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  1. My biggest hope for OA is that it finally legitimizes indoor firefight activity as well as proper use of windows both from indoor and out. This engine was not built for this type of combat but as warfare styles have changed to more and more guerilla type tactics, my hope is that BI will as well. How amazing would it be to enter a town where a group of insurgents have retreated, and have to worry about potshots coming from various windows and rooftops from an intelligent enemy.

    I hope the interiors are wider in berth to better allow the AI to move about and the windows are standardized to match a well placed crouched enemy. I'm also hoping for some new functions ie. OccupiedHouse; EnterableHouse; so there is no more confusion with AI trying to clear random houses as well as seeking out buildings with no path LOD's. An AI meshblocker would be great as well to keep the AI from walking off rooftops and keep them away from fires and the like.

    Heres hoping!

    I'm thinking along the lines of Opflash: DR. They did indoor combat for ally AI fairly well. I didn't like too much of the game, but that was great. But yes, with OA being in set in a place with much more urban fighting, it would be extremely interesting to have to watch out for that one pesky sniper with a dragonuv who's been taking potshots.

  2. By now, anyone who has played this game has noticed that AI refuse to even go NEAR the interior of a building. I walk inside one, they take up positions somewhere random outside. I'm wondering if it's an error or if they plan on implementing indoors combat? They refuse to go in a courtyard, for God's sake!

  3. Before I start asking for someone else to look at the units. I will re binarize the units and release them one more time. If the problem is gone. I will continue improving the units. If not, I might ask for help

    Nixo, I just noticed that there is not a lack of textures at all! It's just they're extremely light, so if you darken the textures a bit they'll be fine.

  4. So someone PM'd me earlier today asking if I could make some '91-93 era troops. Well of course I can, but I could use input. Probably the fact that I was 1 when this era was going on I don't know much about the vests they had. I believe it was the IBA but I could be wrong. I know they had ALICE and PASGT gear for a fact. Also, I think that 3-color OTV looks a little "odd", so I may change that to full 6-color camo. What do you guys think? Anyway,

    Here's what I've got so far, for one unit.


    - ALICE gear by Ebud

    - OTV texture by Cameron

    Please make in 3-color and woodland vest? Please?

    Pretty Please?

    I swear, if you do, I will, like, proclaim you greater than something awesome. I still gotta thing about the most awesome thing around other than the possibility of you making 3-color guys.

  5. Binkowski, i have fallen under the terrible habit of calling you Binky in reference to, well, my old binky. You see, whenever that binky showed up, something good was bound to happen. In this case, i started to notice you posting more as this was released.

    In essence, im saying that you're awesome. You just gave me a second christmas.

  6. Sometimes I feel like people make these threads just to mock us. As if they intentionally act like an idiot and don't look at the STICKIED thread.

    But that's just me.

    Now excuse me while I go conjure up other conspiracy theories.

    On a serious note, there's a pre-made addon request thread and threads for all previously named projects already in motion.

  7. hi i just downloaded this mod and was wondering whether the taliban characters and the terrorist characters were meant to look like russians in jumpsuits or is it just mine? because the pictures on the download show what i think is a more suitable version of them lol. Also i seem to be missing quite a bit of headgear like the gas mask, stangely though when installing if i click "try soldier (gas mask)" it goes to the viewing mode and the mask is there but when i actually go to control him the mask dissappears from his face btw im tryin to play this in armoury and im not sure it makes a difference in this mode but ive removed and headgear off my profile but they still dont appear.....

    Any suggestions?

    Anything you have set up in your profile such as tactical glasses will overwrite anything that is on the soldier's face.

  8. Yeah Black1ron. That's been reported...but anywhoo...these guys are going to be obsolete. Really soon ;).




    I'll be getting some better pictures soon.

    Will these replace your basic army units that are currently in ACE 2? Please tell me they will. Those are nerdgasm-inducing!