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    Simple ArmA 2 Terrain Tutorial

    I'm running into the maplegend.png error as well. I've checked my path to the maplegend.png and it seems to be correct: O:\BIS TOOLS 2\ArmAWork\TUT\TUT_SampleMap\Source (where ArmAWork is the virtual P drive) This is what my layers.cfg file looks like: class Layers { class sm_grass { texture = "tut\tut_samplemap\data\sm_grass_mco.png"; material= "tut\tut_samplemap\data\sm_grass.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="TUT\TUT_SampleMap\Source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { sm_grass[]={{255,255,255}}; }; }; This is what I have in the project preferences for Textures: tut\tut_samplemap\data I've tried troubleshooting the filenames and pathes, but I can't seem to find the issue. Please help =)
  2. Not sure what the issue is but here goes: Using control panel by s3ns3 version Issue: RCON is using upwards of 50% of my processor (core 2 duo E6850) causing a great deal of system lag. Specs: Vista 32bit E6850 Core2 Duo I've tried running as admin and just double clicking. No difference. If you have a resolution for me I would much appreciate it. I can't admin our servers effectively like this. Thank you =)
  3. I'm wondering how the javelin and tow launchers lock on in expert mode as well. I've tried holding down the right mouse button and pressing tab, but it always seems to fly off target after hitting about 1km. Before you say 1km is the operational range, I was able to engage and destroy a target at 1800 meters in veteran mode once i did get a lock. It also seems that in expert mode the javelin fires in a direct attack mode, not top-down attack. It's so frustrating that there are all these nuances that we have to figure out when BIS can just tell us how to use the flipping things in the first place =) Mustang