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    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Quote: Originally Posted by Murklor Curious question: What is the logic behind removing the wreck helo? Tank I respectfully disagree on this. When the frenzy starts (war frenzy) this doesn't seem to stem the fly and crash and destroy equipment syndrom. I agree it should but doesn't seem to. I personally play engineer frequently and quit often I support my fellow players by trying to collect wrecks and keep the base in some simblance of order. Yes I do fight also and my fellow clan members do clean up after themselves. I feel that in taking away the abiltiy or the neccessity to recover wrecks and repair them that we are doing away with an importent aspect of this game and Domination itself. I relise that "BALANCE" must be kept but this, I feel, does not advance balance.
  2. Shouldn't most of the "COMPLAINTS" of BIS be in "ANOTHER" thread? I thought this thread was for "PERFORMANCE" tips and such? I have my thoughts on games (in general) and their releases. Just not here.
  3. This is a good observation, But it sure seems it would get tiresome with nothing but sand and more sand and nothing else. Just an observation.
  4. I introduced the new Nvidia Beta driver to my computer and went from blacking out every 3 to 4 minutes in the city (PvP) map to NO blackouts in this map. And all the other maps seems to run smoothly. I7 920 (not OC) 64 bit, Nvidia GTX 295 (Dual Core), 6 gigs (over kill for A2/OA), Windows 7 Home Premium.
  5. I had a simular experiance last night while we were playing the PvP portion in the city. Every few minutes the screen would go black and I'd recieve the message "Recieving" as if the graphics were catching up. My system is an I7 920 with a GTX 295 Dual GPU. the system is windows 7 with 6 gigs of memory. As a side note, this did not happen while playing Domination coop (that I remember). Only in the city and PvP.
  6. I know I read somewhere that it is now recommended that @mods be placed in a certain folder now. The thing is I do not remember where I saw this. Does anyone have any info on this? This may hnot be an importent issue since those that use a launcher (as I do) since you just need to point it in the right area (folder). But I like to be neet and tiety where I can.
  7. chiefredcloud

    Running Arma2 from SSD

    The program, in this case ArmA has to be on the drive that you run (the ssd here) it from. Yes the SSD. And keep in mind, like normal hard drives, not all SSD's are created equal. Some by their architechure are faster than others.
  8. chiefredcloud

    Lack of multiplayer teamwork.

    There are obviously many ways that players feel that the game could be controlled. Some extreme and some not. Simply put if a person chooses NOT to be a Team Player they will find a way around it. Some are devious, hackers I guess, and some are just broad and blatent. I set my own rules. I.e. I go to a server to play, I try my best to adhear to THEIR Rules. I personally try to be a Team Player. Sometimes this is mute point as some don't seem to care or be bothered. In example if you enter a server and you find the MHQ deployed some where on base, there may be a reason for this. Perhaps you should ask, if curious. Or at the vary least, leave it alone. Where as initiative is always welcome, in my book, movieing an MHQ to the field when checking your map (which you should do to orient yourself on the situation) you might discover there is already one in the field. Taking a chopper out when you can teleport is a waist of assets. Do your joy riding in the Armoury. Jumping in a Jet and dropping bombs WITHOUT coordination is a big no-no. Even if your an A number One flyer. If all you want to do is fly, then ask. Perhaps something can be worked out. And my opinion on editing the game to make it restrictive is not to. Certain structure, yes, but perticipating in a Digital Battle is NOT a job, it's a pass time, a sharing of mutual time with those of simular interests (in the game). Some will always see themselves as Lone Wolfs but in truth, Lone Wolves rarely servive very long without the pack. A private game server, to me, is like visiting someones house. YOU are the guest, so act like one. As far as TEAM work is concerned, THIS is not an easy task. In my military days my team would work for weeks or more on what we had to do. Gaming often does not have this luxury. We all live on work differently. And normally only gather at certain times. As such Team play is often regulated to just covering for your team mate and fighting for the same AO. We, our clan, do make it a point to try and take care of, Revive everyone who playes with us. And as such we expect no less from other players. I guess the bottom line is that a player, a person, has to want to play with a group to experiance Team Play. If they choose not to, well, it's a long lonely war without support.
  9. chiefredcloud

    Domination - Everon - A.C.E

    Thx Demon .......
  10. chiefredcloud

    Domination - Everon - A.C.E

    I'll make sure they contact you very soon. If they are too busy, who knows, this idiot might give it a go. Thanks greatly for your time and reponse.
  11. chiefredcloud

    Domination - Everon - A.C.E

    Demon your work is just what we need as our clan pretty much playes Xenos Domination (now 2.10) exclusively. And Everon makes for makes for a pleaseant change. However we are not playing the ACE vesrion at this time. Mixed feeling within the clan. Is there a chance that you could make a non-ACE version of your fixes? Or give oour mission Tech, not me I'm the curious but dumb one, some tips on what he might do? Especially with the side missions on Everon not showing. Thanks.
  12. chiefredcloud

    Lack of multiplayer teamwork.

    Very true and the simple facts are that some players die excesively while playing as a team memeber and some die excesively while just plying for themselves. I personally fall in the first catigory. I always try to play as a team mate no matter where I play. Rules are rules, period. I try to be a good soldier but I guess I'm not that good of a soldier. I get killed a lot. And yes, it has to be frustrating for my clan/team members to always have to try and revive my sorry you-know-what. But they do. And try, always, to repay this by reviving ALL my team members. In our own way, as it is with so many clans out there, like AGE, SPARTANS, and 1st 2 Fight are a Band of Brothers. In all our walks of life we take time from acroos the world to come together to enjoy & share the commrodery and to fight a good battle. As a TEAM, for each other. This is not an easy task even for those with present and past Military backgrounds. Digital Wars are SO different. So I's say to the who started this thread to take heart and don't loose sight of the fact that some do care. So revive that knuckle head Hot Dog and just maybe he will finally get the message, that team play does indeed work.
  13. chiefredcloud

    You Know how Awesome this is?

    If only it were possible to program a piece of software and have it bug free. But alas if you've ever programmed before you'll understand why with thousands and thousands of line of code that make up a game that there is no way that a game/program can be T-totally bug free. But I agree with you that it should be AS bug free as possible. The general public, with what few dollars we have now a-days, should not be the testing bed ofr buggy software. With ALL this said and done, I love ArmA 2. Thanks Bohemia ....
  14. chiefredcloud

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    Is there any word of a US/American distributer for the new expansion? I prefer a physical disk to downloading if possible.
  15. .... Simple question. In the latest version of ACE has the stamnia been made an option or adjustable through the admin console?
  16. chiefredcloud

    Ubisoft's Draconian DRM

    I'm not smart enough to crack thisor any other game but in principle all you have to do is fool the game/program into thinking it's online. And I too would bet money someone has or will crack this. As for the game, well I support UBI in their edevour to protect their property. I do NOT however like or agree with this method. For all the reasons stated above. I did however buy the game and to be honest with you it isn't as good (so far) as the first. I hope I'm ok in critiqueing the game as well as it's unorthidox copyright scheme. Well it isn't like I didn't know it was a console port (as the first one was). But seriously, their is little reference to the PC controls within the game itself. Neaningless icons or, wait for it, console keys, are used. Now in all fairness if you go to the disk and browse the manual you'll find key referances. That's right no paper manual and yu pay $10 dollars more for the game. Economic times I guess. No tutorial, aka sparing rings to bring yourself up to speed on fighting. Good luck and may your patience hold out as you Re-Learn everytihing. Now back to the copy right scheme. I tried to get on this past Sunday and was presented with "you gave the Wrong Password" Which I knew I hadn't. So I tried again. This time "You need an Internet Connection to play" I had internet and still did. I tried to go to the UBI web sight and came up on a page that stated the sight was "DOWN for maintenace". And this IS why I could NOT play THIS single player game. So in 5000 words or more I have said what most of you have siad in very few. Basically, this idea really, really sucks.
  17. chiefredcloud

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    I'm 62 pushing 63 this year ......
  18. The new link worked fine for me.....thx......:)
  19. This looks to be a very good program. I was looking forward to using it, however, when I went to down load it I came up with this error ..... ..... I tried to download it on 14 Feb, Sunday. Any ideas what the deal is or how I can get around it?
  20. I appoligise for jumping in here but this thread looks most likely to be near to our problem. Any help would be most appreciated. We add several vehicles to our donimation server but when they crash or are destroyed they do not leave their locations on the map. This makes it rather interesting in trying to find and recover them. I do believe we do not need them to respond but rather just show up on the maps so that we might recover them. I can almost invision crashing in the woods or the ocean as I have in the past. Thx for any help.
  21. I get the message when I first land in the game itself. I.e. boots on ground. But it never henders me from playing. Unlike the pop up messages that state I have a different version of ACE than the server. Exactly what it says I can't remember, but will note it next time I enter today. And update this.
  22. JW since you are apparently well informed here could you tell me how to straighten out a config error I get latley. Something to the extent of files or keys in the ace\config not being right. It does not prevent me from playing but I seem to remember a post saying that occassionally you need to delete something some where so it can update itself properly. Thanks.
  23. I believe this might be directed at Xeno. But any response is much appreciated. Our AGE Clan has been Advidly playing Co@40 DomiA2 ACE West AI Revive. And really enjoying it I might add. However something has changed on some of the side missions. We've successfuly completed the capture the flag side mission several times under ACE. However no everytime we complete this particular Side mission, we find an empty flag pole. No flag is to be had. Now we've speculated everything from a time limit being exceeded to the AI stealing the flag, but none of it makes since. Any ideas? While this side mission is open no other side missions are avaiable for some time.:cool:
  24. Thx for this response. And to clarify if my comment didn't. The comment on stamna, of course, is mine. And not reflective of our Clan.