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  1. Black²

    Capture gamemode!

    Pow there we go! Much appreciated! AFK from arma atm but I'll update this thread if I have anything + sum it all up so others can use it as well! THAANKSSS!!!!!
  2. Black²

    Capture gamemode!

    Wont this just reset the marker to Blufor by default when Opfor leaves? The points shouldnt be controlled by default! Hmm.. if I use on de-act:"mrk_zone1" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; for deactivation.. oh snap. Thanks dude, why didnt I think of that! Yeah thanks for that but I'd rather learn to write my own stuff again instead of leaching of other peoples skills haha! Your version looks nice but really overcomplicated for my RNL style capture gamemode =)
  3. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've done this but I could really need some help! :eek: So for this unit I'm in (6th AB div) I'm making a tvt mission. We used to play Resistance and Liberation (Source engine mod) which had Capture gamemodes, I'm trying to implement something similar in ArmA2. I got 3 round markers which act as capture zones, named C1, C2 and C3 with their own triggers which check team (west and east) numbers and coloring it blue or red, green for even numbers or empty. This is what I have so far in the activation field of one of the cap area triggers. blufors = {side _x == west} count thisList; opfors = {side _x == east} count thisList; if (blufors == opfors) then { "TheMarkerName" setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; } else { if (blufors > opfors) then { "TheMarkerName" setMarkerColor "ColorBlue"; } else { "TheMarkerName" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; }; }; However, when in testing I kill an opfor player in that area.. it does turn blue showing that team west has "captured" it. Now when I leave the capture area it goes green again! I need it to stay blue when west captured it or red when east captured it. Ughh, please BIS community.. help a bro out haha! Peace! (I am aware of the pvpmissionwizard but I tried it and it just messed stuff up for me.)
  4. 6th Airborne doing their first coop campaign. Our objectives for Operation Swinger was to clear out an overrun FOB (Mike 1), then proceed to the north of the map and destroy ammo caches and take out any armed contacts met in the process. Only thing we knew about the cache area was that there would be a lot of enemy forces to fight.. damn straight, chased out of town for the first 2 days.. after that, VICTORY! Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Played as a transport pilot the first 2 days and then switched to 2IC of 2nd Section with our camera man right behind me for the most part haha, had loads of fun. A bit messy sometimes but theres always room for improvement! Love these games :D
  5. infantry and ground bound vehicles shine in this mod and in my view the fun part about this mod. aircrafts shouldnt be too detailed anyway imho since it really takes away from the whole ground part D:
  6. Black²

    Please share your 1.60 impressions

    One of the most underestimated games out there imho.
  7. wouldnt this be all glitchy when moving? cool though :)
  8. Black²

    WIP Oring

    Oo looks fun, a bit baren atm but liking the layout. reminds me of Wake island for Bf2 ^^ Middle island looks like hell.
  9. That made my day for real, I know what to do. I've seen Hurtlocker. *gets launched 100m back*
  10. Black²

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Ahh yes, some lazy bastard member requested that module. thanks for the info, appreciate it!
  11. Black²

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Alright, question time lads. Hooking up a cool coop mission for a unit playing with ACE and latest cba etc etc.. all updated and working fine and dandy. now we play tested it last night and we couldnt make use of the backpack system, got myself an ACR backpack from the ACE USMC weapon box and no go! the Pack button in the gear GUI is greyish and not clickable. everything else works like a charm though, any thoughts about this?
  12. Ouch, if it wasn't for the distance it would be like.. insurgency on Proving grounds.. 15th meu fallujah insurgency?
  13. Black²

    CO16 Insurgency

    Are you planning on doing a version for Clafghan as well? that would be immense and greatly appreciated. Hope you like the idea :)
  14. Just a weird question coming from HQ of 6th AB unit, Would it be a horrible and long taking job to make a Insurgency mission for this? that would get any server with this map on rotation full all day erry day. back to lurking. /out