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  1. simon1279

    Cosmos Engine; This Mod Blew Me Away

    Oh my good this should be the winner, it's not war (make ArmA NOT WAR), and it's an impressive, very impressive job, holy wow
  2. keep up the great job guys can't wait for this beautiful Italian paradise, can't wait It's not properly a mediterranean envivorment it's very different from mediterranean landscape, it's tirrenian, which is more like a mid northern Italian envivorment than a tipical mediterranean one (means more green and less brown) Yep Napoleon's villa could be very cool to have, maybe with its Italian gardens, i'm already planning making resistance HQ in the villa for my missions against the AAF will there be wild boars also ? lol just kidding ;) Now i have a good place for my upcoming @IAF release :o
  3. simon1279

    WIP importing of PedagneMOD in ARMA 3

    How about physix ? will it be implemented to vehicles ? thanx in advance
  4. simon1279

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    You have to change just: class cfgFactionClasses { class Dinos { displayName = "Dinosaurs"; priority = 2; side = 0; icon = "\Rup_Dinosaurs\Data\All\Icon.paa"; }; and in cfgpatches requiredAddons[] = "A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR" into "A3_Characters_F_OPFOR" this worked for me and now they are opfor so i can spawn them with BIS_fnc_spawnenemy and using FIA units which are good for dinosaurus survival stile
  5. Oh wow my bad thank you very much for your usefull help Barazin
  6. this is what i get: bindings aren't listed in my game (localization italian), how can i change bindings without switching my game into another language? thanks in advance
  7. Yeessssss nkey for president!
  8. simon1279

    Community interest in User Made Missions?

    @the_Demongod, i prefeir to make my own missions and play them with my group/friends/italian community, my missions are designed just for a large number of players, i just used to download from workshop a couple of time and what i've downloaded was stuff made by inexpert with many bugs, the best way as usual since lot of time ago is the mitical Armaholic, there you can find just good and tested stuff
  9. Thank you very much for all your work and kind support :)
  10. Sorry guys just a question for scripting purposes, are the buildings class names and their index positions in Takistan/Zargabad the same as in arma 2 OA ? thank you in advance
  11. Yep in Chernarus sorry, ain't a matter of mediterranean lighting, it's really dark, just a little bit less and it's ok just to reach an A2 chernarus lighting taste
  12. -Lighting is a little bit dark, a sunny day looks almost like a rainy day -in the editor under Groups, there are arma 2 factions lists
  13. simon1279

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    I remind you: VBS ain't for gaming purposes, it's a training tool not a game, and it really contains all the stuff for what it is designed for, you can't compare a training tool with an entertainment product (game), you would need it if you 'd like to have a real sim, you wouldn't need it if you're looking for a game such as ArmA 3 is
  14. simon1279

    was buying arma 3 worth it ?

    Arma 3 is a masterpiece, expecially if you plan to play it joining a Clan/group, or even in SP, it is a high quality product, you won't find nowadays a game with this level of quality around the stores, and the devs are still very active in making it a better gameplay experience fixing glitches and adding new content for free and even more gameplay immersion, and i have to say: if you buy a Bohemia Interactive product you know what you get
  15. simon1279

    revamped the CSAT PLZ !! :(

    thank you very much, very appreciated, i hope one day to fight against these kind of units without to add a mod thought, hope for the expansion to have "human" opfors
  16. simon1279

    revamped the CSAT PLZ !! :(

    this looks pretty cool and very nice OPFOR in this game should look like this using the camo in the picture, and actual ingame camo, i don't like opfors from outer space or from mars (actually ingame opfor look)
  17. Sorry guys, i need help, do you know how to use this script in the maps of the addon @A3MP, expecially in Bystrica thanks in advance
  18. *canceled because i've stated my post was useless* sorry
  19. simon1279

    [SP]Mission: Altis Police Department (WIP)

    You rock MJ thank you very much :o, will there be in the future the possibility to play with friends ? thank you very much in advance grazie continua così [eng: thank you keep up the good work]
  20. simon1279

    The new ARMA 3 DLC system - debate

    same here, i really like the system it is very brilliant and unique, BIS rocks, but kart DLC.... 'cmon guys at BIS, really?
  21. i don't care for 2035 setting the only thing is: opfor units looks to be aliens from outer space instead of humans from earth (i mean helmets , uniforms with that strange "radiator" on the back,and Aliens 2 style gloves), just this
  22. this is your opinion i expected nothing else than this answer, you' ve bought A3 because you didn't knew what you were going to buy, and maybe you've bought it expecting "the next FPS game" I bet lot of DayZ players around here ehehe :D my performance on our dedicated server is around 50/60 FPS BTW with up to 25 plyrs i7 4770k @4.2 ghz and nvidia gtx 680 4gb of useless vram, 16gb ram,samsung SSD 120gb, win 8.1