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  1. tonygrunt

    How to record GPU + CPU + FPS stats

    Just to add that latest MSI Afterburner has monitoring support for CPU(Intel only I think) temps, CPU per core usage, RAM and pagefile usage so you don't have to use HWinfo anymore.
  2. End User License Agreement for BI's Tools, last updated 2008, might not be the latest. Arma 3 Modding License
  3. You are wrong, VAC banning works by game engine. You can be VAC banned in TF2 and still play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 MP.
  4. Having admins spectate, players and their gear or rate of travel would give admins a default cheat mode for pvp and all the things you listed are not cheats by default. In warfare there is fast travel(rate of travel) and you can change your gear as many times you like and how could you continue playing if you spectated even for a little the other team? I have seen how admins abuse their power with private addons only run by them (realtime maps with player movement in DayZ etc.), why give them by default a way to cheat and who would admin them? (who watches the watchers?). It's the main reason why I will never play PVP again, having experienced the abuse from private addons the illusion that I could trust a server owner is gone forever.
  5. tonygrunt

    Streamline the Steam update process, please

    Because it didn't change any big files or a lot of them. Today's Tropico 4 update changed/created 2 files with combined usage 94.7 MB, you only needed 94.7 MB extra space. Now if it changed only 1 byte in Structures.hpk (1.14GB) you would need an additional 1.14GB of disk space to patch the copy. Arma 3 going from Dev to Stable is a 834MB update that changes 64 files with combined usage 8.16GB, you will need 8.16GB extra space.
  6. tonygrunt

    Streamline the Steam update process, please

    This is the way steam works it's not going to change. Steam creates working copies of the files that are being updated. If a 20MB update changes a 100MB file you will need 100MB more disk space but if a 20MB update changes 10 files that occupy 5GB you will need 5GB extra disk space.
  7. How do you launch a game installed/updated with steamcmd? Whenever I try to launch the steamcmd Arma3.exe it launches the steam client and the Arma3 installed there. The steamcmd Arma3 is ignored.
  8. You can select which branch you want with: R-click on Arma 3>Properties>Betas tab and select None for stable or development for the dev branch. You can use only same branch multiplayer servers so if you favor a dev server you won't be able to play there. You won't have to reinstall but if you switch to stable expect to download around 800-900 MB right now. Same thing if you switch back. Those sizes might get bigger in the future.
  9. It's a bug that appeared with the latest Dev branch update. Wait for a newer patch that fixes it. Bugs are bound to appear when using the Dev branch, learn to live with them or use the Stable branch.
  10. It is the choice of every addon author where he wants to host his content. If he feels that Valve is not a reliable partner then so be it. As for Valve, they don't seem to mind when people grab models from other games and use them in Source Filmmaker or Garry's Mod seeing as there are steam discussions with info of grabbing models from other games or advertizing other websites that host them. There are many screenshots and movies with grabbed models and they seem to allow grabbed models to be hosted in the workshop. This 3d model of a Saint Row character from the Garry's Mod Workshop seems like a grabbed model. I was under the impression that it wasn't ok to use 3d models from other games in your 3d engine. Seeing this, why would anyone feel safe about his content being there? Is the legendary late to respond steam support going to be much help?
  11. But AFAIK there is no way to get HQ textures and sounds from the DLCs as they are encrypted and can't be dePBOed.
  12. tonygrunt

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    @GReeves Before you buy a new video card could you post more info about your pc. I can only guess but from the info you gave it seems that it can't be upgraded.
  13. I had the same thought. It might be an OSD from a background program he is running.
  14. tonygrunt

    A good review and cpu/gpu benchmark by Tech Spot.

    It's not truncated. While you are in the air open video options and you will see it's at 20000, if you move the slider it will go to 12000 and you will immediately see the fog closing in. Cancel and it will move further back. Don't click ok or you will have to edit your arma3profile again.
  15. tonygrunt

    A good review and cpu/gpu benchmark by Tech Spot.

    You can set view distance to 20000 or more in your .Arma3Profile if you want to give it a try. And it's not height that has big impact it's just that there are less objects in lower detail because you are too far from them. Setting object distance to 500 I get 50fps.
  16. tonygrunt

    A good review and cpu/gpu benchmark by Tech Spot.

    There is no need for a 20km view distance in the game but anyway I tried it and it performs better than Arma2OA. In Arma2OA with VD at 10km I got around 25 fps in Chernarus and 50 in Takistan all settings max. In Arma 3 with VD at 20km I got around 35 fps flying across Altis all settings max, object distance at 5km. All tests was just a plane flying across the map at 1500 height in editor. Arma3 seems to run better than Arma2OA.
  17. tonygrunt

    Any monster dual cores?

    First, Arma 3 can use more than 2 cores, maybe not fully but still something is better than nothing and second, Arma 3 isn't the only thing that uses your cpu (os, drivers, background programs).
  18. tonygrunt

    Should BI offer official MP servers?

    If they ever made official MP servers they would only run BI approved missions that clients would keep high frames, it would be a PR disaster otherwise. So forget all the heavy missions that people are favoring right now. Don't think there would be enough interest.
  19. tonygrunt

    Can I run Arma 3 120hz?

    You already made a thread for this just because you made a slight title error that's no need to spawn a new thread. If it bothers you so much ask a MOD to change the title.
  20. tonygrunt

    Some buttons don't work

    Edit seems to work only for unpacked missions not sure if it should work for PBO packed missions. Steam workshop button doesn't work for me either. Probably your installation is OK and those are bugs or by design.
  21. You should be able with steamcmd. See Deadfast's post.
  22. tonygrunt

    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    Regarding PhysX updates. Also if you run ProcMon the Nvidia PhysX drivers are not accessed from arma3.exe. Having or not having physx drivers shouldn't have an impact at the moment. You might want to remove the equals sign from the explanation of -noBenchmark= and -noLogs=, should be -noBenchmark and -noLogs.
  23. As it is news related it might belong in the "Media Coverage | No discussion here!" thread too.
  24. tonygrunt

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    My Google-fu points me to the DELL Inspiron One 20 AIO or Dell Inspiron One 2020, a pc integrated in the monitor (touch or no touch). Doesn't seem to be able to take any upgrades and the integrated intel graphics isn't gonna help much with games.
  25. Finally reproduced. My error was that I was changing my graphics settings after I started the mission the 2nd time. I get the error if view distance is between or equal of these values (1350 to 1923) before I click preview on the editor. If I use 1349 and under or 1924 and over there will be no problem. Tough problem to spot had to restart the mission tenths of time to find these values, they should promote Arma 3 also as a puzzle. :)