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  1. I'm new to FSM scripting and I couldn't find a very detailed tutorial, however I know the basics, the syntax and more or less how it works. I have a scripted FSM which I want to execute on a civilian unit. My problem is: I want my scripted FSM to take control of the desired unit and I don't want any native FSMs to control it. Is there a way to disable or override the native FSMs? In other words, I want the AI to be overriden by my script.
  2. That's what I was afraid of. Just a bunch of more work to do...
  3. When I move the marker more "inside" the building the unit stops when reaching the marker's nearest position adjecent to (I think it is) the bounding box of the building model. There are no indexed positions of non enterable buildings so I can't use them either. The question is how ALICE's civs can move right to the door and mine can't? There's no problem with spawning them at the door, but returning there seems to be much more problematic. Found it! ALICE creates an empty vehicle called "BIS_alice_emptydoor". When created in game on the position of a marker, the unit must be assigned as cargo to it and ordered to get in. The unit then walks to the door end enters the vehicle right where I want it to enter :D
  4. In ALICE civs can move right to the door, then there's entering animation and poof... they disappear. When I tell them to move to the door by doMove to the marker, they stop. The position where they stop seems to be the bounding box of the building model. Maybe I have to move them to the indexed building position (buildingPos)? I'll try it and see the result.
  5. I've noticed that there is a rock lying on one of the roads in Chernogorsk. Is there a way to delete it by scripting (at least before a patch will correct it)? The AI always smashes into it. Tried setDamage and hideObject but nothing works.
  6. Ruins belong to "Building" class. I couldn't find any "rock" class anywhere. Maybe that's the point. I used rocks = nearestObjects [getmarkerpos "mark2", [], 4]; {hideObject _x} forEach rocks; Because rocks don't have classes, I thought this would work, still no good I also noticed that when @ACE is running, hideObject used on building will hide the model (can walk through the building like there was nothing there) but the texture still exists in the game.
  7. hideObject does not work. Works perfectly with buildings, lamp posts etc or other units but rocks seem to be untouchable ArmA2 1.07 @ACE (full) @JTD (fire and smoke) but tested with no mods too - same thing
  8. OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!!! http://icarus.cba.pl OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!!! Project name No official name so far. Figures under codename: Icarus. Project type Singleplayer mission Project status Details on the website What's it all about? I've been a scripter and a missionmaker since few years from now, but this is my first project for the OFP and ArmA community. Well, my native language is not English, so forgive me if I make some mistakes. I have yet created many missions for OFP, mainly for my own, sometimes for friends. I wanted to achieve one thing... create a dynamic world, full of life, full of opportunities, full of people that will help you or stand in your way and (the most important) a campaign that you can accomplish in a way you like to accomplish it (or you don't want). No strict missions you need to pass to achieve your goal. I've grabbed the OFP editor, written some scripts and the creation has started. The first project was to take place on Everon, later on Nogova island, but it was never completed. Now, when ArmA2 was released, I decided to continue and this time finish the project. I've played the FTA mission on OFP, it was called a 'life simulator', but well... it was far from ideal. So i decided to make something by myself. ********************************************************* Now imagine a country.... a normal country.... with it's citizens, economy, politics, army. And then there's you. You came here for a purpose (well, can't exactly tell details untill the storyline is completed, no spoilers!). You can do whatever you want to do, become whoever you want to become. If you wish to prosper as an exemplary citizen, it's your choice, if you see yourself in a world of crime, it's your chioce. The situation in the country will change by the influence of politics, economy, crime world and many random events. The prices of goods will go up or down. The world will be fully dynamic. Every decision you will make will have an effect on the gameplay, just like the decisions in your real life. Well... Chernarus Life is a multiplayer mission. I haven't seen the City Life yet, but I think they represent a similar concept. But what I wish to do is to focus on a singleplayer gameplay. I'm trying to create a dynamic country with it's life, all it's problems and opportunities. When player can spend many hours trying to (or not) complete his main objective, but additionally has an opportunity to live in a dynamic world in which the situation changes on his eyes and he is able to change it in a way he wants. And, what's more important, if he wishes to restart the game, the newly created world will be different, nothing or very little will be the same in comparison with the previous game, he has started. The crime world will change, the politicians will have different ideas and take different actions, the police will chase different criminals, the people he has met previously will not exist after he restarts the game and he will have to make new contacts. This will keep people playing and playing and if the game creates a new situation around them, which they can never predict, they will be likely to start it all over again 100 times if they want to, or just keep playing the same game in the same world, that they already know well. The player will have absolute freedom. He will decide what path he will take. If the player wants action and shootouts, he/she may join the police, the army or a gang - action provided. If the player wishes to become a businessman, then, in example, he can start being a trader and after that buy a company that will generate revenue. He may also sell guns to the gangs, but he must be aware that the armed gangs may be dangerous to public safety and even start a war. Player's decisions will change the world around him, the gangs may want to assasinate him, the police may want him in prison (in which he may decide to stay, break o bail) or the secret agencies may want to hire him. Everything the player wants, the game will provide him, but he has to think smart what consequences the proper action will have and the consequences of the actions of AI players, i.e. if a politician stands for fighting organised crime, then the gangs may want him dead, they may hire a sniper to take the man down. After the assasination, player may find out what happened in the radio news. He may also hear news about what he has recently done. If there is a shootout, the player must be aware, that the police will arrive very quickly. If you hear in the news that the police is looking for a serial killer, expect more patrols. If the country has declared a war against other coutry, expect an invasion. Your decisions and the AI decisions will form the world, you live in. The game can become easy, or deadly hard. This game is all about thinking like in real world. Buy cars, houses, boats, companies. Or.... steal cars, boats, burn houses, bring companies to dust. Everything is in your hands. Listen to people, they will have important information, some won't tell you anything, some will lie to you, some will try to kill you, some will try to save your life when in trouble. Make friends in the government, or even become a politician. Call the police by the cell phone if needed... if hurt, call an ambulance. Make money on legal business or try something illegal like smuggling. Everything is up to you. In all this just don't forget, you're here for a reason. I haven't thought about this project as a multiplayer mission, but no one knows how it will evolve. The aim is to create a dynamic world full of surprises, full of action, full of opportunities. Not a game that the player will start, choose a scenario and play it for an hour. ********************************************************* Some sripts have already been made in the OFP, I only need to put them in ArmaA2. But I know there's still a long way from the final product. I would like to know what do you think of this project. Is it worth developing? Because I'm only a missionmaker, I look forward to see addonmakers in action - to use their objects, units or islands ingame. More updates soon... Peace... OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!!! http://icarus.cba.pl OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!!!!
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    Drivers' AI

    1 year since the release, 6 patches and the AI driving skills are still a tragedy. The AI crashes into other cars (or people) standing on the road, sometimes passes them, but mostly not. The AI still can't handle overtaking maneuver - like above, sometimes it does, mostly it is impossible. Passing oncoming vehicles is a drama - on main roads, where no collision is possible, both vehicles slows down to about 20 km/h and drives along the road's shoulder. I'm now working on a project where these issues have a very negative impact on gameplay. But even apart from that, these bugs made me tear my hair off every time i launched ArmA2.
  10. Oh, you had OA on thought. I had ArmA2 where are very few buildings with interiors
  11. I don't see any point in replacing civilians with soldiers. Why? Isn't it enough to spawn armies right on the battlefield or in HQs? Why houses?
  12. The only thing you don't have is eagerness GUI Controls Dialogs GUI Event Handlers Nothing more, nothing less, just learn... Don't replicate, create. You won't create anything if you don't understand it.
  13. Again, fish chosen, instead of fishing rod I learned the dialog system in a few days, you can either
  14. This is a table containing rating values for ArmA1, I found on the wiki http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Rating_Values Are these values the same for ArmA2?
  15. I would rather use event handlers rather than triggers to check if single units (not groups) are dead. using event handlers is easier and much more beneficial, you just have to learn them
  16. the dialog templates are on the wiki mentioned above
  17. I have a marker set in a town, and I want the AI driver to park its vehicle exactly in that spot. I noticed that when the AI gets closer to the marker for about 3-5 metres, it stops, the move is finished (unitReady). The marker is set near the road but not strictly adjecent to that road. I also noticed that there is no difference if I set the marker 1m or 5m from the road, it still seems to park right on road's shoulder, too far away from the marker. I'm using doMove but I also tested other commands, neither one was better. Any solutions? ArmA2, 1.07
  18. forceSpeed is useless if the unit doesn't even reach its destination
  19. create enemy groups (you can place them on the map at the beginning), name them. group1 = group this etc Place a trigger or write a sqs script which checks if a group is empty (all units of a group killed) then create units ie on a position of a marker and add them to the defeated group. Remember to set the waypoints (addWaypoint).
  20. I already did that, but the effect was nasty. i don't know why, but on sloping terrain the vehicle ended few metres away from the marker. I calculated the vectorDir from the vehicle to the marker, divided the distance into 20 parts, changed the direction of the vehicle to face the marker and used setPos in a for loop. The effect was so bad, I use only setPos now.
  21. y is a local variable for classes you must define a constant #define ypos 0.2 class class1 { (Lot of stuff here); y = ypos; }; class class2 : class1 { y = (ypos + 0.05); }; class class3 : class2 { y = (ypos + 0.1); };
  22. So i Think I'll stand with setPos for now Glory to realism! :P
  23. I would use: unit addEventHandler ["killed", {[_this select 1,money] execVM "addmoney.sqf"}]; cash = 0; unit - is the name of the unit for which killing you earn money money - is the amount of money to earn for a kill cash - is the amount of money you have on start _this select 1 - it is the killer of the unit in the script "addmoney.sqf" first of all I would check if the first parameter is player, if true, the variable cash is increased by the second parameter - if not true, this means that the unit was killed by someone else, so no money to player. By using addEventHandler you can specify different amounts of money for different (more/less important) units. You must add an event handler for every unit you want money for killing it. addmoney.sqf _killer = _this select 0; _money = _this select 1; if (_killer == player) then {cash = cash + _money}; If you want to use a buying menu, I would prefer to create Dialogs. Read about them here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dialogs Create a crate in the mission. Then do "clearWeaponCargo crate; clearMagazineCargo crate. By using the dialog menu, you will add weapons and magazines to that crate by addWeaponCargo and addMagazineCargo. It's better than adding weapons to the player himself, because you will not store any previous bought weapons and magazines and must remove all weapons and magazines from player before adding new ones.
  24. Think, placement radius means, the waypoint will be placed randomly somewhere in a circle of the given radius. Completion radius, means how close to the waypoint the unit must be to complete that waypoint. Think about that. I would leave the completion radius to zero, only change the placement radius.