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    Error: Battleye client not responding

    Yea unfortunately one persons "WORK AROUND" is not everyone's solution. I feel for you. This needs to be addressed by someone. Chief
  2. chiefredcloud

    Error: Battleye client not responding

    Well I found out that with Norton you can turn on SILENT mode temporarily (it says for an hour) and then BE will update and launch just fine. This was yesterday and I just tried it and had no problem so it seems. So I suspect, at least for me, when ever I get a BE failed to launch on update I will drop into SILENT mode and let BE updaye itself. So far I've got no alerts from Norton so here's hoping. Chief
  3. chiefredcloud

    Error: Battleye client not responding

    I come up with the following .... I can exclude the program from being checked, but should I? Norton has never alerted on Battleeye before now. I originally ran the ArmA 3 exe and came up with a Norton alert. So I did a Steam integrity check where it found 1 file that had to be replaced. Then I ran ArmA 3 exe again and it, Norton, alerted again. So I deleted the folder you indicated above and did another Steam integrity check and Steam replaced the folder. However I got another Norton alert when I ran ArmA 3 again. I can exclude Battleeye from Norton checking it but my question is WHY it's alerting on it. Chief
  4. chiefredcloud

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Does the server have to be updated for this, or will it work on any server? Yea, it's an uninformed noobe question.
  5. chiefredcloud

    Barret M107/M82 "Blackened"

    pardon my n00be type question but how does this play out for online servers? Do you have to add something to the server files?
  6. chiefredcloud


    Is there an Insurgency for Chenarus? If there is, could someone send me a link please?
  7. chiefredcloud

    repair at repair stations?

    Somewhere in ancient ArmA 2 hisory I seem to remember Evo using these very building for repairing vehicles. I remember driving up next to them and getting the vehicle in repair text. Of course this was on base too. So this might provide you a trail. maybe not ....
  8. chiefredcloud

    Tis the Season!

    MERRY CHRIST from AdultGamersElite ....
  9. chiefredcloud

    ArmA 3 Maps

    You JUST know like some MMO's, they'll discover a new island or two hidden in the mists off the coast ........
  10. chiefredcloud

    Wall Street Occupation

    Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts on this ..... so please ...... have a nice day :cool:
  11. chiefredcloud

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    You mean you want to play a campaign where once you die you can't play anymore? You don't plan on playing much do you? :cool:
  12. chiefredcloud

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    I agree with your comment. However (with respect to your "real-life concerns) only an experiance of real combat can bring this to the table. Not to go on about War Stories, but it took me a while to play some of these combat simulators in the beginning. Reflections and old memories of my own experiance in combat and loosing one of your people sort of haunts you.
  13. chiefredcloud

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    My opinion (and I have not read ALL the posts here) is that BIS should make or contract to have made something in the way of Domination or Evolution ready to install out of the box. ArmA, ArmA2 and hopefully ArmA3 are or should be great SandBox Tools. But unfotunatly, many of us do not have the drive (i.e. lazy like me), or the know how to cnnect it all to make something playable. honestly I have no idea how many play the single player portion (other than me) but I do know that there is a great want by many to play online. This should, in my opinion, be BISs focus. A SandBox and one online mission such as Domination, Evo or Insurgency to jump start the new ArmA3 franchise.
  14. Sorry .... I'm no help here except to say ....... there IS no substitute for a Joystick. Cheap or expensive, get one.
  15. chiefredcloud

    Bit overwhelmed

    AS stated by others here there is just NOT enough players on average for a good PvP/TvT play. So hence coop. Which is pretty rewarding IF you give it a chance. As far as I know three of the most popular coops (and there are many others) are Domination, Insurgancey & Evolution. Each have their own angle at coop. Speaking for our clan AGE (AdultGamersElite) we would be more than happy to try and help you get your feet on the ground in ArmA 2. You mentioned Project Reality, well there is a group working on an ArmA 2 Project Reality here also. Along with several other complete makeovers. I wouldn't let yourself get to overwhelmed or putout about ArmA 2 play. There are plenty of folks here in the forums to answer your questions. Just remember to expect a little sarcasim and humour when you ask those questions as they've most likely been answered many times in the past. Your SEARCH is your friend. And we're here if you can't find it.
  16. Can anyone point me to where in the Dom Script I find the wreck repair or facilities repair scripts?
  17. chiefredcloud

    They better have female soldiers...

    Though I know your comment was somewhere between humour and sarcasim, here is a link to some ifno -------> http://gamegirl.blogfaction.com/
  18. Something we at AGE (AdultGamersElite) have noticed is that all of our servers do not show up now. Many of us appreciating the uniqueness of your toold have used it extensively. However, with your latest update we can not fine via filter or no filter all three of our servers. WE have two public servers up at this time (one dom and one Indurgency) Neither of these show up now. Our Private surver running Insurgency does show up. I've tried various combinations and even creating a New profile. No changes. Any ideas here?
  19. Very nice ..... thanks loads buddy
  20. chiefredcloud

    co08 Domination Zargabad

    Wow ...... Maybe not then ....... that seems like a LOT of pain
  21. chiefredcloud

    co08 Domination Zargabad

    Enough for two squads I believe ..... about 16 And as for unPBOing can you recommend a program to do this and I'll give it a whack ...... though I got a feeling I might be lost in a jungle without a road map.
  22. chiefredcloud

    co08 Domination Zargabad

    Very nice. I only took a quick look at it but it has potentual. Thanks. Any way to expand to more than 8 players?
  23. chiefredcloud

    What other war themed games do you play?

    @***LeGeNDK1LLER*** I miss Raibow Six. An Excellent game. I Primarily play ...... ArmA 2 OA/CO - Domination & Insurgency ...... IL-2 UP 3.0 RC3 ...... Rise of Flight ...... Silent Hunter 5
  24. chiefredcloud

    COWarMod Release

    Indeed ...... :cool:
  25. chiefredcloud

    600+ camo faces unlocked

    Never got this to work. Tried putting an @ folder in root of ArmA 2 OA but nothing came up in menu ingame. Any ideas where I went wrong?