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  1. simon1279

    Italian Armed Forces

    Updated version and links in 1st post, added some assets from the marksmen DLC and some issues related to the last 1.42 patch cheers
  2. simon1279

    What faction would you want next?

    Some trerrorists or separatists as opfor to kill, or at least a human and not alien look opfor faction, so i can forget CSAT star trek troops forever without using mods or scripts
  3. simon1279

    A vacation on Altis - or - To Limnos and back again.

    A huge ArmA 3 community softair expedition
  4. simon1279

    Using the ISIS mod? Shame on you.

    You're not alone, expecially considering that they don't acting like they should do, making true and good information, they're acting just like a low grade TV show telling lies like advertising, the world is going really bad, but now we all know and we can tell friends, that if they're looking for information to stay away from the Daily Mail which is just like a clown circus
  5. simon1279

    Headless client: Zeus

    I believe the curator module uses the headless client by default, but i'm not very sure, just supposing it because the server could crash with everything managed by the server with Zeus system
  6. simon1279

    Any plans for more official campaigns?

    Just take on the editor and then problem solved, it's full of usefull guides out there how to use it both written and videos
  7. simon1279

    Would you like to have a Save Loadout Module ?

    i meant pre-made loadouts on main menu bootcamp virtual arsenal, not the one ingame, which just needs a trigger with some BIS functions in it to auto save everything while you're out of the trigger area. the module that i'm asking for, is for to save the loadout on respawn of the copy&paste loadout made in the VA, inside the bootcamp menu, not the one you can use ingame just like the VAS.
  8. With the new inventory system came in with ArmA 3,it will be very usefull a save loadout module, including the possibility to choose to respawn with the loadout you had at the mission start, or the one you had when you died, i know there are many scripts and functions out there but an official module could be the best and user friendly with the custom loadouts made by using the virtual arsenal in the game main menu. what do you think guys ? and also check out this: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22377
  9. simon1279

    Would you like to have a Save Loadout Module ?

    Personally i don't use VAS, and i'm not very interested in it, i'm using the VA and i'm making loadout functions with a cfgfunctions, which is , under my point of view way better in therms of performance gain, for the save loadout, actually i'm using the @AGM module included in the mod, but many times, first timer editor guys in my community, are asking me how to respawn with the same loadout, without using mods, and i give 'em the get/set loadout functions by aeroson, but as first timers in editing for such a simple thing, they go crazy, this is the reason why i'm asking BIS a save loadout module, just because for newbies is simpler, and also considering the new inventory system, which has nothing to do with the ArmA 1 and ArmA 2 ones, i believe a module for saving inventory is a must to have and a natural consequence to the ArmA 3 inventory system. Clearly the ArmA 3 editor is more user friendly in certain ways (sector modules are an example), than the one in ArmA 1 and ArmA 2, and keeping the ArmA 3 user friendly line, i believe the save loadout module ain't difficult for BIS to make, and will be a nice addition for all newbies that like to copy and paste stuff from the VA
  10. simon1279

    Lack of content in vanilla Arma 3

    please keep civil
  11. just one expression about DLC {[bug fixing time] + [guys at work = number x] + [guys at work for adding new content]} = (time costs moneys) + (guys at work salary) result: making DLC to earn additional moneys to pay guys at work salary and to pay taxes off course. This is the hard world of buisness. edit: in my country there is a proverb that says: "Time is money"
  12. simon1279

    Italian Armed Forces

    Updated 1st post, hotfixed some issues occurred when placed an heli pilot in the editor
  13. simon1279

    [SP] Easy Day

    Cool thanks for sharing, i really hope this is just the 1st of a long series, your missions are pretty good
  14. simon1279

    Italian Armed Forces

    Update version with some bugfixes and stats see 1st post, actual version 2.8
  15. Thank you very much my favourite island since A1 and then to A2 and now on A3 oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh !!! :cool: Finally IceBreakr is back :cool:
  16. Since the helicopters DLC patch i can't host an MP game anymore, i've never had this issue before even at the times of gamespy/steam switching (patch 1.22), I'm not using a router but an internet key modem, so port fowarding ain't my problem, please help
  17. After many headakes, researches and ipotetical solutions, i've found the problem, my ISP has given me a private IP 10.190.x.x so i'm stuck, and sadly there's no solutions at all except using VPN with high pings. In my country (the northern african banana's republic of Italy), all ISPs are going to NAT3 until the end of 2015 the whole national internet, so if some other Italian will face these problems, the reason is this last, thank you very much for your support devilslayersbane
  18. You've been very kind, devil thank you very much
  19. yeah we have a dedi and i'm the admin, port forward already done and nothing to do , if we're in 2 users and we want to test some missions while other players are populating the server, we can't, i believe there isn't a solution, this happens with ArmA 2 too and we don't own a dedi for it 'cause the community is more focused on A3, these are the only 2 games in my steam's library, where i can't make a multiplayer host bump :confused: Thank you very much for your help devilslayersbane, but at this point i suppose it's everything in BIS hands
  20. thank you very much for you help yes getting a VPN helps (tried Hamachi, Tunngle and evolve) but ping is way too high and lag is something huge, and looking around my community members, no one can host a match anymore, we're almost 22 persons having this issue :confused:
  21. no my game works great i can connect to every server, but no one can see me
  22. simon1279

    Cosmos Engine; This Mod Blew Me Away

    I'm sure you really don't know well BIS
  23. simon1279

    Italian Armed Forces

    thank you very much kecharles
  24. simon1279

    Italian Armed Forces

    Thank you very much foxhound
  25. simon1279

    Italian Armed Forces

    Addon updated see 1st post, cheers