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  1. Black1ron

    US Army 2009 Units

    BTW, Binkowski, on the back of your Grenadier there is a small spot where you can see through the unit. I will post pics later
  2. Black1ron

    RH Aks pack 1.0

    Sorry to put this in this thread, but will there be Scar-l and marksman variants in the scar pack? And, an eta on more picks of that beutiful scar-h?
  3. Black1ron

    Krasnostav Airport

    I would see an AI scrambling of jets ending in numerous dead planes. The SI is already bad enough at flying planes, don't give incentive.
  4. I'm just asking for another release of the old ones. I still like these ones, its just I want the old ones. Both would be great, which is my point.
  5. Im fairly certain the usp can be found in the RH pistol pack
  6. Black1ron

    U.S. Winter SpecOps

    This has nothing except for these snow guys. Mercs has everything. Great units, man!
  7. Never happened with me. Can't help, sorry!
  8. Black1ron

    USMC Variety Pack - New Camo

    Ah so it was purely artistic. Sorry for bugging ya! Once again, great units!
  9. I was wondering, could you do a simple port of your old guys. I prefer their helmets to these new ones, they look a bit more like the ones in MGS4 imo. Not that I don't like these ones. Please?
  10. I just noticed the alerted PMC is surrounded by barrels xD. Nice! Anyways, really nice units! Ill be sure to use these guys soon.
  11. Black1ron

    USMC Variety Pack - New Camo

    I have to ask, im a detail junkie, but whats with the choice of strykers behind marines in the desert camo pic?
  12. I admit that when I first started, it was a bit difficult for me. But after the first time, it's second nature for me, I just pop it up, put it on the preset I want, and I've got my stuff updated. But I did hate it a bit at first.
  13. Black1ron

    Isla Duala

    Ill be doing a HALO jump into country once everyone is arriving, because i've already been running covert operations around Duala. I can assure all of you that no problems will occur when you arrive if you have your paperwork in check.
  14. Black1ron

    Isla Duala

    I was able to test it on an even older rig, so you should be fine! Just don't play on high settings!
  15. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    hehe, speak of the devil.
  16. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    To tell you the truth, i would use both yours and Aardvark's units, so I don't know why yours would be dead. Not like if Cameron made U.S. Army units, and Binkowski made U.S. Army units, and Binkowski's were better (hypothetically, of course, both are great addon makers!), it's not like both would have to stop making them. But if you find no joy in making these units, than don't make them.
  17. Black1ron

    Monsters, zombies and so on

    O.O No 28 Days Later Music? HOW DARE YE! JK, looks nice, man! Also, is there a way to avoid confrontation with Zombies? I wanna secretly arm a Nuke in the midst of them and hitch a ride out!
  18. Black1ron

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    any chance of more headgear with no goggles? I wanna use the ACE goggles with this :) p.s.- They look awesome anyways!
  19. it looks like the W.M.D. Orbital laser launcher from EndWar...
  20. time to go all sf on some guards in a swamp. Thank god for ACE silenced snipers and gillie suits :D
  21. The models are already fairly high quality.
  22. That's why I'm getting po'd... Not at the ACE team, but for the fact that my game spazzes out.