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  1. But I've been here...
  2. Black1ron

    TF86 Navy SEALs Pack

    As soon as I get a new pc I will get this first and foremost.
  3. Could you add some assault guys (the ones in full combat gear) with just pants camo?
  4. Black1ron

    Taking a break

    Take your time, buddy! Everyone needs a break once in a while.
  5. Black1ron

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    I would normally be glad to help you, but my pc runs at a maximum operating rate of 0%. It won't even start.
  6. Black1ron

    Post-Apocalypse mod

    I was actually going to say to take some walks around the fallout 3 world for inspiration on the map. I think they got the "ravaged by aging and radiation, but not necessarily bombs" look down pat. And give the freedom fighters and new order maybe some mix-ins of old BDU's. Especially new order, considering they seem to be the "civilized" of the factions. My two cents.
  7. [/endwhistle] Thats one beeeeautiful rifle you got right there.
  8. Black1ron

    US Army 2009 Units

    I vote 3-color and BDU's! Anyone else with me? (I hate UCP-D, MC, and 6-color "choco-chip"
  9. Those Su33's SHALL FINALLY FALL! Thanks you for this gift, I shall use it to crush my enemies.
  10. So all you just did there was confirm what Ranger and I said. I said it much more vaguely, but the point is that if you've completed the req's, you can show it off (to put it in a way). Heck, I've seen troops in the basic infantry (albeit a officer) who wore his tab.
  11. But are you not allowed to wear tab/airborne patch?
  12. This really just looks like a request reworded into a question pertaining to the existance of a COD addon.
  13. :D what IS your top priority? Those SEAL's? please tell me it's those guys or SOCOM ACU units from A1!
  14. Black1ron

    how to sign a addon?

    I've been using BinPBO, but I still don't get how to use the Create Signature funtion. Any help? It's blanked and I have no idea. I have two .pbo's, I just need to sign them.
  15. I think you should use a digital version of DPM. Either that or tradition 3-colors and BDU's. Logo looks real nice, needs more subdued colors.
  16. those MNU vehicles would look nice with a new paintjob.
  17. I think you should go with something a bit more traditional, but that's cool, too!
  18. Well, anyways, the cards I have seen are at least 100 USD
  19. Isn't 50 pounds like 100 dollars though? There's the problem right there.
  20. Sadly, I had to stop all projects I had running (mainly a BHD mod) when my pc crashed and all work was lost. I finally decided that my pc was no longer fit to even run easy programs like that. But yeah, making stuff is fun.
  21. But i like my bare-faced troops!