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  1. Hi Still thinking about building my PC. does anyone know what the intel q9400 S775 processor is like because I can get one quite cheap. Whats the performance like? Thanks Phil
  2. Big OFP fan, just costed out a new system, self built using an intel i7 920 chip. The bill comes to approx £850. I so bad want arma2 but not sure whether I can afford or want to put all this money into a computer when my trusty old Dell P4 works fine at the moment. Dilemma!
  3. so which intel processor and motherboard provide the best value for money yet providing solid performance?
  4. phil788

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    hi guys, Just wondering I am going to build a new PC and am wondering which processors and motherboards give best performance for money spent. Im on a budget you see and dont want to spend a fortune, however I dont want to buy something slow. Would like to stick to Intel chips if possible. Thanks.
  5. Hi peeps, Im confused I thought Arma 2 was the sequel to Arma and Arma was the sequel to OFP. So where does Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising fit in?
  6. Hey guys ok this is what im thinking. Buy the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700, S775, Kentsfield, 2.66 GHz for £130 buy Asus P5Q-EM DO, Intel Q45, S 775 motherboard. Does this come with built in audio Im not sure?? £90 ATI graphics card approx £160 DDR2 4GB RAM £37 Total approx £400 And then: Use my existing SATA hard disk 250gb with windows XP already installed Use my existing Dell Dimension 8400 case. Do I need a separate heat sink with this set up? Also guys have I missed anything? What do you think?
  7. Will Direct 11 really make a big difference to hardware when it comes out?
  8. Thanks for all your replies guys. I think the intel G31 chipset uses DDR2 RAM anyway. When the new Windows and Direct 11 comes out will it make much difference to the hardware I have bought- making it obsolete or just the graphics card? Thanks
  9. Thanks! Quite interested in these so called motherboard bundles that you can pick up with motherboard, RAM and processor all included. Seen this G31 board with 4 GB and quad processor for a good price. I still dont know if it works out cheaper than buying a whole new computer off Dell. Thanks Llauma. Do you know anything about the G31 board and how easy is it to overclock? Still quite confused about all the different graphics cards out there. So many to choose from!
  10. Hi guys! I was a huge fan of OFP many years back and all its addons. Ive had a few years out of gaming and only have an old Dell P4 at the moment. Im thinking of building my own PC, although I am on a tight budget. What I'm thinking of buying at the moment is a G31 motherboard with an intel q8200 quad 2.33GHz processor and 4 GB memory and maybe picking a cheap 1 GB graphics card up on ebay. What do you think and recommend? Thanks:)