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  1. Is there a way to quickly select multiple mods to add to a modset and not one by one via "Add selected"? With SIX Updater I could sort the mods by update date and see any new or updated mods. Then I could quickly select them (CTRL+mouse key, SHIFT+mouse key) and add them with 1 action to the dynamic preset and let it run the update. With PWS new mods are not visible (or I am doing something wrong) and adding multiple mods to update is a chore (1 by 1).
  2. Try installing vcredist_x86.exe from the PboDll DevHeaven page.
  3. tonygrunt

    Gamespy closing, does it affect arma?

    I asked Dwarden a similar question recently: His answer:
  4. SSD life is affected by writes and not reads which is what most of the time ArmA does. I have 2 Vertex SSD's from 2009(not sure) which hold my ArmA series games and they still have health around 90%, cause the only writes are game updates and new addons. I wouldn't be worried, daily windows and steam usage will affect more your SSD life than ArmA will ever do.
  5. tonygrunt

    Can someone explain stuff about Arma2 versions?

    Or from the official support page, Game Updates.
  6. tonygrunt

    ARMA3 multiple copies

    You need multiple Steam accounts, you don't need different emails.
  7. tonygrunt

    Update changed RPT file naming structure?

    Not just RPTs but BIDMPs and MDMPs too, so every time you crash you get a new pack of files.
  8. tonygrunt

    Story problem.

    Where did you get that?
  9. tonygrunt

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    Beyond The Alpha: Have Fun In Arma 3 ROCK, PAPER SHOTGUN
  10. @VisibleGhost, your question about thread posting would be better served at "The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules". @Variable, you forgot your signature. :)
  11. I have played in a clan server where all missions are 1 life only so there are people that enjoy them, including me from time to time. You are forced to a team tactical play knowing that one bullet is all it takes. My recommendation is to try to keep the mission time for completion under 1 hour and try to avoid situations where people could die accidentally due to the environment (climbing ladders, ...). Also use some spectate script for dead players to follow the action (no bird spectate).
  12. tonygrunt

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Why do I have to enter a captcha for posts and searches? Is it temporary or here to stay? Combined with all the spam/troll posts lately, I am starting to not want to even check the forums these days. :icon_sad:
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    What you have, are the installers for each beta patch. Each new beta patch includes all previous fixes, so there is no need for you to keep them unless you wish to revert to an older patch. And even then they are still hosted at the beta site. So yes, feel free to delete them.
  14. tonygrunt

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    New tweet from Tom Larkin:
  15. I don't think there are any smilies related to my first 2 posts and I try my best to make my posts as formal as possible. Try not to be so easily offended as many in this forum, including me, are not native english speakers and sometimes our point might not get translated right. It's one of the reasons that I use a formal way to respond. Closing, sorry if you feel offended but just expressing my opinion. :)
  16. Excuse me but what high horse are you talking about. I just posted my opinion that this thread might not belong here. If anyone is galloping around in a high horse, that would be you, proclaiming the discovery of maintaining your PC would have beneficial effects.
  17. tonygrunt

    FPS Problem new Monitor

    Can you check in your monitor status if when you switch to a 1280x1024 resolution the monitor actually switches to this resolution and not to 1920x1200 or any other. If image scaling is enabled resolution scaling would be done by the GPU and you might have some negative effects due to your lower end GPU. Your GPU would upscale 1280x1024 to 1920x1200, adding more workload to it. See GPU-68: How to Configure GPU Scaling Option in AMD Catalystâ„¢ Control Center for info of how to disable it.
  18. There are many things that can fail on anyone's PC. No need to start a new thread whenever someone repairs something. We would be full with threads of people cleaning their PCs from dust, changing failing PSUs, broken video cards, water cooling problems, broken fans, damaged RAM DIMMs, failing HDDs and etc. All these problems would have a negative effect in ArmA 3 as in any other game but would be better served in a PC related forum.
  19. Not condoning the scathing replies but OP had a malfunctioning PC, there is no reason for anytime someone repairs his PC to start a new thread of how ArmA 3 is performing better or doesn't crash, it's expected. I would understand it if it was a software or hardware incompatibility.
  20. Next time search the feedback server before making a new issue. Duplicate of 3832,3744,3719,3307,1682. Please upvote 1682 or 3307 if you need to, they are the most active.
  21. One negative for VAC would be how long it would take to whitelist the eventual ArmA 3 beta builds, I don't expect BI devs would have access to the online portion of VAC and maybe we would get slower updates. I know Valve titles get updated routinely but maybe 2-3 updates in a week for a 3rd party game will be too much. It would also be funny if in a combination of VAC and BE you would get VAC banned due to an unforeseen update of BE.
  22. From what I searched in google MS Flight Simulator, DCS series of flight simulators and VBS2 allow optional 3rd person view (correct me if I am wrong) and these games (or training software in the case of VBS2) are regarded as simulators. Why should your personal opinion about what the games allows, be forced on to others? And if you wanted real simulations you should be campaigning for no respawns (you only live once), no teleports (not yet invented) and no balancing of weapons or forces (who heard of warfare between 2 enemy forces with the same number of soldiers). Please stop complaining for choosing to play in a server with 3rd person enabled, nobody forces you, just go to 1st person server or make your own.
  23. tonygrunt

    Global ban.

    Read Globally banned by BattlEye? See this . Nobody can help you here contact Battleye support. If you want a refund for a steam purchase open a steam support ticket.
  24. Nice read, please crosspost it to Latest "ARMA 3" Press Coverage | NO discussion here! too.