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  1. Excellent, using the keys to scroll the map works a treat, thanks. On a side note, I just installed Command and Conquer 3 and that has the same issue.
  2. Hello, I've just purchased a new computer which has windows 8 and installed Carrier Command on it but unfortunately I can't scroll the map to the right. Possibly this has something to do with the 'charm bar' in windows 8 which pops up when you are at the start screen or desktop and scroll the mouse to the right. I didn't have this issue on my old computer with Vista. Is this something that other windows 8 users have run across and know how to deal with or is it just me? I'd appreciate any ideas anybody has. I am using version 1.5.0026 of Carrier Command.
  3. I hadn't played Carrier Command since way back when I had my Amiga, but I would think of it now and then. Yesterday I checked out the wikipedia entry on Carrier Command out of curiosity and then it got me thinking about playing it again. So I tried out the PC version today (time warp sure is handy) and I accidentally stumbled across the enemy carrier at a neutral island. I wasn't prepared for a fight and had to quickly load and launch some Mantas while the enemy aircraft started doing runs on my carrier. The enemy carrier was very close, I would fire missiles & lasers from a Manta before overshooting then jump into a different Manta rather than slow down and turn around. The enemy aircraft appeared to have switched to attacking my Mantas rather than my carrier which suited me fine - except they ended up downing all my Mantas and the lift wasn't working anymore! I jumped in the laser cannon, grateful to find that the observation turret and cannon were both operative and began unloading on the enemy carrier while his aircraft began attacking my carrier again. I knew it had to end one way or another very soon and then *boom* the enemy carrier exploded and I immediately checked the repair status of my carrier to see how close it had been... (The colour was the normal yellow and black, it just came up funny in the screenshot).