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  1. I envy you for having access to these. Just wondering, though, are you gonna improve those textures
  2. Black1ron

    Indoor AI

    By now, anyone who has played this game has noticed that AI refuse to even go NEAR the interior of a building. I walk inside one, they take up positions somewhere random outside. I'm wondering if it's an error or if they plan on implementing indoors combat? They refuse to go in a courtyard, for God's sake!
  3. Black1ron

    ARMA 1 mods to ARMA 2

  4. Black1ron

    Indoor AI

    Something constructive, perhaps?
  5. Keep it with no unit markings. It makes them that much easier to use!
  6. Black1ron

    Indoor AI

    I'm thinking along the lines of Opflash: DR. They did indoor combat for ally AI fairly well. I didn't like too much of the game, but that was great. But yes, with OA being in set in a place with much more urban fighting, it would be extremely interesting to have to watch out for that one pesky sniper with a dragonuv who's been taking potshots.
  7. Now if I could just get permission to sign a few addons that I love...
  8. I agree that it would be nice for them to just be USSOF or something along those lines. Then they're much more useable.
  9. Is there a tool for A1?
  10. Black1ron

    -=F2F=- First2Fight Recruiting

    Isn't this an A2 clan? This is the A1 forums.
  11. I think it looks pretty snazzy without arm camouflage. But I'm not mil-spec expert. In fact, I'm four and a half years off of joining the military (go Rangers, I'm joining them straight out of high school). But yeah, I like it without the camo. So, release plox? Hehe, take your time, Binkowski. They look beautiful.
  12. Aeneas, you might wanna take those image tags out. Mods aren't the friendliest about these things.
  13. Black1ron

    2nd Rangers Multicam

    Nixo, I just noticed that there is not a lack of textures at all! It's just they're extremely light, so if you darken the textures a bit they'll be fine.
  14. Roberthammer is working on SCAR's.
  15. Black1ron

    US Infantry - 2008

    Not as bad as them trying to force-feed army troops puke-stained camouflage. Because that's what this new camo is. They pretty much took ACU and had some poor grunt puke on it. And made a pattern of it.
  16. Please make in 3-color and woodland vest? Please? Pretty Please? I swear, if you do, I will, like, proclaim you greater than something awesome. I still gotta thing about the most awesome thing around other than the possibility of you making 3-color guys.
  17. That's the same way I get things out of my friends.
  18. Black1ron

    US Infantry - 2008

    Binkowski, i have fallen under the terrible habit of calling you Binky in reference to, well, my old binky. You see, whenever that binky showed up, something good was bound to happen. In this case, i started to notice you posting more as this was released. In essence, im saying that you're awesome. You just gave me a second christmas.
  19. Sometimes I feel like people make these threads just to mock us. As if they intentionally act like an idiot and don't look at the STICKIED thread. But that's just me. Now excuse me while I go conjure up other conspiracy theories. On a serious note, there's a pre-made addon request thread and threads for all previously named projects already in motion.
  20. Black1ron

    Addon Request Forum?

    Hmmmm.... Good idea. ADDONS & MODS: SUGGESTIONS or ADDONS & MODS: REQUESTS sorry for the caps, but that's how the names of the actual current Addons and Mods sections are.
  21. This gives me many flashbacks of Arma 1... Nostalgia's like a punch to the face.
  22. Black1ron

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    Anything you have set up in your profile such as tactical glasses will overwrite anything that is on the soldier's face.
  23. There's an addon request thread for a reason. Please use it. It's stickied especially so people know about it. I don't think It's working, though.
  24. Black1ron

    US Army 2009 Units

    Will these replace your basic army units that are currently in ACE 2? Please tell me they will. Those are nerdgasm-inducing!