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    OA Controls, Crouch/Prone Toggle

    While were on this subject... Is there a way to quickly transfer the control setup for ArmA2 to OA? Doing this from scratch again is a pain. Thanks ZF-
  2. zad fnark

    a little help :)

    I use an X52. (IL-2, LOMAC) Back with OFP, I found the mouse and keyboard easier to fly the choppers. I did use the throttle for airplanes, to keep the engine settings constant. The stick never really "felt" right in OFP, like there was something between my input and the result. Using the mouse/keyboard combo here, it was easy to swing a chopper 180 degrees to bleed off speed and land it on a dime. Since ArmA1, I've only used the stick for all aircraft. It's nice to use the rocker switches on the front of the stick for flaps and landing gear. I use the wheel on the throttle and the pinky switch on the stick for any action menu stuff. ZF-
  3. zad fnark

    Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2.0 Released!

    Most of the IFVs now have some AA capability. I definitely felt it...
  4. I get this occasional situation: I'll be playing just fine until this happens: It doesn't come up consistantly, where I can reproduce it at will, and it doesn't happen every time I play, but it's a pain when it does. I'm hoping it's something in NVidia's settings I can tweak and something that someone can help me out here. I'm not coming up with anything on the search, but I don't think I'm using the best keywords for it. My machine: -AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Quad-Core -ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard -4GB DDR3 RAM -XP Home -EVGA GeForce GTX 285 1GB (Driver: 196.21) I'm using EVGA Precision to keep the GPU fan at around 75% when running any game. The temperature stays between 55 and 60. Except for Object Detail (High), I keep the detail settings at normal. AA is off as well as anisotropic filtering and Postprocess effects. Visibility is at around 5,500 m. I run at 1600x1200 resolution. Thanks, ZF-
  5. zad fnark

    Graphics Issue...

    Update: I uninstalled some overclocking apps that were on my machine when I replaced my motherboard/CPU. I just kept the EVGA app that came with my NVidia card, so that I can up the fan speed while playing. So far, so good. I've been going for the better part of a week without this happening again. Other "quirky" things have gone away, too. I played ArmA2 online with my brother for an hour and a half last night and all was well. ZF-
  6. zad fnark

    X-Com reimagined... as an FPS.

    Same here. I would always name the initial bunch. After that, they were expendable cannon fodder. The cheap handheld drill thingy always cut the lobsters up pretty good. You didn't really need the later expensive (and high-MP) advanced drills. It used so few MPs that you could keep hitting them 'til they died. ZF-
  7. zad fnark

    X-Com reimagined... as an FPS.

    The worst terror missions were when they were on a ship. Provided you survived getting off the fantail, the hunt for the last alien could take forever. Usually he would be tucked away behind a door in a closet somewhere. Once, lobstermen decided to hit my base three days into the campaign. Fortunately, when I moved a tank into the hanger, most of them surrounded it trying to claw it to death. One of the geniuses then fired a stun grenade into the mob, helping my cause immensely. Fun times... ZF-
  8. zad fnark

    X-Com reimagined... as an FPS.

    I always used to struggle with funding in XCom. Then my brother told me one day: "XCom is a business". Once I learned to produce loads of stuff strictly to sell, all went well. They don't make them like they used to. I still play the Jagged Alliance series, too. ZF-
  9. zad fnark

    Graphics Issue...

    I figured my settings were pretty mediocre to begin with -- especially considering my machine. I did have the hang of a couple seconds before this happened. I Alt-Tabbed out of the program, and when I went back in, all was well again. I noticed that even though I notched the individual settings down to "normal", the global setting at the top right says "very high". does that influence anything at that point? ZF-
  10. zad fnark

    Which guns do you own

    A good long soak in solvent (or even gasoline) can take care of the cosmoline. My worst case was a Turkish Mauser I had bought. Running the bore pushed out a giant snake of cosmoline -- the entire barrel was packed. My brothers and I each bought a Yugoslavian SKS. With both of theirs, the firing pin was stuck from the cosmoline. I lucked out. Mine got pretty much cleaned up except for under the rear sight. I can't quite reach it with the cleaner and I can't really soak the entire receiver. ZF-
  11. zad fnark

    Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2.0 Released!

    Fully agree. :) I have loads of fun, just taking off and landing over and over again. The HUD cues really are helpful for this. Didn't this have an AI-only naval version of the -25? That would have been nice to fly. ZF-
  12. zad fnark

    Which guns do you own

    Yeah, If I shot it regularly, the skin on my palm would toughen up pretty quick. both my Nagants shoot high at < 100 m/yds. They must be zeroed at 200. My older stuff sights in about the same. When shooting my trapdoors, to hit the center of the target, I'm aiming at the bottom of the paper. :D ZF- I'll post my entire collection when I can look at it again (at work...)
  13. zad fnark

    Which guns do you own

    Yeah, they are neat. I have a 1943 built 91/43 and an M44. Both are tough to close the chamber on a cartridge. My brother has a Czarist era 91, built in 98, I think. The finish on that is very nice. Funny thing is that it chambers cartridges just has hard as the late ones. With age, I'm at the point where anything made after 1900 is "new fangled". I have one Krag, but my real passion is Trapdoor Springfields. I've got one each of a model 1866, 1873 and 1884. the '66 has a nice bore, and I can shoot a good group with it. I'm still working on an optimal smokeless load for it. This one shoots the old .50-70 Government cartridge, whereas the other two are in the old tried and true .45-70 Govt. ZF-
  14. zad fnark

    Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2.0 Released!

    Yeah, the A-10 in that game feels like a Cadillac, next to the Su-25s. I've been hooked on the vanilla Su-25. There's something about flying with no HUD, all analogue, and haveing to lase for yourself. It really feels like a workout in your mission. I just downloaded 2.0. It's nice being able to map the controls on my Saitek (52?), where the game had problems doing it before. ZF-
  15. zad fnark

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    Another thanks. These ain't your father's OFP missions. You definitely need to use new tricks. We used to play Clean Sweep to death back in the day. The fight always opened with the grenade toss. I pretty much learned to script, converting our favorite OFP missions to ArmA1. Anyone remember "Lost Squad"? I think that was on the Malden map. Thanks again. ZF-
  16. zad fnark

    AH-64D worse than the AH-1Z?

    I figured it was a peek of what's to come from OA. ZF-
  17. zad fnark

    Menu selection problem

    Nevermind, I found it. I went to the "infantry" controls and it was there. I looked forever on "All" and never saw it. Thanks. ZF-
  18. Hi all, Relative minor problem, but annoying nonetheless. The action menu is mapped to my mousewheel, and I make the selection by using the "button" in the mousewheel. However in the game, the menu selection is also triggered by the primary mouse button (i.e. trigger). I can't see what would cause this, looking at the controls setup, but does anyone know how to disable this feature? Apologies if this is an old topic. The keywords in this topic are generic enough to make searching a bit tough. ZF-
  19. zad fnark

    Recommend a flight stick

    My $.02 I use the Saitek and am happy with it. My primary use for it was flying IL-2 and LOMAC. When ArmA1 came out, I started using it there. OFP never seemed very joystick friendly and it felt like there was a "disconnect" between the stick and the action. I got pretty good flying with the mouse there. ArmA1 and ArmA2 are both much better with this setup. It did take a while to get used to this, combined with the way "rudder" works at high speed, but I'm pretty comfortable now. It's nice being able to cycle through the menu with the wheel on the throttle. Mapping the zoom to the slider helps also. ZF-