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  1. I didn't want to necrobump the Motion Detector thread, so I was wondering if you could shed some light here; The script doesn't seem to be working as the explosives spawned by a script aren't being detected by the mine detector, is this just on my end or am I doing something wrong?


    It seems like any and all explosives spawned by script or not being natively placed down by someone aren't being detected by the mine detector at all.

    1. mrcurry


      I can't replicate your results, the detector pings as expected though the AI seems to have gotten better at spotting the charges meaning they'll spot the charges momentarily which makes the beeping stop... not pretty.

      I've played around with the idea of doing a custom GUI based on the mine detector one so you don't have to rely on mines, I'll see what kind of R&D I get time for this weekend.

    2. Nirrti


      Hmm, maybe it's because I'm setting the player's score to negative, making them their own side (SideEnemy), not sure. But that sounds really awesome, I'm mostly just playing around the idea of a free for all deathmatch gamemode relating motion detector, I'm just kind of not very good with arma scripting 😛




      Okay, seems like player addrating -10000 is definitely the cause of the problem on my end.