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  1. I was just reading this post before this, now i would like to say: Battlefield 4 : Really !! are you serious ?, so basically you like filters, this is a corridor game not open world, big maps but not open world not so many factors to calculate, a game born for consoles Call of Duty: Ghosts : do you mean the worst of the series, the same old engine, with bad textures and graphics except for new filters that are using dx11 hdr Crysis series, Far Cry series : cry engine, good engine but sometimes this is a little clunky ain't it ?, games born for consoles Metro series, Hitman: Absolution : others corridor games with lot of less calculation compared to arma 3, and filters and filters born for consoles BioShock: Infinite : good graphics ? :confused: Basically you're just saying all console games ported to PC have better graphics than A3, ArmA 3 will never be able to run on consoles because of memory usage (why this ? ), what you consider good are just a bunch of filters and HDR People like you are the reason because most of companies are actually making just console games and porting on PC clunky console ports with tons of bugs, and at too high prices considering the overall quality of these games Strategy games are often very CPU-intensive, see Total War series: i'm a strategy games lover, TW games aren't anymore strategy games and the reason of bad performance in TW games is the fact they're using the same engine since R1TW, if you ask to modders inside shogun 2 and R2 there are still R1 scripts inside, not even a renewed engine Wargame series are strategy games, total war series is the CoD of strategy games, true garbage since ETW, and performance in wargame series is not really related to CPU usage
  2. simon1279

    Localized versions

    If you're planning to add italian translation let me know ;)
  3. simon1279

    Fix the Slammer!

    To "Fix the Slammer" you need a vehicle recovery point or a support vehicle such as the bobcat
  4. scripts are "vanilla" they're not mod, and learn to use 'em ain't so difficult just burn out your eyes in this forum and on some well done giudes on youtube
  5. you can do this by scripts this also can be done by scripts, look and search in arma 3 editing forum this would be very cool
  6. simon1279

    Anyone else having to use too many rounds to kill?

    for the most i hit heads, you just need to learn to shoot, and i have to say Arma is great in CQC, maybe you just play a limited aspect of the game, or under the classical FPS P.O.V.
  7. simon1279

    Anyone else having to use too many rounds to kill?

    if you hit the vest armor than yes if you hit the head then 1 shot 1 kill
  8. simon1279

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    I have played over 1,036 hours in ArmA 3 and i met just 1 cheater in Beta stage, because it was the only one time i've joined in a public match, in my group, i'm the server admin and we never met any kind of cheater, because if you want to play with us you have 1st to come in our TS3 present yourself and then we give you the pwd to enter the server, if you don't want cheaters join a group/clan
  9. simon1279

    Zeus Discussion (dev branch)

    you should ask this in arma 3 editing topic, or just search around google,and/or these forums
  10. simon1279

    No women at all

    So basically all that you want is this So at this point shut down your PC and go outdoor in pubs and discos and just find one ;)
  11. will Zeus be similar to VBS real time editor ?
  12. simon1279

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Tesla tower
  13. simon1279


    it's called CTI just search around for CTI which is the gametype name for superpowers that was just the name of the mission
  14. simon1279

    Hate the BLUFOR helmet changes

    I really like the new camos, but don't like the less helmet equipment
  15. simon1279

    when all 3 episodes are released...then what

    do you mean something that totally broken the old game in the server browser ? still too many alien servers in ArmA 2 server browser
  16. this is Iron front liberation 44 (IFL) not Invasion 44 (I44)
  17. I believe the biggest cake receives the biggest development support
  18. EU not for sure i didn't even seen an Italian weapon (Beretta or Benelli), or the mentioning of Italy and Greece but usually when do everybody are talking about EU in EU, everybody are usually talking about Germany and others northern states and here i finish to comment because we will going into useless political discussion in the list in 2nd page: Poland is in the EU Croatia is in EU Estonia is in EU Hungary is in EU Latvia is in EU Lithuania is in EU Slovakia is in EU Slovenia is in EU Founding members (1952): Netherlands Luxembourg Italy Germany France Belgium references: http://europa.eu/about-eu/countries/member-countries/index_en.htm If you intend to make an EU Army you should keep in consideration all of the member countries
  19. You're not alone thank you Wiki for to have ruined an appreciated surprise
  20. simon1279

    An Honest Review

    This definitely yes and i think OPFOR are a good faction but they looks like a kind of Star trek units, which is definitely bad for a game like arma, i can agree with 2035 but actually OPFOR looks like a kind of 3025 units, i'm usually making missions indep. Vs. Blufor i totally agree with you and i have to admit i like arma 3, i love its engine, but i think main differences between A2 and A3 are: ArmA3 great engine but overall poor game, ArmA 2 poor engine but overall a very great game, even talking about ArmA 2 vanilla without expansions, i've played and still play Arma 3 since alpha release, but i lovely went back to play ArmA 2 regularly which actually is a more enjoyable game than A3, the best thing could be (i know except for modding this will never happen) A2 on the A3's engine
  21. simon1279

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    +1 for torrent they're not intended for piracy... but for sharing, using 'em properly is great
  22. simon1279

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Happy Christmas Alduric and thank you again ;)
  23. simon1279

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    this is my best dream but i believe this will never be possible sadly
  24. simon1279

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    thank you very much for this great release Alduric thank you
  25. simon1279

    Harbour Games MP - Play with the Arma 3 Devs

    So BI devs choosed to be defeated on the battlefield ? ;)