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  1. Hi ya. To use these terrains you need to own ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead, as this is where they originate from. Once installed, ToH should automatically detect them using the re-armed mod and allow you to use them in the editor.
  2. mjr.hassle

    Take on Helicopters + Arma 2,3 = ?

    Ah yeah, I think thats fred64 I believe? Did some excellent work with the ToH light and medium classes. I can actually fly the mediums now. :) I just need to improve with the Hinds. lol! Re-Armed does, yes. Domination was quite a scary experience!
  3. mjr.hassle

    Take on Helicopters + Arma 2,3 = ?

    I agree. Re-armed is a fantastic addition for ToH. I might try and re-install my ToH re-armed server (Did an OS update) and maybe run that a few hours an evening. Its a home PC so I can't leave it on all the time. Have no idea how it would perform either, I'd have to do some testing. As always, a time issue *Shakes fist at real life* :) There was a dedicated Domination re-armed server in the past, and I had great time on there, but was often alone.
  4. mjr.hassle

    Take on Helicopters + Arma 2,3 = ?

    Thats good news! I'd heard conflicting reports on the rotorlibs in A3, so decided to sit back and see what actually happens. I never made any reference to back porting, and pointed out the possibility of legal issues. Considering the OP wanted to fly ArmA helos with ToH flight models though, I still don't believe that there is currently a solution. If there is, I'd also be more than eager to hear about it. :)
  5. mjr.hassle

    Take on Helicopters + Arma 2,3 = ?

    Whilst the All in ArmA mod (linked above) is utterly fantastic, I don't think it does what you are after. Rather then ArmA helos adopting the flight models from ToH, it works the other way round. I imagine getting ArmA helos with ToH flight models is an astronomical task, and might tread on a few legal toes. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141818-Arma-Samples-Copyright-questions Is the nearest thread related to what your asking about I think. Alas, the OP hasn't been online for some time it seems.
  6. Understood. :) Thanks again. With AiA, Its like been a child who received every gift they ever wanted in one christmas; I just don't know what I want to play with first. :)
  7. Ah! Thanks! I'm making progress now that I moved CAA1 in the mod loading order. All islands are showing and I can load them in the editor without any errors popping up. :) My problem now though is; if I place a soldier on any map and click preview, the HD runs for a while then I get the ArmA 3 has stopped working error. I don't get any .rpt file created. I think I may still have the mod order wrong, but I can't see the wood for the trees. :) If anyone could take a glance at my startup and tell me what I'm doing wrong, I might have some hair left by the end of the week. heheh :) Thanks.
  8. I have a strange issue with CAA1. I can run it as a mod with AIA, but I can only see the United and Southern Sahrani maps, along with Porto and Rahmadi. Standard Sahrani just doesn't show up. I can run the other variants but I get an error saying 'Cannot load texture ca\sara\data\layers\etc'. I presume thats also contained in the Sara.Pbo, which I do have. I've downloaded Caa1 twice now with the same result, and even copied what I considered to be the relevant files from a version I'm already using with A2. I even took it from my Armed Assault install, but I just can't get around the problem. Nor do I really know what files I would need to copy over. I'm not saying this is a problem with AIA; others are running sahrani with no problems, so I'm guessing something my end is wrong. If anyone has any suggestions or experienced and fixed anything similar I'd be grateful to hear from you! :)
  9. Bravo November is a RAF Chinook with quite a history. The link provided is quite an interesting read. Here it is in action. This whole video is quite unbelievable. The skill and courage of these people is amazing!
  10. I'd be more then happy to see the A1 terrains in A3 without the units. sahrani is one of my all time favourite terrains ever, and I think it and A3 complement each other perfectly. Especially as its an island and we have the new divers and waterborne abilities. The very idea gets me quite excited! :) Thanks for all your work on this, Kju. Its greatly appreciated!
  11. mjr.hassle

    Coop 10 The Omega File

    Thanks for this excellent mission! Whether I want to kill 10 minutes or spend the evening killing, this is perfect for my needs. Have experienced some of the most intense infantry combat yet in the Alpha with this mission, and I recommend it for anyone who wants the same. :)
  12. Not that I know of I'm afraid. I had a look using re-armed as well, whilst a lot of the editor functionality from A2/OA is there, I couldn't find the ACM.
  13. Heh! I'll be darned. Never noticed it whilst flying, but just opened up the calibration as you mentioned and its certainly there. Hmm. Wonder if the plastic cap is needed for some reason or if this can't be worked around. Will go delving this evening to see if I can change it. Cheers for the heads up!
  14. lol! I know exactly what you mean. When I read the reviews for the Hotas X, they loved it. Only after buying it did I realise they only tested it on fixed wing sims. :( I guess even in the sim world helo flyers are a niche market. Seems we're forced to buy inappropriate controls, or spend a small fortune on bolt to the floor setups. Having said that, my Hotas X is a joy to fly with now.
  15. mjr.hassle

    Livery and Sample models 404

    Hi ya. I have these on my HD, so I uploaded them to dropbox until the link is fixed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhcyf38bqjokcek/Take_On_Helicopters-Samples-v1_00.zip
  16. All the scripts I used in the Freeflight mission I found in the ArmA 2 editing section. All I did was change some classnames. Most of whats there will work in ToH. http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?93-ARMA-2-amp-OA-MISSIONS-Editing-amp-Scripting Mr.Murrays editing guide is very useful. Again, its for ArmA but most of it is still relevant for ToH. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847
  17. If you mean my MP freeflight mission, its not that easy to implement I'm afraid. :( Simply because I'm no coder/scripter, and my ability at editing is limited. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to put together this simple mission. I've wanted to add more stuff to the mission, but trying to keep it interesting for everyone is a tricky balance. Engine failures would be enjoyed by some, but others would find it annoying. I could try to add it as a parameter but I have no idea how to, and at the end of the day someone wouldn't be happy that it was/wasn't included. As far as I know the winch system isn't MP compatible with regards to other players. ie You can't winch players up or lower them down, it has to be AI. I wanted to make a cops vs robbers style gameplay mission, but again my imagination far exceeds my creation abilities. I want to leave the MP Freeflight mission as is. It serves its purpose. BUT...I'll happily use it as a foundation to try and make a more playground style mission, with tasks/events etc taking place. This is not a promise however. One of the biggest problems I have is that whenever I try to do any editing with ToH, I end up spending a few hours just enjoying flying. :) If you weren't talking about the MP freeflight mission then....ermm...ignore this post! ;)
  18. mjr.hassle

    I hate Steam's download version

    The Steam version should be around here: E:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\take on helicopters Of course, change the E:\ to whatever is right for your install. :D Once there, if you create a shortcut of the ToH.exe and pop it on your desktop, you can run ToH without Steam running. :) Does for me anyway.
  19. Good idea! Its also easy to confuse it with the current objective marker waypoint I find. Both are a similar shape.
  20. Thanks for this Kju! Appreciate all the time and effort you put into your projects. :) Followed the instructions and had it all working as intended within a couple of minutes.
  21. This is great! Been hoping for a maps only port. Love the idea of playing on Takistan with the new stance system. Thanks for putting the time into this. I'll be watching eagerly! :)
  22. mjr.hassle

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Thanks for the update!
  23. mjr.hassle

    Arma 3 - Insurgency on Stratis

    Very enjoyable mission. Thanks! Would it be possible to add tactical glasses to the supply crates? I had a read of the helmet cam script, and the glasses need to be worn for it to function apparently.
  24. Thanks for these. I remember enjoying Modern Battlefield in ArmA 2. Had some great fire fights going on! Especially in Takistan. I was wondering if you had any plans of adding a few more locations? Stratis seems so well suited for this kind of mission, would be excellent to play this on different areas of the island.
  25. Thank you both very much! Works perfectly. :)