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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for taking the time to check this and your reply. The reason i noticed this was because i was not checking waypoint completion, or distance of the team(leader) from the waypoint to see if they had reached their goal, but checking distance from the position variable. Admittedly in retrospect, a strange way to go about it, but the script worked fine this way in A2. Team would always reach their goal and be allocated a new destination because the waypoint was aligned with the generated destination. However, in A3 the script "broke" for me because team's movement will sometimes never be judged completed with that method due to these placement discrepancies i described; they don't get to _pos, they reach the nearby waypoint and just sit there with no new orders being issued. So I can say from that it's not just a visual issue. I will output the waypoint and marker positions to see if there is an actual difference in the x,y,z co-ordinates. It was very simple to fix by adding an extra check to see if waypoint itself is reached/completed, which to be honest is probably how i should have done it in the first place! I just was and remain curious about it really. Maybe some impurity in the Belgian electricity supply making my PC act strangely, if it's fine for you... ;)
  2. Hi Folks, couldn't find any mention of this problem elsewhere. Any ideas why 3 out of 6 waypoints are created in a different position to the markers, even though the same position _pos is used when creating both? http://imgur.com/U1bPzSw I noticed it with an ArmA II script i was reworking last night and decided best to do a simple test today. (code below) Seems i was not going crazy from scripting into the small hours... the waypoints are often placed quite inaccurately. Don't recall this ever happening in A2. Adding _wp setWaypointPosition [_pos, 0]; doesn't subsequently snap the waypoint to the desired position. It's like the engine is "refusing" to place the waypoint there for some reason unknown to me. Strange... :raisebrow: Thanks for any insights, Sam //testwp.sqf //p1: group private["_grp","_mrk","_pos","_wp"]; _grp=_this select 0; { //get random position _pos=[getPos leader _grp,(random 150) + 50,random 360]call BIS_fnc_RelPos; //draw marker _mrk = createMarker ["Marker_"+str(_pos select 0),_pos]; _mrk setMarkerAlpha 0.5; _mrk setMarkerType "mil_circle_NoShadow"; _mrk setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _mrk setMarkerText str _x; //add waypoint _wp = _grp addWaypoint [_pos, 0]; _wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp setWaypointCombatMode "YELLOW"; _wp setWaypointDescription "Patrol"; _wp setWaypointFormation "STAG COLUMN"; }forEach [1,2,3,4,5,6];
  3. Was just playing around and getting a feel for things in the editor so far but i will try out running a server for sure when satisfied with the result. Personally i like the death is final edge to having no respawn, and the chance for a breather / tea or beer refill is quite welcome :D For performance reasons alone I'll definitely take the advice, thanks. Re: BIS support - Fair enough, hence why i didn't waste your time with raising a bug report ;) But if it happens again I will upload the mission. Cheers!
  4. Just to clarify - I never survived more than about half an hour before having to restart - it gets pretty hairy out there. :eek: I think i may have found the source of the problem. I realised that since having arty support working completely fine, I had added a BIS support requestor synced to player and to a supply drop (virtual) module. I tried deleting the supply drop stuff and voila, ALiVE arty was back available again. So you might want to look into the possibility that the ALiVE and BIS support modules do not "play nice" with each other. I was going to raise a ticket with a repro mission but when i created a new simple mission last night for that purpose i didn't have the same problem. :confused: I went back to my main mission, deleted the BIS support modules, recreated and resynced and the problem is gone. So if it should happen again, I have a solution to try. If you want me to add as an issue on devheaven i would be happy to but as I couldn't provide a reliable repro mission, I decided best not to for now. Thanks to undead for the tip about increasing marker size a bit, I will give that a whirl.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply - yep, only one BL marker in use in the mission and only referred to in one module. i'll deactivate all the other mods (@bcombat;@Blastcore-A3;@realarmor;@steadyshot) tonight and try again, and if the problem persists, will make a ticket and upload mission. recreated the mission with only a whitelist approach (much more fiddly rotating the markers etc.) but it worked and I had a great deal of fun yesterday committing suicide in varying ways on a Greek island. this mod is insane - brilliantly insane. :-) thanks for the great work. have another small problem... access to arty support (had it working fine alongside transport and CAS) kind of disappeared after play-testing a few hours. the battery still shows up in the support dialog but with no further options and it doesn't say combat ineffective. tried resyncing the module, restarting Arma3, deleting the arty support module, recreating and resyncing. basically everything i could think of. even went to visit the battery and theres a mean looking self-propelled howitzer sitting at the module location. Oh, how i needed its help sometimes! any further ideas?
  6. sorry to report the same issue as JaySmizzle, screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/tG5tQ#2
  7. how about? on act: {_x setVelocity [-10, -10, 30]}forEach thislist any and all units entering the trigger and meeting the other conditions (side etc.) will have their velocity set. edit: might have misunderstood your intention, if you only ever want to affect q3 then you don't need this ;)
  8. ashram 1-1

    setPos and Locality

    Ahah, simple as that. I needlessly complicated things as usual. Still, learnt some cool stuff about the eventhandlers and variables. Thanks both of you for the quick replies. I'll try it out in the next couple of days, and we'll see if we can make it home in one piece. :)
  9. Sorry if this question is already answered before somewhere, any search with "setPos" turns up a lot of results. I have done a fair bit of research and hope to have found a solution but advice would be gratefully received. According to the reference, setPos is now "global for every object" https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPos However this does not seem to apply when using setPos in init.sqf to move a named unit which is a player. Indeed, this seems a reasonable exception considering that "The player's unit is always local to its client" https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Locality_in_Multiplayer It was unexpected that my colleague Mr. Milewski would be malingering back at the airstrip when he should have been dumped with me next to a crashed chopper in a semi-random location 5km behind enemy lines with no working GPS and extended map info disabled. Yes, I am clearly both a sadist, and a masochist. :) When this happened I thought fair enough, i hadn't properly considered the impact of locality for this mission, it wouldn't be the first time. I was initially confused by the contradiction above but it has sunk in now and hopefully i just need to force the setPos command to be run on his client. I have investigated some new commands and think this might be a solution Will this work, maybe i'm missing the point and this is not necessary and there a simpler / more elegant way of relocating a player's unit? It's not easy for me to test this stuff; I tried creating a dedicated server and then connecting to it on the same PC, but it just hangs after selecting the mission. I don't want to get my mate online to only waste his time again . (in init.sqf, after loadouts and a 10 second fade from black to conceal the teleportation): if (!isServer) then { "MNS_crashpos" addPublicVariableEventHandler { player setPos ([_this select 1, (random 5) + 5, random 360]call BIS_fnc_relPos); }; } else { // some code here to determine position of crash site, assign to variable _pos missionNamespace setVariable ["MNS_crashpos",_pos]; _clientID = owner Milewski; _clientID publicVariableClient "MNS_crashpos"; }; Thanks in advance. Sam
  10. thanks all for the help, i'll try this out soon. unfortunately my motherboard is dead and i'm back on the old PC while i do a return, i might actually get my coursework done with no Arma on this machine. :-) cheers, Sam
  11. thanks for reply, yes i tried a few combinations of that but perhaps not the right one, i'm away for a few days now so will come back to this thread on my return, perhaps i will think of something on the break. cheers, Sam
  12. hi, anyone else had problems using nearObjects to get object reference of a satchel charge placed by AI unit? this was driving me barmy yesterday, today i thought to try with player instead and it works fine with this code in radio trigger: bomb = ((getpos player) nearObjects ["PipeBomb",50]) select 0;hint format ["nearest bomb is: %1",bomb]; when using this code in a script to make AI destroy an object, always returns null object: hint "setting charge"; _chargeman Fire ["pipebombmuzzle","pipebombmuzzle","pipebomb"]; _bomb = ((getpos _chargeman) nearObjects ["PipeBomb",50]) select 0; hint format ["nearest bomb is: %1",_bomb]; He definitely places a bomb as he barely escapes with his life after deciding to crawl away for the first part instead of run, even with a doMove in careless mode :rolleyes: (i suppose that could be due to target being a RU T-72, although with no fuel or ammo) On that subject, tried removing the crew with this in vehicle init - seems not to work? {deleteVehicle _x}forEach crew this; Doing it this way because I could not get AI AT to reliably attack an empty unit placed in editor, even with the 'switch sides trick' using dummy groups, so I just create a real enemy, set fuel/ammo to zero and tried removing the crew. Crux is that i am trying to 'teleport' the satchel a bit closer to the target than the minimum of 7m away where that AI will move to and place it. I have tried every move command available, perhaps it is just the case that next to an enemy tank is considered not a friendly place to be. everything else in my 'project' i have been able to solve by trying different approaches and the sweat of my brow, but i cannot for the life of me get AI to blow up a damn tank. :D AT man with max skill fires two SMAW rounds at fairly close range on a stationary tank and fails miserably to destroy it, so I really need a backup, please
  13. i do not think the player should have to micromanage his men in these sort of tasks, i imagined the scenario something like this: leader "team, take a drink and check your ammo, maintain 50% watch" bob "only 2 mags left" john "i've got some spare, here you go" leader "good, anyone else?" team "no, all good" leader "ok, we're oscar mike" so, here's a script made recently which will make men with less than three magazines try to obtain some from team mates. this was designed to be run in the consolidation phase after a contact, not during a firefight , but i suppose it could be tried then. In the absence of a player command in game, it does the job. This works for Arma 2, no backpacks involved, simply shares out ammo from normal inventory. If unit does not have the weapon for which it is carrying a type of ammo, it is considered a bearer and can give all the ammo of that ammo class to the unit who is low. otherwise, magazines are shared. e.g unit bob has 2 magazines, john has 5 magazines: one magazine is handed over, so they now have 3 and 4 mags respectively. Not exactly what you were asking for, but I understand it's good practice to check and redistribute ammo after any contact and doing that goes a long way to solving the problem of running out in the first place. ;) Doesn't include ammo for secondary weapons (rockets) as there can be several class names to consider as in the case of SMAW or RPG. Getting too complicated and I wanted to move on... Still, if people find this useful and are happy to just create a radio trigger to call upon this in their own missions, I would go back and include rockets somehow. I seem to have found a 'bug'? After giving away some ammo, your weapon is empty, you have to reload. The bastard took the mag out of my rifle and even the round from the chamber :eek: //script to make team share ammo - written by Small Ashram 2012 //Parameter 1: group //example usage: nul=[group player]execVM "SAFC_distributeammo.sqf" //Simplest, player controlled use: put the above code in the On Act. of a radio trigger. In text box of trigger put "Distribute Ammo". Set trigger to activate 'repeatedly' private ["_grp","_taker","_giver","_nmags","_magclass","_mags","_weapon","_unit","_mostmags","_unitg","_magsg","_nmagsg","_magstogive"]; _grp=_this select 0; //do getting ammo from bearer { _nmags=0; _unit=_x; _weapon=primaryWeapon _unit; _mags=magazines _unit; _magclass=getArray (configFile/"CfgWeapons"/_weapon/"magazines") select 0; { if (_x == _magclass) then {_nmags=_nmags+1}; }forEach _mags; if (_nmags<3) then { _taker=_unit; _giver=objNull; _mostmags=0; { _unitg=_x; _nmagsg=0; _magsg=magazines _unitg; { if (_x == _magclass) then {_nmagsg=_nmagsg+1}; }forEach _magsg; if (_unitg !=_unit && _nmagsg>0 && (getArray (configFile/"CfgWeapons"/(primaryWeapon _unitg)/"magazines") select 0) !=_magclass) then {_giver=_unitg;_mostmags=_nmagsg}; }forEach units _grp; if (!(isNull _giver)) then { _magstogive=_mostmags; //move taker to giver and transfer mags _taker commandMove getpos _giver; waitUntil {sleep 0.1;_taker distance _giver < 2}; for "_i" from 1 to _magstogive do { _taker action ["TakeMagazine", _giver, _magclass]; sleep 0.1; }; }; }; sleep 1 + random 1; }forEach units _grp; //do swapping mags between weapon users { _nmags=0; _unit=_x; _weapon=primaryWeapon _unit; _mags=magazines _unit; _magclass=getArray (configFile/"CfgWeapons"/_weapon/"magazines") select 0; { if (_x == _magclass) then {_nmags=_nmags+1}; }forEach _mags; if (_nmags<3) then { _taker=_unit; _giver=objNull; _mostmags=0; { _unitg=_x; _nmagsg=0; _magsg=magazines _unitg; { if (_x == _magclass) then {_nmagsg=_nmagsg+1}; }forEach _magsg; if (_unitg !=_unit && _nmagsg>=_nmags+2 && _nmagsg >_mostmags) then {_giver=_unitg;_mostmags=_nmagsg}; }forEach units _grp; if (!(isNull _giver)) then { _magstogive=floor((_mostmags-_nmags)/2); if (_magstogive==0) then {_magstogive=1}; if (_magstogive<0) then {_magstogive=0}; //move taker to giver and transfer mags _taker commandMove getpos _giver; waitUntil {sleep 0.1;_taker distance _giver < 2}; for "_i" from 1 to _magstogive do { _taker action ["TakeMagazine", _giver, _magclass]; sleep 0.1; }; }; }; sleep 1 + random 1; }forEach units _grp;
  14. great :) got it working, not sure if it was the ogg or config changes in the end but i have a working template now. seems good as a start, sharp shots with some nice dense early reflections. need to work on the tails and adding a bit of extra boom. I'll post up a link when i'm satisfied, not sure if i am ready for 'addons complete' yet. i would like to ask others to be the judge of that. thanks again for getting me started. much appreciated!
  15. thanks everyone for help and encouragement. did a lot of scripting over the weekend, long day at work, so need to take a break this evening and do something else, namely lying on the sofa :-) i'll try out myself first with the suggestions, hopefully i can learn by fixing it. if not, that's a kind offer mr pickle. would be nice to get this working, by hook or crook, as i just found 5 nice slightly different shots in sequence from a real M4, and want to hear if it makes an improvement in game. at least i can be sure of the authenticity of the source material. that's the idea, rather than total overhaul i'd like to make some small mods with very carefully selected and edited sounds. while configs must be overcome, i think i can already knock up some high quality sounds with 20 years music making experience... and editing on nice monitors never hurts either ;-) On that note, If anyone needs help with an audio project, it can be pretty laborious checking and trimming samples for instance, I'm more than happy to give something back to this community in that way.