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  1. As I said when I brought it up (or at least meant to say) is that they don't look like SC. I had no intention of bashing Binkowski or his addon. I personally love this addon, and just happened across the thread so looked at it, commenting that they look more like the Rangers in MW2. I'm sorry if it came across the wrong way.

    I love your addons, Binkowski, and use them regularly in my missions!

  2. yeah they wear all black uniforms with a force recon patch on the arm. Suppose to make them look like as if they're sf but really they're pmc's.

    It's a black spade, not a FR patch, isn't it? I didn't know FR used them... 'Course, never met a FR operator in person. Mainly talked to grunts and people in the Army. Aspiring to become a Ranger myself once I'm out of High School.

    P.S. Binkowski, sorry for hijacking your thread for the purposes of MW2! Great units, regardless of if they look like the pmc ***holes!

  3. Its a tool called 3D ripper DX. You play a game and then like Fraps you press a button and it extracts everything from that Frame in the video buffer memory and creates a file that can be opened with 3dsMax. You can then remove what you dont want and change it around or only use bits.

    I wasnt worried because other games like Garrys Mod have had downloads available for COD models and other game mods have been using stuff from CoD4 with no visible complaints.

    If its gonna be a big problem then I will just remove the CoD4 stuff. To be honest though most of it wouldnt really fit into Arma2 as the stuff e.g. Soldiers, Weapons are all a bit cliche and superficial.

    The Gmod team has officially expressed permission to use those models.

  4. I just came across this thread looking for any Ranger addons for Arma2. I would personally like to see a Rangers addon in multicam as there is some, while not concrete, but pretty solid evidence of Rangers wearing Multicam in theater. However, if you only release em in ACU ill still be pleased. Keep up the good work mate!


    Sorry for the advertisement, Binkowski!