most out of Arma 3 is a SSD and any overclock on your CPU you feel comfortable.
  16. Which SSD do you have? SSDs tend to lose performance (and lifespan) when you start filling them, and at the time of your test you have around 12GB free (28510MB available minus 16384MB swapfile allocated) which might be a little low. For example the included software with my Samsung SSD 840 Pro 500GB recommends a 10% provisioning area or 50GB. Other manufacturers might lock an area with the firmware or use both techniques. Don't know how much impact this would have to the game but you could test this with moving the pagefile to another drive.
  17. Here is a guide but again I don't recommend it, any improvement would be minimal. This is all hypothetical (only BI Devs know) but in MP your fps is depended by the server performance (server fps). Worst case scenarios your fps can be affected by low bandwidth, problematic clients, script errors etc.
  18. AFAIK at least for 6xx nvidia cards the only way to force maximum 3d clocks is by using nvidia inspector or maybe a bios mod with locked clocks. Don't expect much improvement if any, the card underclocks because there isn't enough workload from the game. You can use the untapped power of your card for higher levels of AA and other graphics options.
  19. tonygrunt


    Avoid playing night missions with night vision, and by dusk. I can only play these game times if I turn gamma and brightness almost full to fight the brightness fluctuation which helps with headache but is more straining for the eyes.
  20. With imgur you can add a letter (l,m,s) before the full stop and you will get smaller size images (l=large,m=medium,s=small). You then use the thumbnail as description to link to the full size image, click on the image and you get the full size. [url="http://i.imgur.com/I7H9cwD.jpg"][img=http://i.imgur.com/I7H9cwDl.jpg][/url]
  21. There is an update of the Dev Build almost every day so some of it might be due to that. Also I don't know how steam updating works but it's possible because you haven't fully downloaded the previous updates when you resume, some of the update data that you downloaded will be invalidated due to a newer update.
  22. If they keep updating the addons folder, probably not. Different signed addons. They will have to update only the executable, start using same major versions numbers with the stable and no major changes that will break compatibility.
  23. Was the previous save made before the update? Compatibility is not guaranteed after an update or with any change in the mods and the save might be unusable.
  24. tonygrunt

    ArmA3Mark - Benchmark your ArmA 3

    I think you might be able with nvidia inspector and definitely with bios mod but why would you? There would be minimal performance increase at best as the cards at the time have not much to render, reading the gpu usage. Can you try running the benchmark with the -maxmem=2047 parameter and see if you have lowered performance?
  25. tonygrunt

    ArmA3Mark - Benchmark your ArmA 3

    From my tests sampling is cpu dependent and the image quality is worse with no FSAA applied. Using my previous tests where I reached 45 FPS, when I set sampling to 200% and disable FSAA my score goes to 34 FPS. Both of my cards start to run at lower speed due to the lowered GPU usage. Image quality is worse with visible flickering edges in fences.