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  1. I was actually going to say to take some walks around the fallout 3 world for inspiration on the map. I think they got the "ravaged by aging and radiation, but not necessarily bombs" look down pat. And give the freedom fighters and new order maybe some mix-ins of old BDU's. Especially new order, considering they seem to be the "civilized" of the factions.

    My two cents.

  2. Like USRanger709 said, the first pic is an SF operator, he has a Ranger Skill Tab, not the 75th regimental unit patch, signifying that he has completed ranger school. The patch he is wearing is the SF unit patch, which is an airborne unit, hence the airborne tab.

    Not trying to talk down to anyone, just trying to inform those who dont know.

    So all you just did there was confirm what Ranger and I said. I said it much more vaguely, but the point is that if you've completed the req's, you can show it off (to put it in a way). Heck, I've seen troops in the basic infantry (albeit a officer) who wore his tab.

  3. You can get upgrades for PCs for next to nothing these days ;) i got a 1gb grafix card for like £40 from my local PC shop along with a Motherboard for £50 and some and extra 2GB ram at £12 obviously all bought on separate occasions but cheap nonetheless. :) get it sorted so you can join the squad and make an LMG for the pack! :P

    Isn't 50 pounds like 100 dollars though? There's the problem right there.

  4. Ooh right, yeah I think making them is the fun part. Do you make addons or anything then?

    Heres a bit more eye candy...


    Oh yeah, btw the software I use for modelling is 3dsMax9 followed by an export in 3ds format which can then be ported to oxygen.

    If you wanted to get into that thing i'll be happy to give pointers where I can.

    Sadly, I had to stop all projects I had running (mainly a BHD mod) when my pc crashed and all work was lost. I finally decided that my pc was no longer fit to even run easy programs like that. But yeah, making stuff is fun.