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    Is there a way or a possible adding of the ability to disable the OPFORCE for the game. To make it strickley player vs AI?
  2. chiefredcloud

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    This is a very minor thing but I notived when in Mission 1-3 as you walk on open ground at times it sounds like your wading through water. So I tried wading through water on a short stretch of beach (mission 1) and got none of this at first. Like I said, just trivial stuff in the skeem of things. p.s. Love it so far even though we've had our collective (2 of us) arses handed to us nearly every time so far. LOL
  3. Yep. We get it all the time. Boggs down any other side mission. You can't bomb it and most times it, the Scud, spawns IN the water. However I did tackle it on foot the other day and after I knocked out the two support vehicles. I got a message saying they had launched and the mission was a bust. In fact the missle, from my cantage point, never left the launcher. Fianlly it derezed.
  4. chiefredcloud


    Mando is good but no. Keep it down in the dirt and door to door. This is and should remain Squad action. Just my opinion.:cool:
  5. chiefredcloud

    Can I Run Two ArmA 2's ?

    Now this is what I was trying to remember. Thanks. :bounce3:
  6. chiefredcloud

    Can I Run Two ArmA 2's ?

    I need to know if I can run two instances (installations) of ArmA 2/OA/CO. I want to keep a stock copy for playing on our Clan servers but would like to also play some ACE inhaced servers or host one myself. What do I need to do to accomplish this without causeing any conflicts?
  7. chiefredcloud

    Can I Run Two ArmA 2's ?

    Thanks all. Now I have to wrap my old mind around this......:)
  8. chiefredcloud

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    It's a natural attribute (if you grew up in the country) to be able toshoot a gun (well). And as for the sound issue, well where as I can appreciate profextionist (yea I cannot spell that word) When your playing (ArmA) and your trying to NOT die, it doesn't seem to make a LOT of differance. Still I can appreciate ALL the hard work being put into this puppy. Any idea when it might see light?
  9. chiefredcloud

    Arma 2 Player Age

    63 pushing 64 in Sept GOD willing .......
  10. chiefredcloud

    [WIP] Northern Takistan map (1670 sq km)

    Sorry M8 but you see the sea in OA? :confused::cool:
  11. chiefredcloud

    [Alpha] RTE for ArmA II

    Me too. I've uninstalled it and even reinstalled it. I've watched the videos. I've gone to the manual. Now I don't mind professing a some what lack of iteeligince, but still, I cannot get it to work. Got any HOW-TO-RUN-IT FOR DUMMIES (THAT WOULD BE ME)?
  12. chiefredcloud

    RIP Major Dick Winters

    On behalf of myself and the AGE Clan we would like to express our condolances at the passing of a great man (as ALL vets are).:pray:
  13. chiefredcloud

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    This seems as close to what I'm looking for as any on my search of this forum. Has anything come of it?
  14. chiefredcloud

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Honestly Xeno I don't know if we're using the first version of OA or not. Not to sound dirt stupid, but how would we/I tell? We are using Dom 2.28 OA I believe modded to our server. Perhaps somehow something was messed up by our modder. I have no idea. But, by choice, I have given myself the task of tiding up the batlefields and this kind of precludes doing that. Bottom line, I need to learn how to do this so I can better understand things. Thanks for everyones comments. I appreciate this.
  15. chiefredcloud

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    I've done a search and this seems the only significant comment on the subject. However we still have this problem. IF the WRECK repair area is destroyed or the HELO repair or the FIXED wing aircraft area for that matter, an engineer cannot repair them. It shows it available for repair when I approach it and it allowes me to initiate the repaires, showing a comment that it will take awhile to repair. An hour or more later and it is still not repaired. Is there a fix, work around or what ever for this?
  16. chiefredcloud

    [WIP] Northern Takistan map (1670 sq km)

    No pressure or ungratefulness meant, but with Real Life and Christmas, do you see your map appearing before or by Christmas? I wish I had the skill and time you have put into this. Thanks for your effort whether it comes out now or later. And Merry Christmas to you and yours and everyone else here.
  17. chiefredcloud

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 76711

    I haven't been able to run a Beta Patch since about 4 or 5 patches back. I continue to come up with blank screens (the blocks for choice are there just no type of any kind). Any ideas? I figure it 's on my end but don't know how to approach this. The regular game works fine. I run off DVD's only not Steam. Only downloads I have is for BAF & PMC.
  18. chiefredcloud

    Imagine That!

    Wonder how many Heart Attacks BIS would get sued for. I woulnd't sue but I'd most likely be one of those heart attacks ..... LOL O_o:butbut::eek::bounce3:
  19. chiefredcloud

    Secondary Weapons

    IF proper balance is used, as you outlined with the 107, then I would say yes. But perhaps, as with the sniper, not in all classes. I could invision a shotgun as a secondary to an M4. Least wise this wasn't uncommon in Viet Nam.
  20. chiefredcloud

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Quick question on applying the patch. Do I just run the patch or what?
  21. chiefredcloud


    I'm confused .... which in itself is not unusual .... but .... when I clink on the link in Armaholick I get a file called SHK_insurgentmortar instead of SHK_moveobjects. Is this right?
  22. chiefredcloud

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    Quick Question ..... Does Evo have Revive? If so, in what fashion. It has been ages since I last played it.
  23. chiefredcloud

    Dslyecxi's MH-6 Practice Scenario

    I'll add my thanks for a very helpful tool.:cool:
  24. chiefredcloud

    Little ARMA 2 tips that help in a big way

    Thanks, I appreciate this.
  25. chiefredcloud

    Little ARMA 2 tips that help in a big way

    Use the ALT key to look around insted of shifting your body every where. Your aim stays inplace and you might not be seen as easily by AI. Question: on map, how do you get the different markers I.e. dot, and such?