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  1. I haven't played for a couple of weeks. I downloaded the latest version and ran it on Takistan and came across a few issues.

    No camps are spawning, I can fast travel to where they should be and buy stuff from them, but there's no buildings, guards or defences. Same with enemy camps. I tried to capture the marked camp for the resistance leader, but when I arrived, nothing was there. I waited around to see if it would capture anyway, but nothing happened.

    I couldn't interact with villages, no buying vehicles or bribe options are appearing.

    Still loving this mission, Great fun! So much freedom.

  2. I really like the advanced flight model. Had a lot of fun flying in TKoH, and was a little disappointed when it was initially announced that the AFM wouldn't make it into ArmA3. I'm so glad to see it here now.

    I find the analogue collective way to sensitive without the AFM active, with the AFM, the controls feel more solid to me. I can actually maintain level flight.

    @OMAC: Jeez! I found the Hinds utterly terrifying to fly with a Hotas, I can't imagine KB and mouse. I had to apply 3 lots of manual trim just to stop the buggers rolling over on take off! I salute your courage. :)

  3. Just wanted to say thanks again for this great mission! Pretty much the only ArmA mission I've played for the past 4-5 months. Its great to see how its evolved over that time.

    And thanks for making it work with so many maps! Returning to Takistan with all the low walls and new weapon resting system is fantastic. Just had the greatest fire fight I've ever experienced in the ArmA series yet. Ended up having to withdraw behind a wall of smoke grenades.

    Back to liberating Takistan!

  4. Sorry if its been suggested before, but I was just thinking. Maybe when Steam workshop supports mods, a lite equivalent could be released in the form of a mod. This way people have to make a concious effort to download it, and the lower quality can be explained/disclaimed in the description. Hopefully this wouldn't effect the Dev branch, and could be updated independently of A3 itself.

    Probably a few reasons why it wouldn't work, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway. :)

  5. Hi saOK. Thanks for this fantastic mission! I play it almost exclusively. Have been playing it for several months now, so its about time I said thanks. Although I've already voted for it. :)

    Nice to see how its progressed over time, and I'm amazed at how well it performs. Its the freedom and base building that keeps me playing. Can't get enough.

    I currently have one problem though; my static weapons seem to disappear if I leave the area. I just did a tour of the camps I made and all the weapons were gone. I'm pretty sure they hadn't been attacked, as I was close enough to hear any combat that might of occurred. Just wondering if I might be doing something wrong?

    Keep up the good work and good luck in the competition. :)

  6. In answer to your first question, I think you're looking for 'free look'. You can temporarily enable it by holding down the left Alt key. If you double tap the left Alt key quickly, it will lock free look on. Turn it off by double tapping left Alt again.

    With free look activated, you can also look around with the mouse, without interfering with your flight controls. Quite handy for manual start ups. Hope this is what you were after.

    Can't help with your 2nd problem I'm afraid.

  7. The new changes are nice. Was very good to complete a hard jewellery heist. Having cleared everything out,

    the cops caught up with us, forcing a second escape via helicopter from a rooftop.

    I heard five DLCs are on the cards for the next year; some free and some paid. Really looking forward to seeing what else they come up with. I'm hoping for a bigger bank for one. And with the multiple days for a job, maybe the Oceans 11/12 scenarios are doable? Hope so! I see a lot of scope for this game, and I'm very eager to see what else they have lined up for us heisters! :)

  8. I have been enjoying this immensely. Lucky enough to have a couple of mates who own it as well. I imagine ArmA vets enjoying this: Lots of planning and communicating needed. Its one of the more tactical games out there I think. Pulling off an alarm free heist is a great sense of achievement.

  9. Also very eager for this! Looks like they've really worked on the interface. (amongst other things) Whilst I got use to the X3:TC GUI, it really was laborious. Only one of the series I didn't bother with was Albion Prelude; as I heard that old saves would not be compatible. Considering the years I spent building my empire, it simply wasn't an option. :butbut:

    This is one of those games where I imagine saved games been passed down from father to son. ;)

  10. Try to map both the positive and negative axis of your throttle/collective control to the analogue collective raise, not perfect but good enough.

    Thanks for the tip! Actually makes it bearable now. First time I've flown in A3 where it doesn't feel like a blackhole has opened up beneath me whenever I lower the collective. :)

  11. I enjoy flying with a HOTAS stick, but currently I find the analogue collective way too sensitive. I only use about 1cm of movement on the collective to cover all my ascent/descent needs. Thats on lowest sensitivity.

    I've looked through my .cfg and came across this line in my joystick settings: sensitivity[]={0.52525234,0,-1,0,0,-1,0,0,0.52525234,0,-1,0,0,-1,0,0};

    Would anyone know what part of the above relates to collective? and would I actually be able to reduce the sensitivity further by adjusting it?

    Aside from the collective, I do like the way the helicopters handle.

  12. At low/zero speed, helicopters like to roll to the side and spin on the spot. The roll is the effect of torque and the spin is the tail rotor acting as a mini propeller, pushing the back of your helicopter around in a circle. (At higher speeds airflow compensates for this.)

    Just to add; torque will be a constant force you need to consider. Not just during take offs and landings. Raising/lowering collective will change the amount of torque. Which in turn will need to be compensated for.

    Try to slowly increase the collective until your almost airborne. Look to see what your helo is trying to do. Lower the collective and touch down again. Now that you know what the helo wants to do, take off, ready to use your controls to counter the movement you just saw. Which will be slight pressure on the appropriate pedal and a small amount of cyclic to counter the roll. (If your spinning right, apply left pedal, if your rolling to the right, apply left cyclic.)

    I really urge you to learn with the light helicopter, if your not already. The medium is quite wild and after 300 hours plus I still find the tail rotor to be hypersensitive to inputs, even at lowest sensitivity. I like the heavy, it flies nicely, but: Start small, work your way up. :)

    Turn all control sensitivity to low for now, it can help to stop you over compensating. As you get experience, you'll probably increase them over time. Also remove all deadzones. The key to helos is small, measured adjustments.

    Sorry if I'm telling you what you already know. But hopefully some of the above will help. :)

  13. You can also give these orders on the fly in game. Select your spotter unit by pressing F2. (Presuming he's the 2nd squad member) Your mouse wheel menu should appear and you can see the hold fire command. Highlight and select it.

    You can also use the complex command system, where you select the unit/s you want to hold fire, press 3 for rules of engagement menu, and press 2 for hold fire. You can get an entire squad to hold fire by pressing tilde,3,2 in a couple of seconds.

  14. Hi all!

    With kind permission of CptDavo, I have ported Patrol Ops 2 by Roy86 into ToH:Rearmed. For those not familiar with this excellent mission, here's a few snippets from the original post:

    Inspired by Takistan Force, Patrol Ops is a 32 Player dynamic, random mission series that is great for both Mass Public Play and Clan Tactical Gaming.

    Missions are randomly dynamic, with enemy force strength scaled to match the number of players connected so as to challenge players appropriately.

    Player Class types denote access to specific gear and vehicles to strengthen the realism.

    A focus on co-operative team based gameplay is the principle of Patrol Ops.

    Original Credits:

    Special Thanks:

    - BIS for Arma Series

    - BON_Inf for alot of Code, Support and Inspiration from Taksitan Force

    - XENO for Code and Inspiration from Domination 2

    - Kochleffel for Vehicle And Squad Team Hud

    - Code34 for Advanced Hint System and adaption of Vehicle/squad Hud

    - [OCB]Kev for his knowledge and code examples

    - Shuko for Task System and Position

    - R3F for Respawn GUI and Logistics Code

    - Ei8ght and Mike-USA for Sampled Base Layouts

    - ArmA 2 Community for support and solutions

    For more detailed information on this mission, I suggest checking the original thread here.

    Changes to this version.

    I have replaced the ArmA2 helicopters at base with ToH equivalents. there are 5 transports and 2 attack helos.

    I've included Osmos' excellent Helicopter service script.


    You need ArmA 2 Combined Ops with the Rearmed mod active.

    Thanks to:

    Roy86, for the original Patrol ops 2.

    Kju, without Rearmed I couldn't of ported this great mission.

    Osmo, for his excellent Helicopter service script.

    Mission download via Dropbox here.