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    The Undead Mod

    First off ,still to this day I love this mod. I hope things are still on track for updates. But one thing has really interested me lately and that was the infection spreading in ways I can't forsee. I'm using an old version of JTD ACTION since I can't seem to find newer versions. This gives ai more options with cars/trucks ect ect. When the infection is introduced to these ai's it seems the infection spreads in ways I can't predict...wich is awesome and fun. But I was wondering if an off shoot mod could be made from the undead mod. Instead of zombies maybe a contagion mod where sickness and death spread across the map full of AI. The map infection zones are a cool way to find and maybe contain hot spots. When playing the undead mod I sometimes came across entire towns with no life , only destroyed vehicles and blood stains ( zombie resurrectionon spots ) that means the zombies are out hunting more people elsewhere. Maybe infection could be spread with close proximity to infected ai with the 6min or more incubation, but the person dies without antidote. I'd like to see how infection spreads without the need for ravenous zombies running amok making me pee myself :) Who knows, this kinda mod could be used to train people to trace epidemics. Keep up the great work.
  2. Soldier of Anarchy

    [SP] Zero

    Hehe, I like to think outside of the box. If I could strap a machine gun to a boar and make it fight for me, I would do it. :) If you've ever played an apocalyptic game called (Soldiers Of Anarchy), it has this kinda feel where every man/woman/vehic/weapon are valuable resources. I like the fact not every person even has a map/compass and other kit, makes scrounging all the more important. Still one of the best missions I've played.
  3. Soldier of Anarchy

    [SP] Zero

    Had a longer play today , I decided to kill the civis since popping all the tires didn't get them out,and no one seemed to mind since the AI counted them as enemies. That wasn't the worst part though. I took a full load of men and bypassed the weapons depot, and went straight to chenogorsk. I personally wounded 2 T-72 tanks and nursed them back to full health. Took 1 T-72 back to the depot and wiped everyone out. Went back to cherno got my men loaded up the tanks with AI drivers only to have the tanks vanish a few yards outside of cherno... I got to the depot with no tanks only to find the entire depot respawned full of troops just the way I found it. :( Are we only supposed to grab the empty armor that is in certain places?
  4. Soldier of Anarchy

    [SP] Zero

    I restarted the mission without mods of any kind this time around. I'm running the latest {zero} mission available. I haven't run into the ammo bug yet, but I haven't yoinked any armor either.. I seem to be having a problem with getting civis to leave trucks. I must keep my own team in hold fire mode just to keep them from killing the civis and trucks. I have 2 trucks with civis, but I have 8 men in my unit so maybe they can't join me? I brought 1 truck load back to the main base and I still can't kick them out. Would an eject all script work? It might eject any dead bodies to...not sure. Lastly , are the refuel/repair/rearm trucks resource point based? Meaning can they run out of resources? Not sure how it could be implemented but a siphon hose would be cool, sucking gas from broken down vehicles might get you where you need to go :) still enjoying this mission , good work.
  5. Soldier of Anarchy

    [SP] Zero

    Loving this mission and I'm happy to see an extension to EW finally being done. I've played for hours and plan to keep on playing. I might have been playing an older version I'm not sure, so I'm loading the latest tonight. The odd bugs I found were enemies respawning right after I blew up the radio tower, promptly killing me. Anyone else have all the ammo in a tank/shilka/bmp just disappear after loading it with the ammo truck? I have on several occasions :( This seems to be a problem with captured enemy vehicles. They will start with full ammo after I cap them ,then after a bit they just wipe it clean of ammo. Still, with these few bugs I'm having more fun with this mission than I did with most apoc games.
  6. Soldier of Anarchy

    The Undead Mod

    If you really want some off the wall fun. Play with the Spec OP's manger at the same time you have fast infected on the map :) Your enemies will have their hands full fighting off the hoards....then again so will you before to long ;)
  7. Soldier of Anarchy

    ARMA2 [FMP] FullMetalPanic Addon Relase

    Although I'm not familiar with the anime they are based on these mechs are fantastic. Thank you for your hard work. I wish some of the old OFP mechs could be ported to ARMA2 all so. I've read else where the single person (command, gunner , driver all in 1 ) can't be done anymore :( Might make further bipedal mechs hard to do, not sure.
  8. Soldier of Anarchy

    Predator Mod

    This mod has blown me away. Never knew this kinda awesome sauce was possible in ARMA2. If I may, could we have some warning before the predator blows himself up? Maybe like the sparks and lightning from the original movie. Now I need to find that minigun and get to the choppa.
  9. Soldier of Anarchy

    The Undead Mod

    I've been staying away from arma2 for awhile, seeing how patches work out and waiting for OA to go GOTY before I touch it. Glad this mod still works so well, and I'm especially happy your still making fantastic goodies for Arma2 :) This mod will never leave my mod folder. Just to much fun!
  10. Soldier of Anarchy

    NASA to make a Friday Announcement concerning Aliens?

    I'm holding out hope they found the "Precursors" starship :rolleyes: http://lparchive.org/LetsPlay/Star%20Control%202/Bloopers/01.jpg Then I could ask.. "Where's all the Syreen women at?"
  11. Soldier of Anarchy

    US cable TV bleeds subscribers as online grows

    Here in the states it's standard to get stuck with a 2 years or more contract with the introductory rates lasting only 1 year...if that. And once you become a full customer they really s--t on you. You'll see ads everyday with cheaper prices than you're paying, except since you are a long time customer you are not eligible for the discounts.....unless you call a special dept telling them your going to cancel. Only then do they "TRY" to please you. For me it's documentaries, science ,toons, news and thats it. I have direct tv, although I wouldn't mind trying the free air sat dishes, or the large world reception dishes out there like in the old days.
  12. If I may ask, is this the same kind of AI improvement pack that came to ARMA1 where AI picked up better weaponry and used it? Or they climbed to the top of a water tower to get a better position / vantage point? If so, cool! Thats what I need, AI that can take care of it's own needs.
  13. Soldier of Anarchy

    Who has reached the boundary in AmrA2?

    The game Tribes 2 used a method of reusing the same land over and over. But most people only used a small part of that...if the entire map was utilized it'd be hundreds of miles probably, if not more. Seems arma2 is the same way, but from what I've seen the wooded terrain stops and the landscape gets real flat. In tribes 2 you would see mountains and valleys forever, just no trees. In T2 you can take a "shrike" (1 person jet) load up on beacons and just keep going ,placing beacons so many miles apart forever....then die, respawn then follow your trail. It'd be cool to try that in arma2.
  14. I wish these 2 awesome ALIEN/UFO packs were fully ported. All the vehicles still work for both, just not the aliens :( http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=news&id=777 http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=news&id=927 You have to remove both zabrak pbo's to get the big ship pack to work at all.
  15. Soldier of Anarchy

    The Undead Mod

    Has anyone tweaked the police addons from ARMA 1 to work in ARMA 2 yet? They add nice atmosphere to a zombie mission. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=news&id=2116 The police suburbans seem to be ok to port with a lil work. Not sure about the squad cars though. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=news&id=1856