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    Unable to wear enemy uniform?

    I noticed this as well, and began to try it myself. What I have found out so far: You can actually wear either sides uniforms if you are playing as a civilian, and possibly as an independent in the future when they're released... I just want to say, DON'T CHANGE THIS please! I like the idea of being able to wear the enemy outfits while playing as the 3rd party faction, it gives them an advantage that they wouldn't have otherwise (tech-limitations and whatnot).
  2. I know mods are non-commissioned right now, but I assume later they will be free to make. I think it would be great to add in a few things from ArmA 2 into Iron Front, I'd say the Enfield rifle but... I'd love to see an M1A1 stacking up against a King Tiger... Anyway, will the files from each game be compatible, or are Iron Front files strictly non-compatible with ArmA 2 files?
  3. David Schofield

    They better have female soldiers...

    I think it's a reasonable idea, but let's be honest, there should be a very visable disproportion if they are introduced as soldiers. As it stands now, the mass majority of the military is made up of males. This will probably not change much in the near future, and this fact should be reflected in ArmA 3. There should indeed be female warriors. Not in equal proportions, however. (Still have a plentiful number of different faces and whatnot to choose from). In terms of spawing soldiers and groups, I'd say an female/male 18.67/81.33 ratio would be appropriate. I cite this site as a part of the logic in the ratio idea. http://www.womensmemorial.org/PDFs/StatsonWIM.pdf
  4. David Schofield

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    HELL NO. ArmA is unique, and I like the fact that Bohemia Interactive, and ONLY Bohemia Interactive, has a say on how multiplayer functions. I, personally, hate downloading games. I like to have a hard copy; even for PMC/BAF I waited until I could find the Reinfocrements package at Best Buy. Some people like this downloading garbage. Me? I'm way against it. I like to know that the effort was put into designing a box, and I like to know that my data will not be eaten away if my computer goes down/if the sponsor of the download goes offline.
  5. As most of us know, simply placing a unit like the UH-60m and placing an independent AI into the drivers seat doesn't really affect anything. An independent controls the vehicle, but the vehicle still shows up red on the radar, and can easily be assumed to be a bad guy. My plan, however, is to create an addon to increase the size of the PMC faction by placing Ka-52, Ah & Mh -6, and a Uh-60m into the directory of the PMC forces. I recently downloaded an addon that placed the woodland camo M113 into the USMC faction, however, with a little effort I figured out how to mod that to be rightfully on the PMC faction's side (since it's introduced in the sp00 zargabad 'PMC showcase' mission). After examining the .cpp documents, I decided to try my hand at converting the black Ka-52, Ah-6, Mh-6, and UH-60m into the PMC units section. Despite my effort, I seem to have made no progress. I created PBO files for each unit, and placed them into the mod folder with the M113. The plan failed, as the M113 was replaced by the AH-6 in the editor for some reason, and the AH-6 in turn had the woodland camo texture of the M113 (weird, right?). I tried an alternative tactic, placing the four helicopters into the common folder, and the same exact thing happened. Do I need a bikey signature on these items for them to function? How can I make these vehicles a part of the PMC faction? As is, the working M113 code is this: How can I apply these changed features to the helicopters, and get them to work as an addon? Even if this is something nobody will download, I wish to get into the modding scene for ArmA 3, and this is great practice.
  6. You can do that??? How? Which PBO is it?
  7. David Schofield

    Please share your 1.60 impressions

    I just wish the patches and everything would have covered ALL rifle scopes in the game. I don't like the fact that the older black G-36s don't have the scope-switch ability and the fact that you can still turn on NV goggles with them, also the fact that the sights are less detailed as the new ones. I also wish the weapons like the Pecheneg, the CZ hunting rifle, the VSS, and the AK-107 PSO variants were affected by the NV Goggle restriction.
  8. Ok, so here's what's up: I'm creating a campaign, and using PMC soldiers as the main characters. I do not like the XM8s, as they resemble fish, and are also somewhat unrealistic in my opinion, as the XM8 project was flushed by the military. So, I'm looking at alternative weapons to arm the soldiers with as they investigate new arms developments in post-Arrowhead Takistan and Chernarus. So far, I've picked out some "main" weaponry that I consider arming the soldiers with. I need some advice on which ones the AI will utilize better. What makes the AI more deadly. What are they really good with... :j: What can they actually hit stuff with? __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Machineguns For Machinegunners (Field Specialist PKM) I've rounded out a few machineguns I like. So, in this case, which is better in the hands of the AI, and in the hands of the player. The PK The Pecheneg The M240 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sniper Rifles For the standard sniper (Designated Marksman) I have another list of assorted weapons relative to the characters. For the Designated Marksman, I've sorted out day and night conditions for the weapons, with an attempt to have a mediated non-scoped variant in the mix as well, for operations lasting x>12 hours. The daylight-only weapons consist of the following: The L115A3 LRR(The Arctic Warfare Magnum A2 olive green version, "BAF_LRR_scoped_W") The SVD marksman rifle. The DMR (aka the olive-green scoped M-14) rifle. The M24 (the one without the ugly grass stuff, "M24_des_EP1".) The non-scoped, thus multiple-time rifles are the following: The FN FAL battle-rifle The M14 battle-rifle (The M-14 with the red dot. M14_EP1) The night-only weapons are as follows: The SVD with the NSPU attachment ("SVD_NSPU_EP1") [note, it could serve as multi-time to the player, but I am not very aware of the AI's ability to switch weapon sights.] The FN FAL with the ANPVS4 attachment ("FN_FAL_ANPVS4") __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anti-Material Rifles For the Tactical Specialist (KSVK), I have two choices. The AS50 anti-material rifle or The standard KSVK __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Standard Infantry Rifles For standard soldiers (team coordinator, field medic, engineer, blah blah blah) I have the following: The Czech Sa vz. 58 in RCO and CCO. The Russian AK-107 Kobra The German G-36A and/or G-36K [if you can tell me which of the two are better, it would be greatly appreciated] The FN FAL For compact-weapons, I have the following: The G-36C (the black one). The Bizon sub-machinegun. For Silenced weapons I have the following: AK-74UN (The one and only silenced AK.) G-36C SD (The silenced camo G36) The Silenced Bizon sub-machinegun. If the AI are better with the L-85s or MK-17 SCARs (both the Silenced and the regular CCO version) just give the say so. I've heard AI suck with the L-85s and the Mk-17s, that's why I did not include them in this "survey" of sorts. If that is false, just say so. I'm wanting to arm the PMC soldiers the best way I can... And don't worry, I've got a good explanation for it in my campaign, if you don't like the fact that the PMCs wouldn't be using the fish-rifles anymore :rolleyes: If any other guns deserved to be mentioned (Vanilla, not modded in by people) then just say so.
  9. Thanks for the quick answer Max Power! :) I'm trying to design a campaign involving the PMC mercs, and... I never could force myself to like the XM8s... They look like fish. So I gotta explore the alternatives, lol.
  10. Is there a difference between Damage, sound, range, enemy AI reaction or anything with the older model G36s from the original Arma 2 as opposed to the newer model 'Camo' G36s? I have already determined that the alternative sights do not work in the older model G36s, as well as the fact that the holographic sights aren't as well-detailed as the 'Camo' rifles are. But is there any difference other than that? For example, If I shoot a black G36C and a Camo G36C, will I get the same preformance and reaction out of both? Not trying to ask a stupid question, sorry if it comes across that away.
  11. Ok, the issue with the client vehicles in the fourth mission was this: They would occasionally stop following me entirely, even if I killed all enemies within an x-mile radius. They would not follow my SUV as they were supposed to. They would just sit in the middle of the road, and I would be left with no way to end the mission because I couldn't just leave them behind. I've never been very good at explaining this stuff with words, I'm sorry, lol. I just used the "ENDMISSION" cheat code, because I was pissy enough to say to hell with it over the ordeal. More recently, in PMC Mission 11: Deception, I have to bomb the UN convoy, and I need to use an IED to do so, but of course, another error occurs. I'm "spotted" by the UN forces every time I try, so really no matter what I do there, I end up getting gunned down by a helicopter. When I started playing this campaign, things just seemed so promising... It's been a complete disaster/disappointment. They're real dicks for not letting users edit this stuff, because there's some things they really screwed up on that we can't fix.
  12. I tried to edit the mission via the Arma editor, and of course, the file is supposedly "read only" so I'm just SOL there. How can I get this mission to play right? The client vehicles pause at the gate, or somewhere enroute to the destination, and I can't just jump in and drive them myself. I let the AI drive, and they get stuck still. How can I fix this stupid mission? :mad:
  13. I don't understand. I own the legal copies of both Arma 2, Arma 2 OA, and the reinforcements CD. I've legally bought them. Why can't I edit the missions inside, like I could with vanilla Arma 2?
  14. Ok, so I am a very observational learner, therefore I always looked into all of the single player and Campaign Arma 2 Mission.SQM files to figure out how to make my own missions. The Operation Arrowhead addon and Reinforcement addons have even bigger and better missions than the original vanilla Arma 2, so I've been wanting to play though them in editor and find out all the ticks that the main guys used to make the game so I myself can make a decent map. Lo and behold: I can't open a single mission file on the editor after extracting with Eliteness. I get a "read only" issue. I've gone though, unchecked "Read only" and nothing happened. After further investigation (Yeah fellers, I used search) I happened onto a thread where someone had a similar problem. Here is that thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?90411-Un-pbo-d-files-show-up-as-read-only-files-in-editor The problem seems to be that there are missing mission.sqm files that are not in the original campaign/single player mission folder. Therefore, the mission editor can not access the game. My question is, how can I locate these missing mission.sqm files so I can access the said missions on the editor? For example: sp_bafshowcase.takistan The BAF addon that showcases British forces is missing the mission.sqm file, therefore, I can not access the level on the editor. A rare exception for this major problem was the spp00.zargabad file, aka the PMC showcase mission. I was very greatful that this one was still accessable, because I wanted to mirror the PMC headquarters in a mission of my own. I've tried multiple things for this already. I tried using Vista's name-change to copy/paste fsm files and turn them into SQM (failed, blank editor page) and I've tried pasting other mission's SQM files into the folders lacking them (which was a really, really useless idea. I learned from it at least) so... Yeah. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I've been messing around in Arma 2 OA's editor for a while now, and I'm wanting to get deeper into missions involving Taki Guerillas (there's no Guerilla campaign so I feel it would be nice to create one, myself). The real setback is however, that there's no nifty force recon officer that speaks the Taki language. Soo... With an english-speaking PMC as the main character, I've hit this major setback when I have him ask Takis about things: "Uh, what?" The problem also applies to the USMC and CDF forces from the previous games. For some reason or the other, they're silent/don't speak in OA. I have a nifty storyline that would involve a meeting between Chernarussia's USMC vets and the current operational force in Takistan. It involves Russians :cool: So anyway, I've got all those problems. Oh, and bonus question: Is it possible to change the name, face, body-type (clothes and such) and display name of a character in the editor? For example: If I want to change a PMC Field Technician to "Bob Jenners", with a face with a moustache and body with bluejeans or something? Bonus-Bonus question: Is there a way to set a soldier to force-stand-up or something, where he can't crouch or go prone? Because I have tower snipers in a mission, and they always go prone in the little green towers when shot at. That makes it a real problem for anyone playing the game/the rival team. Can I disable the prone and crouch for the specific units, or force 'em to stand up always?