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  1. Key thing in your post being VBS2, which is a few-thousand dollar program made for militaries, not for gamers. Of course everything in it has to be 100 percent accurate!
  2. Black1ron

    US Desert Vehicles (WIP)

    The snow camo vehicles need more of that good stuff. Looks like someone just put it through a light snow machine for half-a-second.
  3. Black1ron

    civillian children

    It is a milsim. A milsim with a community who prefers to not have it's butt ten-feet deep in PR crap.
  4. This it the addon request thread...
  5. is there going to be any other camouflages available for these guys?
  6. Black1ron

    Range Card

    That's because it's M4 SPR, not M45 PR, and, other stuff... I'm brain-dead right now.
  7. seriously, they just disappeared.
  8. you should sign it. Would really up the value of it, because then it can be used online.
  9. Black1ron


    Thanks for the offer to let me use this!
  10. Black1ron

    RH M4/M16 Pack ver 1.0 Rearmed

    I hate 203 sights in this game! They're useless and are constantly poking into the middle of my screen. If you do add them, could you at least make it so you can put down the sights on it?
  11. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    Oops! Forgot to tell you, but nice units besides the glitch!
  12. Now that I've got him in this, I can't f*** this up! XD
  13. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    Yes, if you look at the vests, there's no color on the vest.
  14. I'm already having a MH60L being made. I did not ask, it was offered. :D
  15. Christian did one with a handgrip. Just search handgrip weapons.
  16. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    Just wanted to point out a texture glitch on at least some of the vests. The ACU guys seem to be fine, though! http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/ss179/Black1ron/?action=view&current=ranger_texture_glitch.jpg
  17. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    you making them in any other camouflages?
  18. that's what I'm here for. To make this mod! Hopefully, someone will make the map, and I'll integrate it into the .pbo or it can be released in a pack...
  19. there's already one in the game, we just need more variety. Be advised that I'm not making the mission, and I forgot to add that to the need list. EDIT:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have gotten permission to use the Littlebirds in the addon and ADuke has offered to create a more accurate MH60L, because that's what they used.
  20. haha. No prob. On XBL I get called Black-a-Tron alot.
  21. Black1ron

    Monsters, zombies and so on

    Isn't this technically a request?
  22. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    I was looking forward to these releasing soon, too... :( Well, I'll just have to wait that much longer for these babies!
  23. Well, if you would be willing to finish and contribute it, I'd add it to this addon/mod thingy-majigger... whose blackthorn?