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    Command to chek server load?

    tnx TeRp :-)
  2. Whats wrong here. This appare after updated my server to the latest patch 1.55 from bohemia Copy of .RPT -mod=@ACE;@ACEX;@ACEX_SM;@CBA;@ACRE Exe timestamp: 2010/11/16 09:14:25 Current time: 2010/11/16 18:16:38 Version 1.55.75446 Item str_disp_server_control listed twice Failed to get key "Software\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA" from registry. Cannot get serial number from registry path "Software\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA" Failed to get serial numbers for header decryption. Failed to create serial header protection class. Warning Message: Failed to load file "baf\addons\air_d_baf.pbo" - decryption of headers failed.
  3. New issue accured. Now the missions will not load on first atempt after restarting the server. But when restart mission 2'nd the mother.f.... will start running. here's somthing from the .RPT
  4. logitrust

    sound issue arma2 OA/BAF

    Hi! I'm experiencing a very odd sound problem with the game. i have tested and see if its differnce from hosting from annother pc/server and from my own pc.. what I learned is that the audio / bombs / shots in the peripheral 200m does not sound. One can see that it is fired from aweapon at about 150 - 200m, but no sound. Same goes with bombing (a10) and arty at longer distances. What, and why? solution? Rembember when only playing ArmA2 that this was no issue. Do run some soundmods, i list them here: CSM2BAF_v0.1a JSRS_Mod_Beta0.99b Whats wierd, is that it happens without these enabled, so I exclude that they may have something to do with this.
  5. yes, thats exactly how it is. But i disabled BAF from the server, seams like its working fine, for now :P The server is public and its allsow link'd up to me and my frinds clan. Name: Scandinavian Task Force www.scantask.net
  6. Thanks. has unfortunately not allowed for any admin panel. But open'd a ticket, got to some of the moderators to do the update for me. works great now. :-)
  7. Hi! First Q: Is it necessary to install this patches on the server if i want the server to suport clients who have this install'd? Sec Q: How do i do this the best way? Rent server from gameservers.com Alex
  8. Hi! Have some issues with player-units on my OA mp-map wont get there markers after respawning to base. Im alssow using ACE Weapon Respawn script by Cyborg11 thru an eventhandler. Can somone who have expertise take a look at my files, and tell me what i have done wrong? thanks for your attention! init.sqf setViewDistance 2500; n=[] execVM "briefing.sqf"; n=[] execVM "do_marker.sqf"; _KilledHandler = player addEventHandler ["killed", {_this execVM "playerkilled.sqf"}]; this addEventHandler ["killed", {_this execVM "weaponrespawn.sqf"}]; skiptime (((paramsarray select 0) - daytime + 24) % 24); ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled=false; if(!isServer) then {waitUntil{!isNull player}}; DAC_Zone = compile preprocessFile "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqf"; DAC_Objects = compile preprocessFile "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Create_Objects.sqf"; execVM "DAC\DAC_Config_Creator.sqf"; sleep 2; [str ("Mission made for STF") , str("by Logitrust")] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; playerkilled.sqf waituntil {(alive player)}; execVM "briefing.sqf"; [player] execVM "do_Marker.sqf"; I allsow have poop = [alpha_01] execVM "do_marker.sqf"; in the players init field. Have tryed 50 different combinations to get this to work, but still no sucsess. ---------- Post added at 03:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:12 PM ---------- Here is my do_marker.sqf if it can help to find the problem :/ do_marker.sqf ---------- Post added at 03:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:01 PM ---------- allmost 60 hits, and no feedback. this forum can be so funny!
  9. heh, heavy man.. Your input had no influence in this context. Rather I had been somewhat dull when I made the marker script. for reference, see line 6 do_markers.sqf Hasta Luego!
  10. All this make sense. Problem solved, and this time im not going to tell how i did it, so i can follow the trend this forum have... :)
  11. Hi! Now i have converted my server to ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead. All have been done with a fresh install. Its the staff on Gameservers.com who have done that, since i am renting a dedicated server from them. My goal is to host ace2 and acre mods on the server for our new clan, but first i want to test with no mod's to see that the servers works. I have done that, and unfortunately it was not for the expectations. Error when trying to connect: My arma2oaserver.RPT seams fine, i think? hehe On the clientside i run ArmA2 and OA separated. With other words, I have not installed them into the same folder, and I run the BAF -mod to OA. Could it have anything to do with that? OR, can it be that it have somthing to do with the fresh install on the server? If, i have to explain to the staff what we have to do different to get it to work :lecture: Thanks for feedbacks in advance
  12. okay, then there is certainly something in what you say there, when I go into the server via ftp it looks there is a arma2oa.exe, arma2oaserver.exe and arma2server.exe. But is that not entirely hopeless? Does that mean the people who not have combined, like myself, can not play with those who have it, and vice versa? Poorly thought of bis I must say... One more thing, i see that my server runs 1.54, that means that its compatible with BAF, am i right? ---------- Post added at 08:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:28 AM ---------- Just standard mission's at the moment. I went to armaholic and downloaded a mission cald co40_adayinthelife.Takistan_v1.pbo , chekd out the mission.sqm, and other files, seams not to be any addons to that mission. But im still getting the same error. What can pay off then. Reinstalling arma2 and arrohead to the same root folder, then update ace2 via six, or updating ace2 like situation is now(preserve ace2) and then uninstall, install the games together in same root? Think that I must have the proper ace files for the server side, in this case i do not see any other solution than update ace2 via the client, then add the new files over via ftp to the server after i have added the mods to the commando line to the server. Is it any update scripts out there? As I recall from having played arma2 since it came out, it was updates average every other day, every week.
  13. Exactly what I've been looking for to get to work global. Worth Gold :-)
  14. found this. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=97882 solves the hole thing. Taking this local to global...........
  15. Any ide getting this to work on dedicated server? Not player(client side). Have isues that players on my server wont spawn with gear,ammo,weapon etc. Think this can have somthing to do that this script is for local only. Read more about my problem here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1763993&postcount=17 thank you for your attention -
  16. Somone know about another respawn script i can use then? tryd to modify this one, but no luck. Have to be suported to MP ---------- Post added at 02:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:57 PM ---------- okei. to make it more simple. Somone know how to i make a script to the init.sqf who calls the the player's marker script = do_markers.sqf. Thats all i need to know. Right now i have done this like this: init.sqf: weaponrespawn.sqf: And yes, i want to know how i can give back the players the markers they started with after they have died, and spawnd back. who look like this: do_markers.sqf Anyone?
  17. logitrust

    Weapon Respawn

    Since this thread deals with respawn /weaponrespawn, and not least I have some questions about the text and summaries of get this to work on a deticated server. Have been searching all over this forum and other, can see that most of the same people are Q'ing there Q's in the other threads, but no answer for the big ''Q'' to find. And im talking about the same problem that larsiano have over here. And since this wrap'dtext(weaponrespawn.sqf) for getting weapons spawn does not work on a server. I've realized this is just something that applies to single-players (LocalSystem). What kind of script/func shall i use? No clue my self. Main reason i want to use this is to respawn the marker with the players after they have met death itself, and repsawn back in base. see? Unfortunately is Norrins script something i can't use in this mission. In terms of the healing part of his script. To fix a good solution on weapons respawn is so far no challenge. But nice if included as done here in the weaponrespawn.sqf. As there are many ''ammobox/save gear'' script's out there, i dont see that as a major challenge. do_marker.sqf: My init.sqf Hope someone can get me onto something here :notworthy:. been sitting in the same place for a few days now with intense efforts to try to find a solution to this without success. Ps. I also use the do_markers.sqf in Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.7 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS]. Works great on cars, air, tank etc.. can this be somthing? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=91366
  18. Scandinavian Task Force www.scantask.net WE ARE BACK! Hostname: Scandinavian Task Force Clan Tag: {STF} Gamestyle: Co-op & TvT Server location: Norway Timezone: GMT+1 Central Europe /NOR/SWE/DEN - English Language Contact e-mail: scantask@live.com Website address: www.scantask.net Age Restriction: 18+ Team Speak 3 Dedicated Server: Address = scantask.net http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/scantask.net Regards, Scandinavian Task Force Administration & Command
  19. Hi guys! Working on our clan's new public mission/server to ArmA2/A.O. Right now im working on a ''marker script'' so the vehicles/air/m.h.q etc. can be shown/tracked on map. All that works fine on the global side. createMarker["marker01",[0,0,0]]; "marker01" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "marker01" setMarkerType "AIR"; "marker01" setMarkerText ""; "marker01" setMarkerColor "ColorYellow"; while {alive osprey_alpha} do { "marker01" setMarkerPos getpos osprey_alpha; sleep 2; }; deletemarker "marker01"; And now my little ''nut'': The problem is that i dont know how to get the script ''smarter'' so that the marker will follow the vehicles/air/m.h.q etc. when using Tophe's Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.7. (The script works fine). Seen around on BIS, but have not found any similar problem, with solution. When created the createMarker i used the http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createMarker In other words, The marker must follow the vehicle back when it has been destroyed or, stranded in time. Tell me if something is explained to difficult. Hoping for an answer - maybe its not so difficult as i think hehe. Thank you in advance for feedback. ---------- Post added at 12:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 AM ---------- Tried to take away deletemarker "marker01"; with out succses to see if the marker returns with the vehicles/air/m.h.q to the respawn-basically, but was only left where the device was destroyed.
  20. okei! :) but remember that the reason I have 74 different markers is Because I have 74 different things. that is, different nato-symbols with different colors, etc. planes, tanks, cars, goals, etc. this is my markers74.sqf ---------- Post added at 03:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:13 PM ---------- so an overview for eatch marker look like this. and thats just the choppers. ---------- Post added at 04:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:14 PM ---------- but no bad idea to gather them. Since all this choppers i posted over, is all the same. And cars/ will be same, just slice them up. Somone who know how to turn them into functions? createMarker["marker09",[0,0,0]]; "marker09" setMarkerShape "ICON"; "marker09" setMarkerType "AIR"; "marker09" setMarkerText ""; "marker09" setMarkerColor "ColorYellow"; while {alive uh1y_alpha} do { "marker09" setMarkerPos getpos uh1y_alpha; sleep 2; }; deletemarker "marker09";
  21. il google that, any idea how to start doing that? sry, im neewbe on scripting in arma.
  22. have encountered a problem here. I run the DAC mod in my mission, and a few other script mods like acre, etc. These will not start when I run all my markers. With other words, the mission seams laggy. Copy of my init.sqf there you can see all my markers.: Found the root of the problem, and it is all the execVM "markerpos\markersXX.sqf"; in the init file who fuck things up. When I delete some , to lets say i got 10 markers left, DAC and acre start to work when i start running the mission. I wonder if its another way to do this. realy need to have veeled,wings,mhq01,mhq02 and other things marked on the mission map to get this finish'd. Thanks in advance for feedback. ---------- Post added at 02:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:35 PM ---------- each markersXX looks like this: Will it work better if i make one execVM "markerpos\markers.sqf"; to the init.sqf and throw all the markers in one markers.sqf file maybe? have tryd out some things there, but cant get it to work. Any idea folks? :-) Alex
  23. tnx twirly :) Im now using 20 markers, and it works very well with your solution!
  24. maybe i need another script to call back the marker to the unit after its respawnd? Can i maybe use _KilledHandler ---- neh, no luck.