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    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    From a post from another thread: His post and username make him look like a BIS employee but he is missing the usual avatar and title attached to employees, his profile missing any info doesn't help either. Is he a BIS employee with an incomplete new account or is it an attempt to impersonate one?
  2. You can configure it to work as a mouse, a joystick or assign buttons to each of the 4 directions. Mouse and joystick are mostly analog but not as good as a mouse or a joystick. I use it as an analog joystick in conjunction with mouse/keyboard for flying helis/planes in Arma. Here is a trace of the stick movement(click for bigger image). I prefer the G13 from my Belkin n52te (early version of Orbweaver), the only thing I miss is that with the n52te (and Orbweaver too) it was easier to blindly find the correct keys on the pad. With the G13 when I remove and reposition my hand I am sometimes not correctly aligned at the first try.
  3. tonygrunt

    Gift a copy to my brother?

    Not illegal but against the TOS and it could lead to a locked account if it becomes known to Steam. You can use the Steam Family Sharing function with your nephew which would give him access to almost all of your account games (Arma 3 is one of the excluded games) from his account as long as you don't play a game (a shared account can only be accessed by one person at the time).
  4. tonygrunt

    End of GameSpy

    You don't have to use the Arma2 OA beta. Just click View on the steam client and select Servers, you can then select for which game to search servers. Roger.
  5. tonygrunt

    End of GameSpy

    Wouldn't be more simple to use the hosts file to resolve the gamespy server address to the custom server?
  6. If you open the steam global server browser from the steam client (View > Servers) besides the expected Arma 2 OA there are also entries for Arma CWC, Arma, Arma2, TKOH. Is it an error or are you experimenting with future support for these titles too? Also if you select Arma 2 OA no servers come, Arma 3 works and DayZ is missing.
  7. tonygrunt

    HOW TO file a complaint with bohemia

    There isn't much Bohemia can do against this, somehow banning their account or sending them a letter wouldn't stop them from continuing what they do except forcing them to buy again the game (minor inconvenience). If any communications happened in the steam client/forums you could try reporting their account for harrasment to Steam but again don't expect much, a possible ban/lock down of his account and maybe a message from Steam. I expect any actions from Steam won't hinder them much and most likely enrage them more against you. You could try contacting their game/forum server provider if they somehow break any TOS with them or their ISP.
  8. Never copy to downloading, whenever steam copies or creates files in that folder it creates state_xxxxxx_xxxxxx.patch files that keep track the status of the game files for what needs to be downloaded or patched. If you copy files there, steam won't check them and it will just corrupt your current state of downloading. If you have a copy of a fully updated Arma 3 stable or Arma 3 Beta with their appmanifest file, the fastest way is to close steam, clone that folder, start steam and change its beta status (beta to stable or stable to beta). This will force an update of around 1 GB and you will have the 2 installations of Arma 3 to move around. Also your steamapps folder for Arma 3 is wrong, you said "d:\games\Arma3\Steamapps\common\ArmA3" but it should be "d:\games\Arma3\Steamapps\common\ArmA 3", steam expects to find Arma 3 under an "\Arma 3" folder in "\common". PS sometimes after discovering a game steam, might wrongfully show that it needs to download the full game (GBytes) but usually after downloading only a small portion (MBytes) it will finish.
  9. @doveman and @Lukio, if you want to juggle game installations in steam you need also the appmanifest_XXXXXX.acf file for it. The file tells if the game installation is a beta or not (["betakey" "development"] for Arma 3 beta) and has the build info of the installation so steam can know what patch(file differences) must be downloaded to bring the game installation to the latest version. If it's missing or not the right one, steam will do a file comparison with the latest served files and any file that isn't exactly the same will be deleted and steam will download it again. Some appmanifest_XXXXXX.acf files contain absolute paths, so if you change paths you must update them (text editor or Verify Integrity of Game Cache) or you might have some unwanted side effects with the steam client or game. After trying some different methods I finally settled on this. Create a Steam Library only for Arma 3 (e.g. d:\Arma 3) Inside this steam library install Arma 3, close steam and rename the parent SteamApps folder to SteamApps_stable. Copy the SteamApps_stable to SteamApps, start steam change Arma 3 to development and let it patch. Now when you want to change to stable A3 you close steam and any A3 related programs (PWS etc.), rename the SteamApps with the development A3 to SteamApps_beta and rename the SteamApps_stable to SteamApps. Start steam and you will have A3 stable and if there is any patch it will be downloaded. Repeat this to return to beta. You can skip downloading A3 if you have an A3 installation (stable, beta or both) and its appmanifest_107410.acf. Rinse repeat for DayZ SA.
  10. tonygrunt

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I don't see any problems with having achievements in campaign but having achievements in multiplayer could change the way people play to get these achievements. In the video the 2 steam popup messages comes right after crashing a plane on a mountain. I would hate to go to a MP game with people crashing planes to get their achievements.
  11. You can put images from steam, it's just that your images exceed the maximum filesize (100KB I think) and are automatically converted to links. For example by adding "512x0.resizedimage" (change the number for different image sizes) to the end of your URLs, you are going to be served with a smaller image that will pass the filesize check. [img=http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3280047996861147438/46F49F85601CAFAFB281C23AF167AF91E90216AD/512x0.resizedimage] You then can use the above image as description to a link that loads the full image when you click it. [url="http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3280047996861147438/46F49F85601CAFAFB281C23AF167AF91E90216AD/"][img=http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/3280047996861147438/46F49F85601CAFAFB281C23AF167AF91E90216AD/512x0.resizedimage][/url]
  12. A question to $able as both games use steamworks authentication for multiplayer. If a steam account has both Arma 3 and DayZ SA, will getting you a Battleye global ban in one of the games carry over to the other game?
  13. Thanks. I would like to suggest then to advertize it more in the store pages as someone who already got a global ban in Arma 3 and buys DayZ later might not have made the necessary searches to know about it. Also neither steam store page advertizes that they use Battleye as a 3rd party anticheat, that makes it more difficult for someone to know that they might get affected between different games.
  14. frag85's stress benchmark. 16GB ram with 32GB swap file. WindowsVersion: 6.1 ServicePack: 1.0 Typ: Desktop process virt. address available: 3930 system physical RAM total: 16327 system physical RAM available: 14010 system committed limit: 49093 system committed peak: 3102 system committed current: 2569 system cache current: 1560 system handles: 16709 system processes: 64 system threads: 815 system uptime minutes: 33 SeLockMemoryPrivilege: granted, huge pages enabled 0.094s: 0.300ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Alloc LP ( 2M) 0.094s: 0.004ms 128k at:0x03c30000 Alloc SP ( 2M) 0.265s: 1.124ms 8192k at:0xff400000 Alloc LP ( 10M) 0.889s: 0.217ms 4096k at:0xff000000 Alloc LP ( 14M) 0.889s: 0.155ms 4096k at:0xfec00000 Alloc LP ( 18M) 0.889s: 0.170ms 4096k at:0xfe800000 Alloc LP ( 22M) 0.889s: 0.165ms 4096k at:0xfe400000 Alloc LP ( 26M) 1.108s: 0.259ms 4096k at:0xfe000000 Alloc LP ( 30M) 1.108s: 0.150ms 4096k at:0xfdc00000 Alloc LP ( 34M) 1.108s: 0.178ms 4096k at:0xfd800000 Alloc LP ( 38M) 1.108s: 0.168ms 4096k at:0xfd400000 Alloc LP ( 42M) 3.838s: 0.257ms 4096k at:0xfd000000 Alloc LP ( 46M) 3.853s: 0.160ms 4096k at:0xfcc00000 Alloc LP ( 50M) 3.853s: 0.154ms 4096k at:0xfc800000 Alloc LP ( 54M) 3.853s: 0.172ms 4096k at:0xfc400000 Alloc LP ( 58M) 4.446s: 0.189ms 4096k at:0xfc000000 Alloc LP ( 62M) 4.446s: 0.197ms 4096k at:0xfbc00000 Alloc LP ( 66M) 4.446s: 0.154ms 4096k at:0xfb800000 Alloc LP ( 70M) 4.446s: 0.153ms 4096k at:0xfb400000 Alloc LP ( 74M) 4.774s: 0.228ms 4096k at:0xfb000000 Alloc LP ( 78M) 4.774s: 0.162ms 4096k at:0xfac00000 Alloc LP ( 82M) 4.774s: 0.156ms 4096k at:0xfa800000 Alloc LP ( 86M) 4.789s: 0.154ms 4096k at:0xfa400000 Alloc LP ( 90M) 5.242s: 0.573ms 14336k at:0xf9600000 Alloc LP ( 104M) 5.242s: 1.238ms 34816k at:0xf7400000 Alloc LP ( 138M) 7.816s: 0.618ms 14336k at:0xf6600000 Alloc LP ( 152M) 7.894s: 0.313ms 14336k at:0xf6600000 Free ( 138M) 8.393s: 0.321ms 4096k at:0xf7000000 Alloc LP ( 142M) 8.393s: 0.274ms 4096k at:0xf6c00000 Alloc LP ( 146M) 8.393s: 0.229ms 4096k at:0xf6800000 Alloc LP ( 150M) 8.393s: 0.188ms 4096k at:0xf6400000 Alloc LP ( 154M) 9.110s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xf6c00000 Free ( 150M) 9.157s: 0.599ms 14336k at:0xf5600000 Alloc LP ( 164M) 9.157s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0xf6c00000 Alloc LP ( 168M) 9.157s: 0.193ms 4096k at:0xf5200000 Alloc LP ( 172M) 9.157s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0xf4e00000 Alloc LP ( 176M) 9.157s: 0.161ms 4096k at:0xf4a00000 Alloc LP ( 180M) 9.188s: 0.314ms 14336k at:0xf5600000 Free ( 166M) 9.922s: 0.543ms 10240k at:0xf5a00000 Alloc LP ( 176M) 10.358s: 0.192ms 10240k at:0xf5a00000 Free ( 166M) 12.667s: MFCA req. 12.698s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xf4a00000 Free ( 162M) 15.038s: 0.278ms 4096k at:0xf6000000 Alloc LP ( 166M) 15.038s: 0.706ms 4096k at:0xf5c00000 Alloc LP ( 170M) 15.038s: 0.285ms 4096k at:0xf5800000 Alloc LP ( 174M) 15.038s: 0.169ms 4096k at:0xf4a00000 Alloc LP ( 178M) 18.205s: 0.610ms 14336k at:0xf3c00000 Alloc LP ( 192M) 18.205s: 0.533ms 14336k at:0xf2e00000 Alloc LP ( 206M) 53.337s: 0.532ms 12288k at:0xf2200000 Alloc LP ( 218M) 53.352s: 0.265ms 12288k at:0xf2200000 Free ( 206M) 63.945s: MFCA req. 63.976s: MFCA req. 63.976s: 2.429ms 67584k at:0xeec00000 Alloc LP ( 272M) 64.070s: 0.748ms 18432k at:0xeda00000 Alloc LP ( 290M) 64.116s: 0.721ms 18432k at:0xec800000 Alloc LP ( 308M) 64.132s: 0.756ms 18432k at:0xeb600000 Alloc LP ( 326M) 64.834s: 0.276ms 4096k at:0xeb200000 Alloc LP ( 330M) 64.834s: 0.199ms 4096k at:0xeae00000 Alloc LP ( 334M) 64.834s: 0.174ms 4096k at:0xeaa00000 Alloc LP ( 338M) 64.834s: 0.187ms 4096k at:0xea600000 Alloc LP ( 342M) 65.489s: 0.285ms 4096k at:0xea200000 Alloc LP ( 346M) 65.489s: 0.194ms 4096k at:0xe9e00000 Alloc LP ( 350M) 65.489s: 0.192ms 4096k at:0xe9a00000 Alloc LP ( 354M) 65.489s: 0.173ms 4096k at:0xe9600000 Alloc LP ( 358M) 65.520s: 0.753ms 18432k at:0xe8400000 Alloc LP ( 376M) 65.520s: 0.393ms 18432k at:0xe8400000 Free ( 358M) 65.583s: 0.386ms 4096k at:0xe9200000 Alloc LP ( 362M) 65.583s: 0.241ms 4096k at:0xe8e00000 Alloc LP ( 366M) 65.583s: 0.175ms 4096k at:0xe8a00000 Alloc LP ( 370M) 65.583s: 0.839ms 4096k at:0xe8600000 Alloc LP ( 374M) 65.630s: 0.307ms 4096k at:0xe8200000 Alloc LP ( 378M) 65.630s: 0.202ms 4096k at:0xe7e00000 Alloc LP ( 382M) 65.630s: 0.204ms 4096k at:0xe7a00000 Alloc LP ( 386M) 65.630s: 0.193ms 4096k at:0xe7600000 Alloc LP ( 390M) 65.676s: 0.274ms 4096k at:0xe7200000 Alloc LP ( 394M) 65.676s: 0.189ms 4096k at:0xe6e00000 Alloc LP ( 398M) 65.676s: 0.177ms 4096k at:0xe6a00000 Alloc LP ( 402M) 65.676s: 0.178ms 4096k at:0xe6600000 Alloc LP ( 406M) 65.723s: 0.306ms 4096k at:0xe6200000 Alloc LP ( 410M) 65.723s: 0.231ms 4096k at:0xe5e00000 Alloc LP ( 414M) 65.739s: 0.183ms 4096k at:0xe5a00000 Alloc LP ( 418M) 65.739s: 0.182ms 4096k at:0xe5600000 Alloc LP ( 422M) 65.770s: 0.280ms 4096k at:0xe5200000 Alloc LP ( 426M) 65.786s: 0.224ms 4096k at:0xe4e00000 Alloc LP ( 430M) 65.786s: 0.198ms 4096k at:0xe4a00000 Alloc LP ( 434M) 65.786s: 0.196ms 4096k at:0xe4600000 Alloc LP ( 438M) 65.817s: 0.312ms 4096k at:0xe4200000 Alloc LP ( 442M) 65.832s: 0.188ms 4096k at:0xe3e00000 Alloc LP ( 446M) 65.832s: 0.182ms 4096k at:0xe3a00000 Alloc LP ( 450M) 65.832s: 0.179ms 4096k at:0xe3600000 Alloc LP ( 454M) 65.864s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x140e0000 Alloc SP ( 454M) 65.879s: 0.322ms 4096k at:0xe3200000 Alloc LP ( 458M) 65.879s: 0.185ms 4096k at:0xe2e00000 Alloc LP ( 462M) 65.879s: 0.181ms 4096k at:0xe2a00000 Alloc LP ( 466M) 65.879s: 0.208ms 4096k at:0xe2600000 Alloc LP ( 470M) 65.926s: 0.288ms 4096k at:0xe2200000 Alloc LP ( 474M) 65.926s: 0.205ms 4096k at:0xe1e00000 Alloc LP ( 478M) 65.926s: 0.200ms 4096k at:0xe1a00000 Alloc LP ( 482M) 65.926s: 0.237ms 4096k at:0xe1600000 Alloc LP ( 486M) 65.973s: 0.290ms 4096k at:0xe1200000 Alloc LP ( 490M) 65.973s: 0.189ms 4096k at:0xe0e00000 Alloc LP ( 494M) 65.973s: 0.213ms 4096k at:0xe0a00000 Alloc LP ( 498M) 65.973s: 0.202ms 4096k at:0xe0600000 Alloc LP ( 502M) 66.020s: 0.295ms 4096k at:0xe0200000 Alloc LP ( 506M) 66.035s: 0.190ms 4096k at:0xdfe00000 Alloc LP ( 510M) 66.035s: 0.202ms 4096k at:0xdfa00000 Alloc LP ( 514M) 66.035s: 0.187ms 4096k at:0xdf600000 Alloc LP ( 518M) 66.066s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x140f0000 Alloc SP ( 518M) 66.066s: 0.298ms 4096k at:0xdf200000 Alloc LP ( 522M) 66.082s: 0.194ms 4096k at:0xdee00000 Alloc LP ( 526M) 66.082s: 0.189ms 4096k at:0xdea00000 Alloc LP ( 530M) 66.082s: 0.222ms 4096k at:0xde600000 Alloc LP ( 534M) 66.129s: 0.306ms 4096k at:0xde200000 Alloc LP ( 538M) 66.129s: 0.197ms 4096k at:0xdde00000 Alloc LP ( 542M) 66.129s: 0.207ms 4096k at:0xdda00000 Alloc LP ( 546M) 66.129s: 0.188ms 4096k at:0xdd600000 Alloc LP ( 550M) 66.176s: 0.331ms 4096k at:0xdd200000 Alloc LP ( 554M) 66.176s: 2.023ms 4096k at:0xdce00000 Alloc LP ( 558M) 66.176s: 2.000ms 4096k at:0xdca00000 Alloc LP ( 562M) 66.191s: 1.987ms 4096k at:0xdc600000 Alloc LP ( 566M) 66.238s: 2.103ms 4096k at:0xdc200000 Alloc LP ( 570M) 66.238s: 2.011ms 4096k at:0xdbe00000 Alloc LP ( 574M) 66.238s: 2.031ms 4096k at:0xdba00000 Alloc LP ( 578M) 66.238s: 1.994ms 4096k at:0xdb600000 Alloc LP ( 582M) 66.784s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x15e60000 Alloc SP ( 582M) 66.831s: 2.186ms 4096k at:0xdb200000 Alloc LP ( 586M) 66.831s: 2.089ms 4096k at:0xdae00000 Alloc LP ( 590M) 66.846s: 2.017ms 4096k at:0xdaa00000 Alloc LP ( 594M) 66.846s: 2.019ms 4096k at:0xda600000 Alloc LP ( 598M) 67.486s: 2.131ms 4096k at:0xda200000 Alloc LP ( 602M) 67.486s: 1.993ms 4096k at:0xd9e00000 Alloc LP ( 606M) 67.486s: 1.980ms 4096k at:0xd9a00000 Alloc LP ( 610M) 67.486s: 1.988ms 4096k at:0xd9600000 Alloc LP ( 614M) 68.016s: 2.139ms 4096k at:0xd9200000 Alloc LP ( 618M) 68.016s: 2.026ms 4096k at:0xd8e00000 Alloc LP ( 622M) 68.016s: 1.984ms 4096k at:0xd8a00000 Alloc LP ( 626M) 68.016s: 1.982ms 4096k at:0xd8600000 Alloc LP ( 630M) 68.812s: 5.244ms 10240k at:0xd7c00000 Alloc LP ( 640M) 68.890s: 2.077ms 4096k at:0xd7800000 Alloc LP ( 644M) 68.906s: 2.017ms 4096k at:0xd7400000 Alloc LP ( 648M) 68.906s: 2.021ms 4096k at:0xd7000000 Alloc LP ( 652M) 68.906s: 1.966ms 4096k at:0xd6c00000 Alloc LP ( 656M) 68.968s: 0.005ms 16k at:0x14100000 Alloc SP ( 656M) 68.968s: 2.122ms 4096k at:0xd6800000 Alloc LP ( 660M) 68.968s: 2.001ms 4096k at:0xd6400000 Alloc LP ( 664M) 68.968s: 2.003ms 4096k at:0xd6000000 Alloc LP ( 668M) 68.984s: 1.959ms 4096k at:0xd5c00000 Alloc LP ( 672M) 70.325s: 3.100ms 6144k at:0xd5600000 Alloc LP ( 678M) 70.325s: 3.097ms 6144k at:0xd5000000 Alloc LP ( 684M) 70.341s: 3.112ms 6144k at:0xd4a00000 Alloc LP ( 690M) 70.341s: 3.071ms 6144k at:0xd4400000 Alloc LP ( 696M) 71.012s: 2.127ms 4096k at:0xd4000000 Alloc LP ( 700M) 71.012s: 2.029ms 4096k at:0xd3c00000 Alloc LP ( 704M) 71.012s: 1.998ms 4096k at:0xd3800000 Alloc LP ( 708M) 71.012s: 1.539ms 4096k at:0xd3400000 Alloc LP ( 712M) 72.244s: 0.860ms 4096k at:0xd3000000 Alloc LP ( 716M) 72.244s: 2.044ms 4096k at:0xd2c00000 Alloc LP ( 720M) 72.260s: 2.957ms 4096k at:0xd2800000 Alloc LP ( 724M) 72.260s: 2.178ms 4096k at:0xd2400000 Alloc LP ( 728M) 72.338s: 1.720ms 4096k at:0xd2000000 Alloc LP ( 732M) 72.338s: 2.295ms 4096k at:0xd1c00000 Alloc LP ( 736M) 72.338s: 2.194ms 4096k at:0xd1800000 Alloc LP ( 740M) 72.353s: 2.370ms 4096k at:0xd1400000 Alloc LP ( 744M) 72.400s: 0.002ms 16k at:0x0e5e0000 Alloc SP ( 744M) 72.431s: 2.524ms 4096k at:0xd1000000 Alloc LP ( 748M) 72.431s: 2.483ms 4096k at:0xd0c00000 Alloc LP ( 752M) 72.431s: 2.368ms 4096k at:0xd0800000 Alloc LP ( 756M) 72.447s: 2.417ms 4096k at:0xd0400000 Alloc LP ( 760M) 73.196s: 2.450ms 4096k at:0xd0000000 Alloc LP ( 764M) 73.196s: 0.805ms 4096k at:0xcfc00000 Alloc LP ( 768M) 73.196s: 0.721ms 4096k at:0xcf800000 Alloc LP ( 772M) 73.211s: 0.669ms 4096k at:0xcf400000 Alloc LP ( 776M) 74.553s: 1.266ms 14336k at:0xce600000 Alloc LP ( 790M) 74.568s: 2.158ms 14336k at:0xcd800000 Alloc LP ( 804M) 80.652s: 1.584ms 4096k at:0xcd400000 Alloc LP ( 808M) 80.652s: 1.570ms 4096k at:0xcd000000 Alloc LP ( 812M) 80.652s: 1.568ms 4096k at:0xccc00000 Alloc LP ( 816M) 80.652s: 1.503ms 4096k at:0xcc800000 Alloc LP ( 820M) 87.750s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x0e600000 Alloc SP ( 820M) 88.640s: 1.802ms 4096k at:0xcc400000 Alloc LP ( 824M) 88.640s: 1.691ms 4096k at:0xcc000000 Alloc LP ( 828M) 88.640s: 1.676ms 4096k at:0xcbc00000 Alloc LP ( 832M) 88.640s: 1.591ms 4096k at:0xcb800000 Alloc LP ( 836M) 90.714s: 5.025ms 16384k at:0xca800000 Alloc LP ( 852M) 92.196s: 1.709ms 4096k at:0xca400000 Alloc LP ( 856M) 92.196s: 1.488ms 4096k at:0xca000000 Alloc LP ( 860M) 92.196s: 1.449ms 4096k at:0xc9c00000 Alloc LP ( 864M) 92.196s: 1.545ms 4096k at:0xc9800000 Alloc LP ( 868M) 93.210s: 1.654ms 4096k at:0xc9400000 Alloc LP ( 872M) 93.210s: 1.684ms 4096k at:0xc9000000 Alloc LP ( 876M) 93.210s: 1.480ms 4096k at:0xc8c00000 Alloc LP ( 880M) 93.210s: 1.587ms 4096k at:0xc8800000 Alloc LP ( 884M) 93.725s: 5.025ms 16384k at:0xc7800000 Alloc LP ( 900M) 93.757s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x0e5c0000 Alloc SP ( 900M) 94.131s: 1.780ms 4096k at:0xc7400000 Alloc LP ( 904M) 94.131s: 1.635ms 4096k at:0xc7000000 Alloc LP ( 908M) 94.131s: 1.763ms 4096k at:0xc6c00000 Alloc LP ( 912M) 94.147s: 1.728ms 4096k at:0xc6800000 Alloc LP ( 916M) 95.317s: 1.778ms 4096k at:0xc6400000 Alloc LP ( 920M) 95.317s: 1.799ms 4096k at:0xc6000000 Alloc LP ( 924M) 95.332s: 1.829ms 4096k at:0xc5c00000 Alloc LP ( 928M) 95.332s: 1.883ms 4096k at:0xc5800000 Alloc LP ( 932M) 95.831s: 1.772ms 4096k at:0xc5400000 Alloc LP ( 936M) 95.831s: 1.590ms 4096k at:0xc5000000 Alloc LP ( 940M) 95.831s: 1.512ms 4096k at:0xc4c00000 Alloc LP ( 944M) 95.831s: 1.542ms 4096k at:0xc4800000 Alloc LP ( 948M) 96.424s: 1.736ms 4096k at:0xc4400000 Alloc LP ( 952M) 96.440s: 1.512ms 4096k at:0xc4000000 Alloc LP ( 956M) 96.440s: 1.512ms 4096k at:0xc3c00000 Alloc LP ( 960M) 96.440s: 1.372ms 4096k at:0xc3800000 Alloc LP ( 964M) 99.154s: 3.829ms 16384k at:0xc2800000 Alloc LP ( 980M) 99.341s: 0.092ms 4096k at:0xc4000000 Free ( 976M) 99.404s: 5.141ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Alloc LP ( 994M) 99.435s: 0.458ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Free ( 976M) 99.451s: 2.321ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Alloc LP ( 994M) 99.466s: 7.390ms 18432k at:0xc0400000 Alloc LP (1012M) 99.497s: 0.393ms 18432k at:0xc0400000 Free ( 976M) 99.497s: 0.815ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Free ( 976M) 99.763s: 0.098ms 4096k at:0xc3c00000 Free ( 972M) 99.903s: 7.154ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Alloc LP ( 990M) 99.919s: 0.397ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Free ( 972M) 99.950s: 2.080ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Alloc LP ( 990M) 99.965s: 0.399ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Free ( 972M) 100.012s: 2.321ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Alloc LP ( 990M) 100.231s: 5.226ms 18432k at:0xc0400000 Alloc LP (1008M) 100.465s: 0.401ms 18432k at:0xc0400000 Free ( 990M) 105.519s: 0.002ms 16k at:0x0ef20000 Alloc SP ( 990M) 105.691s: 1.173ms 4096k at:0xc4000000 Alloc LP ( 994M) 105.706s: 7.284ms 4096k at:0xc3c00000 Alloc LP ( 998M) 105.706s: 1.042ms 4096k at:0xc1200000 Alloc LP (1002M) 105.706s: 1.525ms 4096k at:0xc0e00000 Alloc LP (1006M) 106.533s: 1.190ms 4096k at:0xc0a00000 Alloc LP (1010M) 106.533s: 1.475ms 4096k at:0xc0600000 Alloc LP (1014M) 106.549s: 1.010ms 4096k at:0xc0200000 Alloc LP (1018M) 106.549s: 2.279ms 4096k at:0xbfe00000 Alloc LP (1022M) 108.202s: 1.183ms 4096k at:0xbfa00000 Alloc LP (1026M) 108.202s: 0.925ms 4096k at:0xbf600000 Alloc LP (1030M) 108.202s: 0.891ms 4096k at:0xbf200000 Alloc LP (1034M) 108.202s: 0.875ms 4096k at:0xbee00000 Alloc LP (1038M) 109.778s: 1.079ms 4096k at:0xbea00000 Alloc LP (1042M) 109.778s: 0.933ms 4096k at:0xbe600000 Alloc LP (1046M) 109.778s: 0.970ms 4096k at:0xbe200000 Alloc LP (1050M) 109.778s: 0.953ms 4096k at:0xbde00000 Alloc LP (1054M) 110.059s: 1.825ms 18432k at:0xbcc00000 Alloc LP (1072M) 110.074s: 0.395ms 18432k at:0xbcc00000 Free (1054M) 110.215s: 0.982ms 4096k at:0xbda00000 Alloc LP (1058M) 110.215s: 0.957ms 4096k at:0xbd600000 Alloc LP (1062M) 110.230s: 0.965ms 4096k at:0xbd200000 Alloc LP (1066M) 110.230s: 0.864ms 4096k at:0xbce00000 Alloc LP (1070M) 110.433s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x0e5b0000 Alloc SP (1070M) 110.589s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xbd600000 Free (1066M) 110.729s: 2.532ms 18432k at:0xbbc00000 Alloc LP (1084M) 110.745s: 0.397ms 18432k at:0xbbc00000 Free (1066M) 110.885s: 0.946ms 4096k at:0xbd600000 Alloc LP (1070M) 110.885s: 1.006ms 4096k at:0xbca00000 Alloc LP (1074M) 110.885s: 0.927ms 4096k at:0xbc600000 Alloc LP (1078M) 110.885s: 0.937ms 4096k at:0xbc200000 Alloc LP (1082M) 112.913s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xbde00000 Free (1078M) 114.208s: 8.273ms 4096k at:0xbde00000 Alloc LP (1082M) 114.208s: 2.125ms 4096k at:0xbbe00000 Alloc LP (1086M) 114.208s: 0.972ms 4096k at:0xbba00000 Alloc LP (1090M) 114.208s: 0.887ms 4096k at:0xbb600000 Alloc LP (1094M) 120.994s: 1.361ms 4096k at:0xbb200000 Alloc LP (1098M) 120.994s: 0.993ms 4096k at:0xbae00000 Alloc LP (1102M) 120.994s: 1.331ms 4096k at:0xbaa00000 Alloc LP (1106M) 120.994s: 0.880ms 4096k at:0xba600000 Alloc LP (1110M) 122.086s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xbaa00000 Free (1106M) 122.351s: 1.906ms 18432k at:0xb9400000 Alloc LP (1124M) 125.331s: 7.858ms 4096k at:0xbaa00000 Alloc LP (1128M) 125.331s: 1.045ms 4096k at:0xb9000000 Alloc LP (1132M) 125.331s: 0.935ms 4096k at:0xb8c00000 Alloc LP (1136M) 125.347s: 5.601ms 4096k at:0xb8800000 Alloc LP (1140M) 126.314s: 0.073ms 4096k at:0xb8800000 Free (1136M) 126.314s: 0.096ms 4096k at:0xb8c00000 Free (1132M) 127.890s: 6.694ms 4096k at:0xb8c00000 Alloc LP (1136M) 127.890s: 1.207ms 4096k at:0xb8800000 Alloc LP (1140M) 127.890s: 0.911ms 4096k at:0xb8400000 Alloc LP (1144M) 127.905s: 0.898ms 4096k at:0xb8000000 Alloc LP (1148M) 128.560s: 0.003ms 16k at:0x0ef50000 Alloc SP (1148M) 129.574s: 1.876ms 18432k at:0xb6e00000 Alloc LP (1166M) 133.958s: 1.100ms 4096k at:0xb6a00000 Alloc LP (1170M) 133.958s: 0.971ms 4096k at:0xb6600000 Alloc LP (1174M) 133.958s: 0.946ms 4096k at:0xb6200000 Alloc LP (1178M) 133.974s: 0.889ms 4096k at:0xb5e00000 Alloc LP (1182M) 138.123s: 1.069ms 4096k at:0xb5a00000 Alloc LP (1186M) 138.123s: 0.929ms 4096k at:0xb5600000 Alloc LP (1190M) 138.139s: 0.969ms 4096k at:0xb5200000 Alloc LP (1194M) 138.139s: 0.908ms 4096k at:0xb4e00000 Alloc LP (1198M) 142.897s: 1.514ms 4096k at:0xb4a00000 Alloc LP (1202M) 142.897s: 1.605ms 4096k at:0xb4600000 Alloc LP (1206M) 142.897s: 1.547ms 4096k at:0xb4200000 Alloc LP (1210M) 142.897s: 1.513ms 4096k at:0xb3e00000 Alloc LP (1214M) 146.797s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xb4600000 Free (1210M) 146.906s: 3.672ms 18432k at:0xb2c00000 Alloc LP (1228M) 147.374s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x0e5d0000 Alloc SP (1228M) 153.567s: 2.275ms 18432k at:0xb1a00000 Alloc LP (1246M) 154.082s: 0.410ms 18432k at:0xb1a00000 Free (1228M) 155.689s: 1.384ms 4096k at:0xb4600000 Alloc LP (1232M) 155.689s: 1.021ms 4096k at:0xb2800000 Alloc LP (1236M) 155.689s: 1.273ms 4096k at:0xb2400000 Alloc LP (1240M) 155.689s: 1.254ms 4096k at:0xb2000000 Alloc LP (1244M) 163.473s: 1.149ms 4096k at:0xb1c00000 Alloc LP (1248M) 163.473s: 0.971ms 4096k at:0xb1800000 Alloc LP (1252M) 163.489s: 0.987ms 4096k at:0xb1400000 Alloc LP (1256M) 163.489s: 1.035ms 4096k at:0xb1000000 Alloc LP (1260M) 165.767s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xb1400000 Free (1256M) 169.308s: 2.046ms 18432k at:0xafe00000 Alloc LP (1274M) 173.520s: 1.079ms 4096k at:0xb1400000 Alloc LP (1278M) 173.535s: 0.922ms 4096k at:0xafa00000 Alloc LP (1282M) 173.535s: 0.892ms 4096k at:0xaf600000 Alloc LP (1286M) 173.535s: 0.930ms 4096k at:0xaf200000 Alloc LP (1290M) 175.579s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x0e400000 Alloc SP (1290M) 176.577s: 1.084ms 4096k at:0xaee00000 Alloc LP (1294M) 176.577s: 0.997ms 4096k at:0xaea00000 Alloc LP (1298M) 176.577s: 0.915ms 4096k at:0xae600000 Alloc LP (1302M) 176.577s: 0.972ms 4096k at:0xae200000 Alloc LP (1306M) 178.964s: 1.132ms 4096k at:0xade00000 Alloc LP (1310M) 178.964s: 0.965ms 4096k at:0xada00000 Alloc LP (1314M) 178.964s: 0.926ms 4096k at:0xad600000 Alloc LP (1318M) 178.964s: 0.996ms 4096k at:0xad200000 Alloc LP (1322M) 182.880s: 1.870ms 18432k at:0xac000000 Alloc LP (1340M) 182.927s: 1.013ms 18432k at:0xac000000 Free (1322M) 182.973s: 2.047ms 18432k at:0xac000000 Alloc LP (1340M) 183.816s: 1.918ms 18432k at:0xaae00000 Alloc LP (1358M) 185.407s: 3.964ms 18432k at:0xa9c00000 Alloc LP (1376M) 188.231s: 1.079ms 4096k at:0xa9800000 Alloc LP (1380M) 188.231s: 0.958ms 4096k at:0xa9400000 Alloc LP (1384M) 188.231s: 0.964ms 4096k at:0xa9000000 Alloc LP (1388M) 188.231s: 0.916ms 4096k at:0xa8c00000 Alloc LP (1392M) 188.792s: 0.004ms 16k at:0x0e190000 Alloc SP (1392M) 189.276s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xa8c00000 Free (1388M) 190.399s: 30.914ms 18432k at:0xa7e00000 Alloc LP (1406M) 190.399s: 1.810ms 18432k at:0xa6c00000 Alloc LP (1424M) 190.446s: 0.398ms 18432k at:0xa7e00000 Free (1406M) 190.462s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xa9400000 Free (1402M) 199.322s: 8.779ms 4096k at:0xa9400000 Alloc LP (1406M) 199.322s: 1.673ms 4096k at:0xa8c00000 Alloc LP (1410M) 199.322s: 0.940ms 4096k at:0xa8800000 Alloc LP (1414M) 199.322s: 0.931ms 4096k at:0xa8400000 Alloc LP (1418M) 200.680s: 0.101ms 4096k at:0xa8800000 Free (1414M) 201.460s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xa8400000 Free (1410M) 202.208s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xa8c00000 Free (1406M) 202.567s: 12.784ms 18432k at:0xa7e00000 Alloc LP (1424M) 204.626s: 2.101ms 18432k at:0xa5a00000 Alloc LP (1442M) 208.074s: 0.397ms 18432k at:0xa5a00000 Free (1424M) 213.238s: 3.861ms 18432k at:0xa5a00000 Alloc LP (1442M) 213.253s: 0.407ms 18432k at:0xa5a00000 Free (1424M) 221.724s: 14.379ms 18432k at:0xa5a00000 Alloc LP (1442M) 239.555s: 15.010ms 18432k at:0xa4800000 Alloc LP (1460M) 239.571s: 0.400ms 18432k at:0xa4800000 Free (1442M) 240.741s: 5.893ms 18432k at:0xa4800000 Alloc LP (1460M) 240.756s: 0.408ms 18432k at:0xa4800000 Free (1442M) 243.268s: 1.864ms 4096k at:0xa5600000 Alloc LP (1446M) 243.268s: 1.166ms 4096k at:0xa5200000 Alloc LP (1450M) 243.283s: 0.982ms 4096k at:0xa4e00000 Alloc LP (1454M) 243.283s: 0.940ms 4096k at:0xa4a00000 Alloc LP (1458M) 252.706s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xa4e00000 Free (1454M) 252.940s: 25.464ms 18432k at:0xa3800000 Alloc LP (1472M) 274.328s: 4.668ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Alloc LP (1490M) 274.359s: 0.407ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Free (1472M) 277.370s: 6.255ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Alloc LP (1490M) 277.385s: 0.392ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Free (1472M) 295.871s: 20.281ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Alloc LP (1490M) 296.105s: 0.417ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Free (1472M) 302.127s: 12.921ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Alloc LP (1490M) 347.180s: 17.617ms 18432k at:0xa1400000 Alloc LP (1508M) 348.959s: 6.241ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 350.472s: 0.400ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1508M) 354.684s: 23.315ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 354.731s: 0.383ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1508M) 356.353s: 7.583ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 356.369s: 0.331ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1508M) 364.933s: 15.111ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 367.710s: 0.408ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1508M) 368.895s: 4.462ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 368.911s: 0.392ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1508M) 369.051s: 3.597ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 369.051s: 4.369ms 18432k at:0x9f000000 Alloc LP (1544M) 369.067s: 0.404ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1526M) 370.221s: 0.393ms 18432k at:0x9f000000 Free (1508M) 402.685s: 9.078ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 402.701s: 0.402ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1508M) 402.748s: 4.617ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Alloc LP (1526M) 415.852s: 0.116ms 6144k at:0xd5600000 Free (1520M) 417.225s: 0.140ms 6144k at:0xd4a00000 Free (1514M) 417.225s: 0.134ms 6144k at:0xd4400000 Free (1508M) 417.225s: 0.131ms 6144k at:0xd5000000 Free (1502M) 417.240s: 0.232ms 10240k at:0xd7c00000 Free (1492M) 417.739s: MFCA req. 417.739s: 0.393ms 18432k at:0xec800000 Free (1474M) 417.739s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xd7400000 Free (1470M) 417.755s: 1.428ms 67584k at:0xeec00000 Free (1404M) 417.755s: 0.099ms 4096k at:0xd6c00000 Free (1400M) 417.771s: 0.392ms 18432k at:0xeb600000 Free (1382M) 417.771s: 0.389ms 18432k at:0xeda00000 Free (1364M) 417.802s: 0.094ms 4096k at:0xd3c00000 Free (1360M) 417.802s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd3800000 Free (1356M) 417.802s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xd3000000 Free (1352M) 417.802s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd1400000 Free (1348M) 417.802s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xd1800000 Free (1344M) 417.802s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xd1c00000 Free (1340M) 417.802s: 0.089ms 4096k at:0xd1000000 Free (1336M) 417.802s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd2400000 Free (1332M) 417.802s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xd2c00000 Free (1328M) 417.817s: 0.088ms 4096k at:0xd2800000 Free (1324M) 417.989s: 0.095ms 4096k at:0xd2000000 Free (1320M) 418.005s: 0.093ms 4096k at:0xd0c00000 Free (1316M) 418.020s: 0.091ms 4096k at:0xe2e00000 Free (1312M) 418.020s: 0.087ms 4096k at:0xe1600000 Free (1308M) 418.067s: 0.740ms 34816k at:0xf7400000 Free (1274M) 418.519s: 0.078ms 4096k at:0xfbc00000 Free (1270M) 418.519s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xd8600000 Free (1266M) 418.519s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xeaa00000 Free (1262M) 418.519s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xea600000 Free (1258M) 418.535s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfe800000 Free (1254M) 418.535s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfe000000 Free (1250M) 418.535s: 0.077ms 4096k at:0xd7000000 Free (1246M) 418.535s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xd4000000 Free (1242M) 418.535s: 0.327ms 18432k at:0xa0200000 Free (1224M) 418.535s: 0.322ms 18432k at:0xa1400000 Free (1206M) 418.535s: 0.321ms 18432k at:0xa2600000 Free (1188M) 418.535s: 0.322ms 18432k at:0xa3800000 Free (1170M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xa4a00000 Free (1166M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xa5200000 Free (1162M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xa5600000 Free (1158M) 418.551s: 0.322ms 18432k at:0xa5a00000 Free (1140M) 418.551s: 0.321ms 18432k at:0xa7e00000 Free (1122M) 418.551s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xa9400000 Free (1118M) 418.551s: 0.327ms 18432k at:0xa6c00000 Free (1100M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xa9000000 Free (1096M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xa9800000 Free (1092M) 418.551s: 0.331ms 18432k at:0xa9c00000 Free (1074M) 418.551s: 0.322ms 18432k at:0xaae00000 Free (1056M) 418.551s: 0.322ms 18432k at:0xac000000 Free (1038M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xad200000 Free (1034M) 418.551s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xad600000 Free (1030M) 418.551s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xada00000 Free (1026M) 418.566s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xade00000 Free (1022M) 418.566s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xae200000 Free (1018M) 418.566s: 0.078ms 4096k at:0xae600000 Free (1014M) 418.566s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xaea00000 Free (1010M) 418.566s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xaee00000 Free (1006M) 418.566s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xaf200000 Free (1002M) 418.566s: 0.080ms 4096k at:0xaf600000 Free ( 998M) 418.566s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xafa00000 Free ( 994M) 418.566s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb1400000 Free ( 990M) 418.582s: 0.322ms 18432k at:0xafe00000 Free ( 972M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb1000000 Free ( 968M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb1800000 Free ( 964M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb1c00000 Free ( 960M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb2000000 Free ( 956M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb2400000 Free ( 952M) 418.582s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xb2800000 Free ( 948M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb4600000 Free ( 944M) 418.582s: 0.325ms 18432k at:0xb2c00000 Free ( 926M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb3e00000 Free ( 922M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb4200000 Free ( 918M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb4a00000 Free ( 914M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb4e00000 Free ( 910M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb5200000 Free ( 906M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb5600000 Free ( 902M) 418.582s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb5a00000 Free ( 898M) 418.597s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb5e00000 Free ( 894M) 418.597s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb6200000 Free ( 890M) 418.597s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb6600000 Free ( 886M) 418.597s: 0.081ms 4096k at:0xb6a00000 Free ( 882M) 418.597s: 0.321ms 18432k at:0xb6e00000 Free ( 864M) 418.597s: 0.077ms 4096k at:0xb8000000 Free ( 860M) 418.597s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb8400000 Free ( 856M) 418.597s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb8800000 Free ( 852M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb8c00000 Free ( 848M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xb9000000 Free ( 844M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbaa00000 Free ( 840M) 418.613s: 0.321ms 18432k at:0xb9400000 Free ( 822M) 418.613s: 0.081ms 4096k at:0xba600000 Free ( 818M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbae00000 Free ( 814M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbb200000 Free ( 810M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbb600000 Free ( 806M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbba00000 Free ( 802M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbbe00000 Free ( 798M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbde00000 Free ( 794M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbc200000 Free ( 790M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbc600000 Free ( 786M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbca00000 Free ( 782M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbd600000 Free ( 778M) 418.613s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbce00000 Free ( 774M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbd200000 Free ( 770M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbda00000 Free ( 766M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbe200000 Free ( 762M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbe600000 Free ( 758M) 418.629s: 0.081ms 4096k at:0xbea00000 Free ( 754M) 418.629s: 0.073ms 4096k at:0xbee00000 Free ( 750M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbf200000 Free ( 746M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbf600000 Free ( 742M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xbfa00000 Free ( 738M) 418.629s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xbfe00000 Free ( 734M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc0200000 Free ( 730M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc0600000 Free ( 726M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc0a00000 Free ( 722M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc0e00000 Free ( 718M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc1200000 Free ( 714M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc3c00000 Free ( 710M) 418.629s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc4000000 Free ( 706M) 418.644s: 0.323ms 18432k at:0xc1600000 Free ( 688M) 418.644s: 0.286ms 16384k at:0xc2800000 Free ( 672M) 418.644s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc3800000 Free ( 668M) 418.644s: 0.080ms 4096k at:0xc4400000 Free ( 664M) 418.644s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc4800000 Free ( 660M) 418.644s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc4c00000 Free ( 656M) 418.644s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc5000000 Free ( 652M) 418.644s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc5400000 Free ( 648M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc5800000 Free ( 644M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc5c00000 Free ( 640M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc6000000 Free ( 636M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc6400000 Free ( 632M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc6800000 Free ( 628M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc6c00000 Free ( 624M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc7000000 Free ( 620M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc7400000 Free ( 616M) 418.660s: 0.286ms 16384k at:0xc7800000 Free ( 600M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc8800000 Free ( 596M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc8c00000 Free ( 592M) 418.660s: 0.080ms 4096k at:0xc9000000 Free ( 588M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc9400000 Free ( 584M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc9800000 Free ( 580M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xc9c00000 Free ( 576M) 418.660s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xca000000 Free ( 572M) 418.675s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xca400000 Free ( 568M) 418.675s: 0.286ms 16384k at:0xca800000 Free ( 552M) 418.675s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcb800000 Free ( 548M) 418.675s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcbc00000 Free ( 544M) 418.675s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcc000000 Free ( 540M) 418.675s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcc400000 Free ( 536M) 418.675s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcc800000 Free ( 532M) 418.675s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xccc00000 Free ( 528M) 418.691s: 0.079ms 4096k at:0xcd000000 Free ( 524M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcd400000 Free ( 520M) 418.691s: 0.257ms 14336k at:0xcd800000 Free ( 506M) 418.691s: 0.251ms 14336k at:0xce600000 Free ( 492M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcf400000 Free ( 488M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcf800000 Free ( 484M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xcfc00000 Free ( 480M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd0000000 Free ( 476M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd0400000 Free ( 472M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd0800000 Free ( 468M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd3400000 Free ( 464M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd5c00000 Free ( 460M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd6000000 Free ( 456M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd6400000 Free ( 452M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd6800000 Free ( 448M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd7800000 Free ( 444M) 418.691s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd8a00000 Free ( 440M) 418.707s: 0.073ms 4096k at:0xd8e00000 Free ( 436M) 418.707s: 0.082ms 4096k at:0xd9200000 Free ( 432M) 418.707s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd9600000 Free ( 428M) 418.707s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd9a00000 Free ( 424M) 418.707s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xd9e00000 Free ( 420M) 418.707s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xda200000 Free ( 416M) 418.707s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xda600000 Free ( 412M) 418.707s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdaa00000 Free ( 408M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdae00000 Free ( 404M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdb200000 Free ( 400M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdb600000 Free ( 396M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdba00000 Free ( 392M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdbe00000 Free ( 388M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdc200000 Free ( 384M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdc600000 Free ( 380M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdca00000 Free ( 376M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdce00000 Free ( 372M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdd200000 Free ( 368M) 418.722s: 0.078ms 4096k at:0xdd600000 Free ( 364M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdda00000 Free ( 360M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdde00000 Free ( 356M) 418.722s: 0.079ms 4096k at:0xde200000 Free ( 352M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xde600000 Free ( 348M) 418.722s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdea00000 Free ( 344M) 418.738s: 0.097ms 4096k at:0xdee00000 Free ( 340M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdf200000 Free ( 336M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdf600000 Free ( 332M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdfa00000 Free ( 328M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xdfe00000 Free ( 324M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe0200000 Free ( 320M) 418.738s: 0.073ms 4096k at:0xe0600000 Free ( 316M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe0a00000 Free ( 312M) 418.738s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe0e00000 Free ( 308M) 418.753s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xe1200000 Free ( 304M) 418.753s: 0.083ms 4096k at:0xe1a00000 Free ( 300M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe1e00000 Free ( 296M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe2200000 Free ( 292M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe2600000 Free ( 288M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe2a00000 Free ( 284M) 418.753s: 0.077ms 4096k at:0xe3200000 Free ( 280M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe3600000 Free ( 276M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe3a00000 Free ( 272M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe3e00000 Free ( 268M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe4200000 Free ( 264M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe4600000 Free ( 260M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe4a00000 Free ( 256M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe4e00000 Free ( 252M) 418.753s: 0.073ms 4096k at:0xe5200000 Free ( 248M) 418.753s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe5600000 Free ( 244M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe5a00000 Free ( 240M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe5e00000 Free ( 236M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe6200000 Free ( 232M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe6600000 Free ( 228M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe6a00000 Free ( 224M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe6e00000 Free ( 220M) 418.769s: 0.079ms 4096k at:0xe7200000 Free ( 216M) 418.769s: 0.083ms 4096k at:0xe7600000 Free ( 212M) 418.769s: 0.077ms 4096k at:0xe7a00000 Free ( 208M) 418.769s: 0.073ms 4096k at:0xe7e00000 Free ( 204M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe8200000 Free ( 200M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe8600000 Free ( 196M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe8a00000 Free ( 192M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe8e00000 Free ( 188M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe9200000 Free ( 184M) 418.769s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xe9600000 Free ( 180M) 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at:0xfa800000 Free ( 70M) 418.800s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfac00000 Free ( 66M) 418.800s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfb000000 Free ( 62M) 418.800s: 0.077ms 4096k at:0xfb400000 Free ( 58M) 418.800s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfb800000 Free ( 54M) 418.800s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfc000000 Free ( 50M) 418.816s: 0.075ms 4096k at:0xfc400000 Free ( 46M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfc800000 Free ( 42M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfcc00000 Free ( 38M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfd000000 Free ( 34M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfd400000 Free ( 30M) 418.816s: 0.079ms 4096k at:0xfd800000 Free ( 26M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfdc00000 Free ( 22M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfe400000 Free ( 18M) 418.816s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xfec00000 Free ( 14M) 418.831s: 0.074ms 4096k at:0xff000000 Free ( 10M) 418.831s: 0.145ms 8192k at:0xff400000 Free ( 2M) 418.831s: 0.040ms 2048k at:0xffc00000 Free ( 0M) 418.831s: regAllocTotalDur: 653.408ms LOCstat: 78388/82403:95.1% TLSLeft: 2
  15. Not sure if removing your RAM was sarcastic or not but if you want to test your PC with a lower amount of memory, you can limit it from inside msconfig. Maybe there is a problem with high amounts of RAM as earlier versions of Arma and Arma2 had graphics problems when memory was above 4-6GB in certain systems and limiting it with msconfig was a workaround.
  16. No extra mods' date=' just running the A2/IF or A3/IF PWS collection. It's more evident when I hit 120+ FPS & VSync off but sometimes I get it even with VSync on. Video of the Ju 87D firing artifacts in Arma 2.
  17. I have got those firing artifacts too.
  18. Had to download the latest update to get access to the mod section, it wouldn't come up till I restarted and the update was applied. Seems like if it downloads an update the mod section can't sync and show up.
  19. I have a problem with the HUD info flickering with airplanes (doesn't happen with tanks), it happens in both A2 and A3. If I enable Vertical Sync the flickering is gone.
  20. The Beta patch for TKOH seems to at least in Steam not be needed as the Steam version is, executables are the same between the PWS served beta and steam. I think the beta patch was a hotfix and it might have silently incorporated with the latest patch. And sorry for suggesting removing Chernobyl Zone island from the Arma 3 PWS addons, it's compatible with it, please reinstate it.
  21. As a workaround, with my Logitech mouse I assign a standard key function to my mouse buttons and then I can use modifier keys with them.
  22. I use a custom directory in each game folder named SIX for PWS addons. Still use my non steam version for Arma2/Arma2OA, all other games use different steam libraries (d:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common,f:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common,h:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common) Autodetection works for the just released Beta 1.9.546.7. (didn't seem to work with empty directories with Beta 1.9.546.2) Now if I tab away with an empty field it automatically fills it.
  23. With steam you shouldn't have to redownload games except if you add anything in the game directories and you don't know what it was to delete it. Verifying game cache should be enough to fix any broken files. Now, when you finish downloading, exit the steam client and restart it as administrator. Then from the steam client start Arma 2 once and verify that it works without errors. Do the same thing for Arma 2 OA and verify that it has detected the Arma 2 content (go to the editor and check if chernarus and utes maps are selectable). If you have purchased DLCs check if you have their content too.
  24. You said steamapps, so is everything (games, dlc) you download from steam? If everything is from steam you shouldn't have to do any game updates except depending on the server maybe the beta patch. Try running Arma2 OA from the steam menu with no parameters and see if you have all purchased DLC and the Chernarus map. What is the game version bottom right corner in the main menu?