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  1. tonygrunt

    Fatigue effects

    Please make screen effects like blur and flashing borders optional. They are migraine inducing at least for me, making the game unplayable.
  2. tonygrunt

    No Beta Access...?

    You don't want customer support for problems with running an early access title, you want support for purchasing a title through steam and not appearing in your account. You have to contact steam support.
  3. tonygrunt

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    For those that got a 25€ coupon with their Arma 3 Supporters Edition, don't forget to use it. Got Take On Mars and 3 other games for free. Thanks BIS :D .
  4. tonygrunt

    No Beta Access...?

    Do you see that you have purchased Arma 3 in your Account Details? If no, contact steam support. If yes, steam has it's own "registry" file (ClientRegistry.blob) and problems arise when it gets corrupted, try closing down steam, delete ClientRegistry.blob and launch steam again. If nothing happens, with steam closed delete everything in steam folder except steam.exe and steamapps folder. Launch steam and let it update, if you have any extra steam library folders you will have to add them again.
  5. At the moment AFAIK there is no anticheat in Arma3 so you probably got a server ban. Worst case scenario you might have been included in a banlist shared by server owners. What is your exact error you are getting?
  6. Steam and retail versions of Arma2 and Arma2OA are exactly the same files and there is only slight changes in the way they are launched. What your problem is that the addon (DayZ) that you want to run requires a beta version of the game. Haven't used the steam version of beta updates but I guess you should install and run the Arma2: Operation Arrowhead Beta link on steam. Manual installation of betas are at http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php. You can also use 3rd party launcher/tools to keep updated like Play withSIX or DayZ Commander.
  7. 1st of all can you answer if "Arma 3 Supporter edition" is shown in the list of "Licenses and subscriptions"? If it is there something went wrong with the activation and you will probably have to contact steam support. If not, this probably means that Arma 3 can not be upgraded by purchasing a better version. You could contact steam support, explain your situation, check if the Arma 3 Supporter Edition key is still valid and ask them to remove your old Arma 3 subscription so you can activate the Supporter. If you go with the refund way you will have to contact the store where you bought it, which should be the BI store.
  8. tonygrunt

    Arma 2 on steam

    You can't activate your cd key on steam.
  9. You are supposed to get ArmA:X and ArmA:Cold War Assault immediately. I guess you didn't activate your key. Click on "Account Details" on the right top corner of the steam client or https://store.steampowered.com/account/. You should see a list of "Licenses and subscriptions", is ArmA 3 showing as below? If not, you don't have the Supporter Edition activated.
  10. The missions in Armaholic are packed with 7ZIP (.7z extension), have you unpacked them before putting them in missions (or MPmissions)? They should have a .pbo extension.
  11. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    And that's why it is FUD. From the start of 2013 till now I have bought 105 games on sale from other retailers and activated in steam without any problem and somehow only ArmA 3 from BI store results in a banned steam account for some, because they claim the game was cheaper (which isn't, same prices in euro/dollars for both stores). Doesn't make any sense.
  12. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    The quoted post looks like FUD and doesn't even make sense. Here is another one:
  13. tonygrunt

    Do we already know command line parameters?

    Most of the old parameters are here. In the arma3.exe there are appear to be some new ones but I have no idea what they do or if they even work. enableSimulWeather= d3dDynCB= nobenchmark benchmark d3dNoHashStates d3dCreateNoThreadOpt d3dCreateSingleThreaded d3dNoMultiCB d3dNoLock noland epeAllowHWScene epeSimulationPrecision= noAsserts userGroup= jExportInterface jPerfTest jSuspend jDebugPort= disableEpeStreaming Any comment from a Dev if these are parameters and what they do would be appreciated. :)
  14. tonygrunt

    Fps is almost too low for me to play this game

    Your performance in multiplayer is largely depended on the server, server bandwidth, mission and player count. I have been to servers where my FPS would drop below 20 and there was absolute anything I can do to remedy this. Download MSI Afterburner enable OSD and run it while playing online. It will show you your GPU usage, if it reaches 99% you are GPU limited and you should lower your graphics options. Leave open task manager with the CPU usage graph, if any of the cores is constantly at 80%-100% while playing you are CPU limited (You can also install HWInfo64 and use it to show CPU usage per core via MSI Afterburner's OSD). IF both CPU and GPU usage are not at their limits the problem must be with the server.
  15. I would put both OS and games on a SSD, it would be a shame to have the SSD and not use it for the OS acceleration (boot times, swap file and better responsiveness). The best scenario would be more than one SSD, one for the OS and one or more for the games or apps. Something that needs reminding is to never fill a SSD it will hurt its performance and its life (rule of thumb leave 10%-20% empty, some drives come already with space provisioned for this) so take into account this if you are going to put both the OS and the games on it.
  16. tonygrunt

    How to prepare steam to install Arma3 on your ssd

    If a game is still using .ncf as a Steam application file, it isn't on the new content system, only games using .acf can be installed in other folders. You also might have problems if you move .acf files. Inside them, most of the time, there are paths and if you move them these are not updated, they would be still pointing at the previous folder. Paths also inside config.vdf under ".\Steam\config\" won't be updated. I have seen problems while moving games where if you checked properties under steam, the game would appear to be still on the previous drive. I prefer now to copy the game to its new location, delete local content with steam and install the game at the new location. It should discover the files and it will update the config files with the new path.
  17. tonygrunt

    Download slow

    Have you tried the direct download links?
  18. Delete your "PLAYERNAME.vars.Arma3AlphaProfile", it will probably reset other game parameters like Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) templates.
  19. Do a verify integrity of game cache for ArmA2OA from your steam account, it should repair any key information if it was somehow corrupted on your pc.
  20. tonygrunt

    How To Buy???

    I don't know any reason why you shouldn't be able to buy and download ArmA 2 from the BIS store, do you have any problems? I doubt BIS have an embargo on Iran. All versions of ArmA 3 being sold are currently on the Alpha version, they will all switch simultaneously to Beta and eventually Final. So if you are only interested in the core game of ArmA 3 and not at the benefits of the Deluxe or Supporters edition you can buy the Standard only, you will get the full game. Just remember, ArmA 3 is a Steamworks game, it's activated and requires Steam to function.
  21. tonygrunt

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    7:45 to be precise.
  22. tonygrunt

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    There were some Oculus Rift related news. Starts at 7:53. BIS has one Oculus Rift devkit and considering getting more but no official game support for it on release.
  23. tonygrunt

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    15:30 BI Booth 19:00 DayZ 28:00 ArmA 3 (and beers) :) 52:00 Take on Mars
  24. The red markers are there but the vehicle is basically disabled, you can't move it without destroying it and you need a engineer to disable them. Maybe those few think the best way to annoy right now is to run into mines, when there is no TK message from mine killing they will instead use this to annoy you.
  25. Forgive option would be nice and would work in removing the TK flag when playing with like minded people but not against griefers. They would simply not forgive.