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  1. Been waiting for a "living airport" template for while (after a few disastorous attempts to make one on my own).

    Few questions:

    Will there be integrated air defenses?

    Would be interesting to see some sort of "scramble" script - i.e., fighter aircraft start taking off if opfor aircraft is present in the area - is such thing even possible?

    Any chances for setting up something like this for OpFor as well? Proper air raids between the two could be quite fun.

    I would see an AI scrambling of jets ending in numerous dead planes. The SI is already bad enough at flying planes, don't give incentive.

  2. Hello all !

    Well I have a mod request on the french Foreign Legion. I know there are modders working on the french army, but they don't seem to include any Legion units (rather focused on marine infantery).

    I do think that they would perfectly fit in Duala based missions for example. I know Christian is working on the Famas rifle (outstanding work btw), would be nice to have the ANF1 modeled too. Oh and I don't remember seeing the HK USP either as a handgun, would be nice to include that gun (or maybe it is already, but I've missed it...).

    Thanks to anyone who is going to take a look on that !

    Im fairly certain the usp can be found in the RH pistol pack

  3. I got myself a somewhat old rig, can ice breaker tell me what kind of performance I should expect on:

    650W Psu

    Ati Radeon 4890 1gb

    Intel C2D E8400 3Ghz (dualcore)

    2Gb RAM

    Win Vista 32 bit

    I was able to test it on an even older rig, so you should be fine! Just don't play on high settings!

  4. To tell you the truth, i would use both yours and Aardvark's units, so I don't know why yours would be dead. Not like if Cameron made U.S. Army units, and Binkowski made U.S. Army units, and Binkowski's were better (hypothetically, of course, both are great addon makers!), it's not like both would have to stop making them. But if you find no joy in making these units, than don't make them.

  5. Custom animations for infected (which are male and female) are impossible because BI failed to provide the tools to actually do that reasonably.

    No point in the hazzle to even attempt that with unofficial Arma1 animation tools that would not support the female skeleton anyway. That`s why there are also no female slow zombies.

    And besides the animations, that they currently have, are no different from what infected in the movies would exhibit, i mean they just run after you.

    Attack Animations in regards to swings or similar are in many cases not being played by the engine in the required timely manner, nothing can be done about that, it was a nightmare to get this to the point already where it currently is.Animation handling is a weak spot of the engine IMHO.

    Crank up the volume a bit in this vid and you will hear their custom sounds (dozens of them):

    O.O No 28 Days Later Music? HOW DARE YE! JK, looks nice, man!

    Also, is there a way to avoid confrontation with Zombies? I wanna secretly arm a Nuke in the midst of them and hitch a ride out!