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  1. I cant understand some of you all you ever hear about arma is how realistic it is and how its a simulations now i have a bunch of 12 year olds sayings its not its just a game. i hope the future direction bis take the arma franchise isnt directly effected by you guys otherwise i hope vbs becomes more affordable and we go seperate ways lol i dont want to deal with you lot

    It is a milsim. A milsim with a community who prefers to not have it's butt ten-feet deep in PR crap.

  2. yeah man i dont see why snakeman wont help! also like i said ealier im very busy with my own mods and addons, but i was going to make this mod aswell, and even have a few things stored away somewere if i find them i will happily donate them to you, but they may need alot of work! and like i think i said before aswell and others have too is, most of what you need for this mod is already in arma, even just in the bis stuff that comes with the game! ei, most vehicles\hmmwv's were basic wld camo - so you can just use the standerd bis one! and so the soliders(rangers) i was gonna ask vilas if i could use his p85 mod troops, they were the same basic gear as they did in BHD! just give them the proper camo uniforms, and for d-boys the same thing execpt make it so they have tucked in shirts and hocky helmets! and the helos are all in game too, just give the ah-6 black paint job and for the uh-60's it aint hard to make the standerd bis uh60 into a 160th soar blackhawk. right there a good part of the mod is done, well just thought i'd give you some of the advice that was giving to me, when i was gonna do this mod, shame i never got around to it...well good luck bud, and ill help if i can!

    I'm already having a MH60L being made. I did not ask, it was offered. :D

  3. That's where you need to remember, the guys in Mog back in 93 kept running into obstacles, ambushes, etc. IMHO The roads in ArmA 2 currently would fit just fine.

    We do need somebody to make some big roadblocks that incorporate a broken vehicle, lots of rubbish\trash, and a bunch of tires. Also a small pile of tires that you can burn to create thick smoke. Think something like the campfire in in-game.

    there's already one in the game, we just need more variety. Be advised that I'm not making the mission, and I forgot to add that to the need list.


    I have gotten permission to use the Littlebirds in the addon and ADuke has offered to create a more accurate MH60L, because that's what they used.

  4. Yes, that has crossed my mind. But then again I am pretty determined to do everything myself. I asked him to convert his units to arma 2 and i asked ardvarkdb to do the same thing (multicam sf) but Jhonny tought his units were not ArmA II quality, wich I do not think is the case cuz they look fantastic. But it is his units, his decission.

    I will probably ask for some models of Jhonny, and if I have time and will I could ask him if he would be so kind to send me his unbinarized models so I could convert them over to ArmA II.

    P.S. I am taking a short break from doing my units. I have got a lot of things to think about right now.

    But I promise a release! I am not leaving this project at all. See the release in a couple of weeks, Before Xmas atleast :D

    I was looking forward to these releasing soon, too... :( Well, I'll just have to wait that much longer for these babies!

  5. PMC Somalia ArmA

    I'm going to port what I have for ArmA 2 for sure. Not sure how much further I'll develop it, as there seems to be lack of interest (no feedback at all).

    Well, if you would be willing to finish and contribute it, I'd add it to this addon/mod thingy-majigger...

    Well as i said to blackthorn matey, much interest from myself, and also as i said to him would be happy to try help out with what i can :)

    whose blackthorn?

  6. The US HMMWVs are already correct as they are the early version of the HMMWVs (M1025 Armament Carriers). You could even use the A1 HMMWVs as they would even be more correct.

    The 5ton truck is also a must from A1.

    There is a crashed Blackhawk from A1.

    You have got to look around and open your eyes.

    Yes, I will be porting the 5t, and I'm trying to get some crashed blackhawks based off of ADuke's 160th-SOAR blackhawks. I already knew there was a generic crashed blackhawk in A1.