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  1. Now we are getting somewhere. :) Inside your steam directory open steam.log with a text viewer/editor and search for CreateSession, your steam username(s) should be after this word (if it's not the one you are looking for, keep searching): CreateSession([b]USERNAME[/b],xxxxxx,xxxxxxxx)=xxx If you find it or anything similar don't post it here. Now: 1. Try to guess your password if you don't use a common one. 2. Or recover your account through email and secret question. 3. Or recover your account through steam support. More info from steam: Regaining access to your lost Steam Account and resetting your account credentials
  2. They probably won't tell you, that's personal data and no sure way to authenticate who you are. Inside your "..\steam\config\" folder there should be a file coplay_76561198063122207.vdf that is for the account you gave us. If you have connected with other accounts on the pc you should have similar files for them. Use the number to see the public profile "http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/NUMBER". If you bought it through steam when you contact steam support you must give the correct account (if you have used multiple accounts).
  3. tonygrunt


    Contact steam support if you bought it from steam or BI store support if you bought it from them.
  4. Are you sure you are not logging in to a second account? Because there is no recent game activity on your profile page. If not that, the only thing you can do is wait for steam support to answer.
  5. Your public profile not your steam login name, I suggest you edit this out. It should be in the form of http://steamcommunity.com/id/tony_grunt or http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970557362 and setup as public. It's the only way for as to see if you own the game.
  6. Where and how did you purchase it? Cause it looks like it was removed from your account. Post your public steam profile so we can see if the game is still in your account.
  7. I am also getting the same error messages but have no problems, so they might be irrelevant. After those error messages you should also get: PhysX3 SDK Init started ... PhysX3 SDK Init ended.
  8. tonygrunt

    Activation down again

    You will have to wait a bit, MOD answer from a similar thread.
  9. tonygrunt

    Patch Versions & Non-dedi Servers

    1. You can find all Beta patches at http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php. 2. Seems like a firewall problem with his pc or his router (open ports?).
  10. tonygrunt


    It's a mission not an addon, it belongs in ARMA 2 & OA - USER MISSIONS. I suggest that you contact a moderator to move the thread.
  11. tonygrunt

    How to script an antihack?

    You are talking about Cheat Finder which probably your antivirus detects as a false positive. Cheatfinder.exe in Virutotal has 8/48 vs unUPXed Cheatfinder.exe in Virutotal which has 1/48.
  12. Thanks, all games work OK except ArmA:Armed Assault. When I select the MP server I get this error:
  13. From what I gathered from searching, both PCs have integrated intel hd graphics and seem to use small factor cases with no possibility of a graphics card expansion and CPUs are dual core. These PCs are targeted for office usage and not gaming, avoid them.
  14. Wait till the new AMD cards are out, prices for older cards from both companies might go down.
  15. tonygrunt


    Are you sure? Cause the error message seems to point to the Arma 3: ArmaBattlefield 2 SC-x [ALPHA] addon/mission. Vanilla Arma3 can't throw this problem, no "abfs\scripts" addon folder structure.
  16. There seems to be a problem with the MP browser in the latest betas (tested on .693 & .695). The MP browser populates only for the first selected game when you start PWS, changing to another game won't download a server list but going back to the first game will work. The only way to populate a game's server list is to select it in PWS, close PWS and upon restart the MP browser will work only for it (first selected game).
  17. Sorry no reports. I am running Win7 with Aero but I have "Show shadows under windows" disabled, if I enable it then there is a border. Not necessarily a problem that you need to fix just an observation.
  18. Cosmetic bug with latest beta: ARMA:Armed Assault is using the Arma2 small & big icon. All addons downloads tested (except DAYZ variants and wasteland client) and work ok. Small hiccup with @COSLX, had to manually delete the previously partially downloaded folder otherwise PWS would crash upon trying to install it. Not a bug but PWS looks weird without window borders or a background when it's on top of white space from other programs. All the white space blend together and it's difficult to find the borders to resize PWS.
  19. Can't update to beta when PWS is installed under "c:\program files(x86)\", PWS downloads the update and asks to restart where upon restart the updater crashes. Then it runs PWS (old version) and starts downloading the update again and repeats this cycle. Probably a permissions problem, moved PWS to another drive and it works. Cosmetic bug with directories under game settings, if the path is too long the end(3-4 characters) is hidden by the browse button (...).
  20. Thanks for the tip. There seems to be a problem with 2 Arma2 addons, @COSLX and @rksl_ilha_marrom are crashing PWS when trying to install/download them. I deleted both folders under Arma2 so either my PWS configs have a problem or there is a problem with PWS/PWS network.
  21. I was converting the six updater addons to play with six (sync to synq) but PWS crashed and all .json files inside .synq were zeroed (packages .json were unharmed). Is there a way to recover the already converted addon metadata under .synq ? Cause when I try to diagnose a converted addon, it redownloads and adds more objects. A suggestion to use .bak files for keeping a backup of .json files. Also a more graceful way to recover PWS if a .json file is corrupted, PWS kept throwing error msgs till I deleted the zeroed .json files. Is there a way to select multiple files to diagnose/install/update? I was installing/converting the addons one by one.
  22. Concerning CPU usage, you should measure with per core usage and not by total. With HT CPUs the extra virtual cores are never used by Arma 3 so the best you would expect for maximum total CPU usage is 50% and that's with running all cores (6 in i3930k) at 100% which is never going to happen. So for your 20-25% total CPU usage if you are running with HT it translates to 40-50% CPU usage. Also you can't just always throw extra cores to solve a problem, don't expect to just throw 1 or 2 Xeon E5-2697 v2 12 cores/24 threads CPUs and scale accordingly.
  23. tonygrunt

    How to record GPU + CPU + FPS stats

    MSI Afterburner 3.0.0 Beta 15, there is no real reason to use the 2.3.1 version.
  24. SLI works when you are not limited by other factors. I just run the benchmark with View Distance at 3000 and Object Distance at 1000 and I got 74 FPS with SLI and 51 without.
  25. ACR doesn't appear as a standalone entry in steam but under View Downloadable Content in Arma2OA. Also ACR is not fully integrated as BAF or PMC so check if it is enabled in Expansions or if you use the -mod= parameter add ACR to it. If it all fails, try to Verify Integrity of Game Cache.