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  1. If you go with the latest development build on a server still using the old build you get the lobby problems and a msg appears that you are connecting with modified data. That's probably why the banned you, their mistake if it was for this message.
  2. That's not how VAC works, being VAC banned in TF2 will not stop you from playing other games.
  3. Might I ask why you can't play on 1st person servers only and you want to remove an optional feature?
  4. tonygrunt

    Is BIS going to supply PvP game modes ?

    Even if they post mp missions, the community would soon drop them for newly released modded ones, so I don't expect them to put much effort in them. And as Domination is a user made mission there might be some licensing difficulties to include it in the game (don't really have an idea).
  5. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 fps lag on good pc....

    Irregardless, if you continue here or post in another thread, please post your CPU, CPU speed and ingame settings. Without these info, advice is impossible.
  6. Yes, the recent 7.5 MB update for the development build patched 2 files that were over 70 MB together (not on my pc to get the exact size).
  7. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 PhysX Playground

    Same, this video is unavailable.
  8. tonygrunt

    Registration issues

    Welcome. Your post might better be served at Attention Everyone: Universal Bohemia Interactive Profiles (Store & Forums).
  9. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 Random Game Crashes?

    Had constant crashes while trying to connect to a server with other people in. Only server restart allowed me to get in. ArmA in my pc almost always doesn't start the first time, it crashes immediately, starts the second time. While playing in a server, all clients crashed the same time. At the moment ArmA 3 is too crash happy for my liking.
  10. tonygrunt

    Graphical Artifacts with AA Enabled

    OP has AMD, me and EmirSc have NVidia. I would suggest installing latest catalyst drivers and using defaults on the catalyst control menu.
  11. Second one, http://feedback.arma3.com/my_view_page.php.
  12. tonygrunt

    Graphical Artifacts with AA Enabled

    Your opinion, still both options can be enabled together and it shouldn't produce artifacts, which was the report from the OP.
  13. tonygrunt

    Graphical Artifacts with AA Enabled

    Why do you say this? I have both AA and FXAA with no problem.
  14. tonygrunt

    3D Audio, will we get it?

    That would be most welcomed as not all sound cards support positional audio for headphones, Realtek being one of them if I am not mistaken. But they would have to licence some sort of sound engine or build it inhouse, maybe too late in this stage.
  15. tonygrunt

    Situation update?

    I don't think a simple copy of the addons and renaming them to .pbo would work. Did that and no units or maps appear in editor, so you probably have to do some sort of conversion.
  16. tonygrunt

    3D Audio, will we get it?

    You assume correctly. :)
  17. tonygrunt

    3D Audio, will we get it?

    I have no problem getting positional audio with a Soundblaster Z and a stereo headset.
  18. tonygrunt

    7.4 mb update?

    For animals_f.pbo, they removed Swarm_F.p3d and replaced the tuna textures with higher resolution. For ui_f.pbo, small changes in RscDisplayGameOptions.sqf and RscDisplayMultiplayer.sqf.
  19. All newly released games in steam should use a form of differential patching. Some old games still use file replacement patching. From the news release of the new steam content system:
  20. Do you even read what you post? Let's do a little backtrack of your posts. You post that you can't find enough 3rd person enabled servers. Maybe I am wrong, but you are advocating the removal of 3rd person from MP for PVP servers. You can't find servers in Australia because there not enough people there playing to your liking. So tell me where am I wrong in posting? Did you take offence on my sarcastic last sentence?
  21. I would be gimping myself if I hurt my eyes, maybe it's my age but using a monitor is not so painless as it used to be. And for gimping ingame, I have mapped "look" to a mouse button and can use the mouse to do a quick look around. Your points of using 3rd person are more important for PVP, which I don't do (except the occasional warfare). So because you can't find enough people in your country to play the way you prefer, you want to force the entire ArmA population to use 1st person only. Anything else? What if they don't want to play your favorite mission, should we force playmodes too?
  22. tonygrunt

    Stance Adjust with wheel mouse?

    Related feature request in the feedback tracker, 0001270: Dedicated buttons for adjusting the stance up/down instead of a modifier button (CTRL). If we could get "stance up" and "stance down" in the options, we could remap it to our wishes.
  23. Personally, I don't like TrackIR due to the added eye strain(have already enough of it) when moving my head. If you have a webcam, FaceTrackNoIR is a good way to see the pro/cons of headtracking before buying TrackIR. Maybe future HMDs will be the solution.
  24. Had the same problem once, Eliteness seems to need a particular version of the Virtual C++ Redistributable. It should be vcredist_x86.exe from dev-heaven.
  25. No you just want to force me to play the game the way you think is best (no 3rd person) and call my play style gamey. I objected to your solution for the loss of situational awareness due to removal of 3rd person with asking people to buy TrackIR and get over it. Would you be ok if it was forced upon you the usage of only 3rd person enabled servers?