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  1. As far as I know, they are just for looks.

    By the way, the ECH (Light) refers to the weight/design of the helmet, not any sort of special light functionality. The "Light" is based off of the Ops-Core Carbon, whilst the other ECH's are based off of the MICH 2000.

  2. ubalogo.png

    United Brothers In Arms-

    It is our mission to provide a safe and clean gaming environment free of drama and fighting. We here pride ourselves in respecting others as the deserve to be. UBA is currently recruiting mature members over the of 16. We currently support the battlefield series, but our main game is BF2 PR. We will be picking up BF3 when it releases sometime this fall. If your interested in joining UBA please Register with the site and post up a application and a recruiter will be in touch with you asap. Also please read the recruitment requirements before posting a app. Please bear with us as our site is currently under maintenance, we are working round the clock to fix all issues. A big thank you to those who sacrificed their time:

    MAJ. TwistedSoldier UBA Commanding Officer Founder

    p.s. We have since updated to support A2 and OA/CO but that is taken directly from the site.

    If you would like to join please contact me on the BIS forums or on my xfire.

    my xfire is:


  3. @NouberNou

    Looks like a nice start, looking forward to see the progress on this one.

    WIP Update

    Got them working ingame this morning.

    Also recieved ALICE gear from CWR mod; Great thanks for that again :)

    And I found some good reference pics of the LBV they were wearing back then, so will make the vest as accurate as I can.

    Plus Fingolfin send me some pictures that will be helpful.

    Looks awesome. And because that guy has camo netting, I have to make a Generation Kill reference: "I LOVE YOU FRUITY RUDY!"

  4. You could ask Bink, or what about using the UCP (ACU) pattern from the OA addons?

    And have you given Multicam or AOR1 any thought? AOR1 and AOR2 were supposedly the new SOCOM pattern . . . but so far only the SEALs and a few CCTs who travel with em have been spotted using them, and the whole Navy has recently adopted AOR1/2 as their "navy type II and type I" patterns (but thats neither here nor there). Multicam owns over in the 'Stan,' so most other SOF units (and now the whole US Army [and UKs military with their own multicam/DPM hybrid]) use Multicam in the field.

    But i do like DCU, its old school and BA :)

    Not to be picky, but do still plan to figure out how to get your bearded faces to work on other character models/addons?

    Hopefully by the time I enlist in a few years the Army'll have stopped using Multicam. I hate it so much... I like it more than UCP and UCP-D, but I still hate it...

  5. For some reason Bink requested the download link be removed, even on these forums the dl link was removed, and I have those Desert Units, but sadly FR wasn't included, just regular infantry.

    I just linked the page, didn't know the dl link was removed. That's wierd... They were good units. I would send them to you, but my pc recently died for the last time. Getting a new one in around 1-2 months, so I no longer have the files.

  6. I think sanders did that' date=' not sure. I'd happily do that for you though :D[/quote']

    Binkowski made FR Troops. You can get them on armaholic, actually.


    Here's Binkowski's troops (MARSOC, not specifically FR, sorry) and the normal desert marines.