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  1. Hi Guys,


    Some time ago, I re-made an old OFP mission we used to play (Spetsgruppe 13).  I've had no issues with it.


    I did wind up publishing it on Steam.  Since then, I've been locked out from Editing it.  I do use the CUP and RHS mods, with the old maps and equipment for this, but in Arma, it says I'm missing the "whweapons" mod.  I've never heard of this and can find nothing on it anywhere on the web.  It seems I'm permanently locked out from ever editing my mission again.


    No... I don't want to rebuild it from scratch, if possible.







  2. Hi Guys,


    I'm trying to assign my controls and such.  However, when I try to assign a key, the game is automatically assigning that function to a control axis on my Joystick setup.  I have a Thrustmaster Warthog setup on my machine.  I can't simply assign a key to a keyboard button by itself.


    Any Ideas?  I didn't have this issue before.  Don't know of an update changed how this worked.




  3. They were there but wouldn't let me "activate" them.

    I think I'm on to an answer.

    I was going okay, getting ArmA2, OA and the DLCs installed. Form there, all the objects were available like they should be.

    I moved in the mod folders.

    I was able to activate them. I'm wondering if running the test games between installs helped with this.

    One of the mods listed in the expansion list was "Operation Arrowhead". (despite the fact I ran it from Operation Arrowhead) I'm pretty sure activating this is what screwed everything up. I'm not finished re-installing everything, so I'll have to finish this tonight. If I don't activate that one, and it works, I can blame it on that. The "OA 'Expansion'" doesn't show up the the text properties file and there was no way to undo it after I did it.

  4. Hi Guys,

    I'm having a problem with my Steam install of the ArmA2 series. I didn't have this with my original direct install I used to have:

    I install ARMA2 via Steam and run a mission in the editor - done

    I install OA via Steam and run a mission in the editor - done

    I set up BAF, Czech Republic and the rest of the DLCs.

    Finally, I move all my mod folders, including things like CWR2, which I enjoy the most.

    When I start OA, in the expansions tab, I can't activate the addon folders. I can start them using the "-mod=" script in the properties screen.

    When running OA, I don't have the ability to use the AH-6 (doesn't exist anymore), and most of the USMC personnel from the original game. I don't know of there's some kind of clash going on with the pbos or not.

    Can anyone give me some good advice on how to get everything running correctly on the Steam version. Like I said before, I had no issues with the original BI install.



  5. Hi Guys,

    I just got this sim from a Steam Sale, and got it installed.

    When I try to run it, I get as far as the Bohemia Interactive screen before this popup shows:

    include file x\cba\addons\common\script_strings.hpp not found.

    I uninstalled and tried reinstalling, but no joy. Any idea what's causing this? Hopefully something simple and dumb.


  6. +1 for building one.

    My brother has built a few, starting with a stripped lower. Hitting the local shows, he was generally able to put one together for $450 - $500 or so. There was a guy a few years ago selling A1 uppers for $180. They shot very accurately. I sorta liked the sights better than the A2.

    I have one with a PWA lower and a regular A2 type upper. I paid $500 for it about eight years ago, from a friend with an FFL. For kicks we were shooting it with 40 grains varmint handloads, and the groups were nearly touching (iron sights even). It's strictly a "fun" shooter. Usually I consider anything made after 1900 "new fangled", being a budding Trapdoor collector myself.

    I live in WI, so no local "weird" laws to worry about.


  7. No drivers were needed for Logitech's USB mike. I'm not using headphones, just my regular speakers for sound.

    When I activate the mike in-game with the assigned key, the guy I'm playing with says he can hear some static when my mike icon goes on. He can see when I activate, but that's it.

    The mike works. It works in ArmA1 and other software. I've just been struggling since ArmA2 came out. I've been using an old version of Roger Wilco in the interim, but since I setup a router, that got more complicated than I want to deal with. Besides, the sound quality in the game is better.


    ---------- Post added at 10:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:10 AM ----------

    Alright, I notice a nuance.

    I'm in the Sound and Audio Devices properties screen in the Control Panel.

    In the Voice tab, I set the default to my USB mike. I notice in the Audio tab, there's an default setting for Sound Recording. I set this to my mike, so we'll see if this does the job.


  8. Alright, I've gone into Sounds and Audio Devices in the Control Panel and set the voice default to AK5370, which is my microphone. Others still can't hear me in ArmA2. The setting it was on was "HD Audio Rear Input", which I'm assuming was the ports at the back of the sound card.

    Any other settings I should check? It works fine via the Test Hardware button. The mike itself works fine.


  9. Tried a search, but no joy...

    I'm having a microphone issue with ArmA2/OA. I'm using a Logitech desktop USB microphone. It works fine via other apps (Roger Wilco).

    I would like to use the in game voice comm system. I can hear everyone else file, but I can't be heard. Yes, the mike is on. I figure the game is detecting my mike, since I can hear them. I've up the volume and mike settings. I remember from OFP days, that if your mike didn't work, you couldn't hear anyone else. I'm guessing it the same here.

    In windows control panel, the microphone input is detected when used. Basically the mike works fine -- just not in this game.

    Is there a compatability issue with Logitech microphones and ArnA2?


  10. I always liked the Red Hammer campaign.

    "Simple Lukin. We kill anyone who gets in the way."

    "That's it? That's the plan?"

    It must be something about the 80s and the Cold War that brings more "character" to the campaigns.

    To this day, I enjoy converting our old favortie OFP missions to ArmA2. Once we have Malden and Nogova, I'll be busy.

    That said, I wouldn't trade the ArmA2 game engine for anything. Simply moving while reloading is a godsend. Fortunately, the game engine is independent of the character of the campaigns and missions.


  11. Thanks. I saw the question was also asked the same time by someone else. I wasn't familiar with the .profile file and didn't see it while browsing, but I have something to search for now.


    Not to sound dumb or anything, but where do these profile files live. I'm getting no joy on the searches.



    ---------- Post added at 01:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:48 PM ----------



    The file is *.arma2profile

    I was being too literal in my search.

  12. @Zad Fnark: open your old arma2.profile and your new arma2oa.profile in 2 editor windows and copy&paste them over. some new keys are only in the oa.profile so watch out.

    Thanks. I saw the question was also asked the same time by someone else. I wasn't familiar with the .profile file and didn't see it while browsing, but I have something to search for now.