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  1. I'm actually the one who requested it :)
  2. The SCAR rifle, at least the LW (the 5.56x45 version) will be in OA. But I would also love to see it before then.
  3. Well, I've been playing ArmA 2 since it was released and there's only been one MAJOR problem for me. Every once in a while (time in between can change) There's random shafts of color (usually black or white) that appear, and if I look in the direction they're in then my screen goes psycho. My friends have only had one or two instances of it, so I dunno if it's my computer, but it gets really annoying. And I know it's only with Chernarus and Utes, because I've tried both Sahranis, Porto, the PMC demo, and various other maps and absolutely nothing is wrong. I'll take a screenshot of it as soon as possible, but until then I hope someone knows what's happening. Edit: Here's the screen glitch
  4. Once again, another thing! The M320 for the m4/m16
  5. Nice, I'll try them out once they're released.
  6. I would also like to see the Military AUG with the forward grip down, not folded up.
  7. If you have looked at one of my previous posts (page 17-18), I named it as Bushmaster ACR/Magpul Masada.
  8. Finally, someone sees the worth of the Masada!
  9. Black1ron

    No disc read?

    I got ArmA 2 from steam and I'm trying to launch the game (it usually launches fine), but now it's saying that there's no disc in so it cannot run. Anybody know what to do except buy a physical copy of the game?
  10. I would love to see the bushmaster ACR/Magpul Masada. Here is info on it/them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushmaster_ACR