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  1. tonygrunt

    Caseless Ammo? Really?!

    Can you at least make a better argument for not using caseless ammo than "It feels and looks utterly cheap and pathetic, it totally kills the whole realism feel/look it had at the E3 showings etc.", because that's just your opinion.
  2. tonygrunt

    Alpha lite keys?

    Please use Looking for Arma 3 Free Alpha invites? Look here! for asking Alpha invites and read the 1st post from the thread. There is no reason to ask twice for invites.
  3. The ArmA X entry in steam opens a folder containing the extras: - Original SoundTrack in FLAC and MP3 format - High-resolution maps of all islands - Concept and bonus artworks etc. The games are the ArmA, ArmA2, ArmA2OA, ArmA:CWA entries.
  4. Not my server and it runs the stable branch so I don't think it would let me connect. Arma3server.exe can't come fast enough to test these things easily. :)
  5. tonygrunt

    Catalyst 13.2 beta 7

    Not entirely a myth, sometimes the setup of the drivers doesn't remove all the old files when uninstalling and you might get a mix of old files with new. Also it's a good practice to uninstall old drivers through the control panel and not let the setup do it, as windows keeps a copy of every driver installed using precious hard disk space. *Speaking for NVidia drivers.
  6. tonygrunt

    Cheats detected

    Battleye is not yet available and if you ask when will it come: Till then, patience and try to play in a well administrated server.
  7. "..\Documents\Iron Front" "..\Documents\Iron Front Other Profiles" Tony%20Grunt.IFProfile Unrelated but why do I get a space in my previous post with word "Bohemia" which turns it to "Bohem ia". Tried to edit it, but there is nothing there.
  8. Iron Front should be under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bohemia Interactive Studio\". *Serial number zeroed for my protection
  9. I put here " " to highlight the command switch in my post. But I already tried with ArmA 3: -password=PASSWORD -password="PASSWORD" "-password=PASSWORD" The password isn't using any special characters. Please try to replicate it on a server before posting it in the feedback tracker, maybe I am doing something stupid. :)
  10. I think it might be a problem with ArmA 3. I took the command from "Play withSIX.log", made a shortcut and it still gives me wrong password. The command switch was "-password=PASSWORD", and the password was correct. I am using the stable branch of ArmA 3. Also what is "-command=ALPHANUMERICPlaywithSIX" that you pass on ArmA3 with PWS ?
  11. tonygrunt

    Play Call of Duty

    Not denying that many new players have some wishes that I don't expect to ever be fulfilled. But on the other side you should understand how the "go play COD" or "go play BF" might be a little provocative for a new member not accustomed to the ArmA series and its community. Just telling them off with "go play COD" and not giving them a valid argument, it shouldn't come as a surprise when they get annoyed. Try to shoot down their expectations not so harshly. :)
  12. I clearly meant his steam store account which he better have access :) , and not the BI store account with which they key was bought.
  13. I can't connect to a password protected server with both the stable and beta version of PWS. I get an error message "Cannot join the session. Wrong password was given." in ArmA 3. Using the ingame browser, I have no problem copy-pasting the same password and getting in.
  14. tonygrunt

    Internet going down when Playing ARMA 2

    Can't you check your router logs for relevant errors? Maybe it crashes and reboots due to the heavy network usage ArmA has. I had to disable SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) or turn the packets that could pass to a larger amount for ArmA to communicate with one router and enable QOS to 100% for my pc with another router.
  15. Are you sure you activated a Supporter's Edition key? If it was you should see in steam under "Licenses+Subscriptions":
  16. tonygrunt

    Play Call of Duty

    If someone posts "go play Call of Duty", it doesn't translate to "you're too stupid to be playing this game". Mostly they mean that the gameplay changes you propose are not what they want for the ArmA series and they might not work as good as more accessible games and maybe the gameplay in the ArmA series is not what you are looking for. The could have phrased it a little better but you could also ignore them, this is the internet. Now your reply "If you can't come up with a better response then your stupid, don't post." is actually calling people stupid and ordering them to not post. Also do you need to start a new thread if the one you started is not going how you wanted? You still have an active discussion there. Would correcting your "then your stupid" to "then you're stupid" be a reason enough to start a new thread regarding grammar nazis and not continue in this one? :)
  17. tonygrunt

    Stratis is not Stratis!

    Quoting NeMeSiS, "I think you are confused."
  18. I am at 4.7 GHz now, too much VCore for not much more performance and yes, separate SSDs.
  19. I would go with the Titan for the ArmA series. Off the top of my head: - Better FPS when not GPU limited (multiplayer) in regards with SLI (minimum FPS). - Less power consumption for the Titan, better thermals. - SLI problems (PIP problems, maybe jerky framerate). - Titan might have immature drivers (it might get better or it can be less stable now). For the rest of your system I would suggest a 1440p or 1600p monitor.
  20. Things that should never happen on ArmA 3: Leaderboards, unlocks, payed unlocks, xp, double xp days, season pass and a more catchy name like ArmAField:Attack on Altis.
  21. tonygrunt

    Please fix this

    If you mean selecting an option through the scroll menu by pressing the left mouse button, you can already do that.
  22. tonygrunt

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Don't use [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE], but [VIDEO][/VIDEO] (I used bold to make the BBCode visible) or use the icon on top of your post editor for inserting movies.
  23. Check Upgrading Digital Deluxe to Supporter Edition possible? , with an answer from a dev.
  24. You can only download from Steam. Activate your key on steam (don't install), copy your friend's "ArmA 3" folder to your "..\steamapps\common\" and then install. It should find the required files and not download anything. No problem as both versions at the moment are the same files.
  25. There is a server.cfg option, "requiredBuild", that should work.