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  1. Dsound.dll was used for older versions of ACRE and other addons to establish communication with other software.
  2. tonygrunt

    Can anyone help me??

    Your key is probably not banned as bans are delayed. It probably has been replaced by a banned key and yours is in the process of being sold. Delete the 'FPS booster' and scan for trojans/virus as the trojan might be still installed (you should probably use more than 1 antivirus program). Be warned that there is a chance that the trojan stole more than your Arma key (eg. passwords from web browser, ..). After you clean you pc you could reinstall Arma and check if you are still banned but I expect even if you are not banned you will eventually be. Lesson from all this, don't download random stuff from the internet and run them on your pc.
  3. Some ways of detecting the game folder through the registry (Windows 7 x64, other windows versions might vary): - Using the uninstall information for installed software under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall] [u]Steam version[/u] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Steam App 65740] "InstallLocation"="[b]D:\\SteamLibrary\\steamapps\\common\\Carrier Command Gaea Mission[/b]" [u]BIS store version[/u] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\CarrierCommand] "UninstallString"="[b]D:\\Program Files\\Bohemia Interactive\\Carrier Command Gaea Mission[/b]\\UnInstall.exe" -Under Windows 7 volume mixer settings are saved under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\LowRegistry\Audio\PolicyConfig\PropertyStore]. Searching there for carrier.exe will give you a key containing the full path. For example {}.{c7e26ded-2d6f-4c5e-a96b-7a8234c4fa18}|\Device\HarddiskVolume6\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\carrier.exe%b{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. You will have to find which drive letter is HarddiskVolumeX.
  4. tonygrunt

    Official Benchmarking scenario?

    There is already a feature request that is being reviewed. 0007599: Release of an Official Benchmark/Testing Mission
  5. They didn't implement this for their own Take on Helicopters Rearmed (Arma 2 content in TKOH), don't expect them to do it for a 3rd party addon.
  6. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 supporter edition help

    He has the Supporter Edition which can not be purchased anywhere else except the BIS store but must be activated in the steam client. @ArmyRanger, do you have Arma 3 Supporter Edition showing as below in your Steam Account Details under Licenses + Subscriptions? If it's not showing, are you sure you are logging in the account you activated it? Can you try to reactivate the serial? Is it coming as a duplicate one? If it's showing, do you have "all games" selected as your game list? Can you post your steam page so we can see if it's in your game list or your play time? You could try deleting clientregistry.blob from your steam directory.
  7. tonygrunt

    GUID Changed?

    That is your key in an encrypted format. Player IDs are bound to CD keys, change your CD key and you will get a different player ID. As you have steam you can do a "Verify Integrity of Game Cache" and it should restore your original key if indeed has been changed. Did anyone else connect on your pc with his steam account? Maybe his key remained. Have you got a 2nd copy of Arma2OA that you change between?
  8. tonygrunt

    ArmA 3 Supporter Edition Retired?

    It's gone, there was a ad at the top of the page announcing the removal of it with a countdown timer which run out a couple of days ago.
  9. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    You just have to copy the files in the right folder. For the default installation it will be under ''..\steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3". You copy the "Arma 3" folder from your mobile storage to ''..\steam\steamapps\common\" in your pc. If it is the first time you start the game under your pc, it will discover the copied files during 1st time installation and won't download anything. When you want to update you will overwrite your pc files with the updated ones from your mobile storage and do a "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache" to register the changes. The whole procedure isn't very friendly and sometimes the steam client might get stuck wanting to update even if you copy the updated files. Simple solution, uninstall game from within steam, copy files again and reinstall. It should then discover them with no updates required. You might also want to disable automatic updates in your pc for Arma 3 to avoid unintentionally downloading updates.
  10. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    You are over thinking it. :) There are no registry cd keys for Arma 3 as authentication is done by your steam account. Your Arma 3 player id is your steam id, same number. You will never have to touch the registry. By default steam installs all games inside its own folder, so if you install the steam client in a usb storage by default it will download the game there. If you choose you can install it somewhere else. You could then take it home and plug it in your pc, start the same client from usb, do a "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache" and play the game (internet authentication required). Not recommended because the Arma series needs fast storage which usb isn't but you see how simple it can be. *"Verify Integrity Of Game Cache"= a steam function that checks and repairs all game files and registry entries. You need to do it when moving files between PCs to identify the new files.
  11. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    Security wise you shouldn't try to run steam from an internet cafe pc, too big of risk of getting your account hijacked, find a secure pc or bring a laptop. I haven't tried it but you could possibly install the steam client in a usb stick and run it from there. The steam client is self repairing when it starts, so any missing steam dependencies/registry keys would be recreated (you should disable steam auto starting with windows).
  12. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    You don't have to run Arma 3 on the portable. The only requirements are the requirements for the steam client that you will essentially use like a download client with the portable. And of course having enough hard disk space for the game itself. To clarify a bit how steam manages games, you always download the game in its installed state form, there are no installation files. When you first run a steam game it will run installations for any required and included redistributables (be it directx or MS VC+ or uplay or MC games for windows live etc.). It will then do a game initialization in the pc (registry entries, game folders in your documents, ...) and be ready to run. If you don't run the game on the portable, no redistributable or game initialization will happen keeping it clean with the exception of any steam client related entries.
  13. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    You just have to install the steam client on another pc/laptop, login with your steam account and download/update Arma 3. When it's ready you just copy the files in the appropriate folder in your game pc and verify the files(will use some internet bandwidth). You can leave the game files on your work pc and copy them to a removable drive every update or directly install them in the removable drive for easier transfer. There is no need to do any registry editing.
  14. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 Supporter Edition

    If you have the supporter edition activated at steam it should show as below in your "Licenses + Subscriptions": I can only guess but maybe the extra content and DLC will apply automatically when they are released with no need of extra keys from the BIS store.
  15. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 Supporter Edition

    The list of games in steam that give extra copies is very small and most of them are released by Valve. Extra Copies
  16. If it is the Arma X pack, don't forget to run Arma 2 too as above.
  17. @Dwarden, could you (BIS) implement this parameter in Arma2OA too. Maybe it could help there too, I had many missions that would lag with 20+ MB error logs (many errors in log per sec).
  18. tonygrunt

    Frame drop / lag each second

    Client FPS has always been affected by the performance of the server/mission (CPU performance, available bandwidth, mission scripts performance) and sometimes even from other clients that are connected to the server. Just a couple of days ago, I was playing an ArmA2OA MP mission, something went wrong with the server/mission and everyone's FPS dropped below 1.
  19. tonygrunt

    Arma 3 Supporter Edition

    This is the way steam works, most of the time you don't get extra copies for activating game bundles when you own some games and no extra gift if you activate a better version. Did the supporter edition activate with no problem, did you get the Arma X and Arma:CWA gifts?
  20. tonygrunt

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    The pre-order in the BIS store is a steam activated key, or don't you want to use any other stores?
  21. tonygrunt

    How do I access my old CD key?

    AFAIK if you activate a pack that includes a previous owned game in steam you don't get a new key for the already owned game. I had Arma2 + Arma2OA + BAF + PMC in my steam account and when I activated Arma X the CD keys for these remained the same. So you are still using your 1st CD key.
  22. tonygrunt

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    If you were eligible for the coupon (which for the 5th of March I think you are), in your 2nd and last email reminder for your name in the credits there would also be a coupon.
  23. tonygrunt

    Need arma 2 Registry keys

    If you copy your backed up Arma2 folders to "steamapps\common" while the games are not installed in steam, it should rediscover them when you install them through steam and not require any download. The steam backup option is quite slow for some reason and sometimes fails to restore all the content. As for the registry keys a "Verify Integrity Of Game Cache" should restore them, if not the problem is usually a corrupted windows registry or sometimes for newly purchased games the steam key store has run out of keys.
  24. tonygrunt

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    From what I saw, no. Coupon is one time use, unused amount is lost.
  25. tonygrunt

    Fatigue effects

    Thank you doctor, I have this headaches for the last 20+ years and I had no idea what it was. Next time I can't see from an eye or I am praying on the toilet it's good to know that it's all in my mind. I am going to inform my parents and my siblings that they are hypochondriac too, we thought it was just running in the family but Anachoretes just solved it. Bravo!!!