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    Windows 8

    Hell, (can I say that?) I'm a Windows Junky. I think I've had every windos put out except the very first. But I have my doubts about this one. Perhaps when more is released on it I will change my mind. Till then, Windows 7 is just fine.
  2. chiefredcloud

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    pardon my asking a question that may be obviouse or already addressed, butwill the Project Reality be just or primarily British forces? And if so, will this require a player to have the BAF module to play or will the light version included in the simulation be enough? No I did not go back and read the all 160 pages to see if this has been addressed already. For any curious.
  3. chiefredcloud

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Muerte LOL has a point. There is always something to be fixed. But then I know Muertr LOL is aware of ALL the coding that goes into and program much less a simulation of ArmA 2's type. And since he know's this I'm sure he relises just how easy it is to miss certain code or debug millions of line of code (even with tools) and make it ALL come together so we can enjoy our little battles in cyber space. And I'm sure he relises that the new trend in games such as BF2 & BF3 is NOT to allow modding by the community (unlike BIS at this time). So WE should be so judgmental. Muerte LOL has a valid point.
  4. Ok, ok. I didn't make myself clear. The above was a S U G G E S T I O N. An idea. Not a question. And obviously, since I've posted 100+ times, not a good or clear suggestion. My appoligies to any I confused or made mad. Now, IF I might ask a real question. galzohar wrote Would this be considered an ADD-ON that anyone playing the server would HAVE to download?
  5. As an opinion only it might be nice IF your install (if it doesn't already) would make a backup of anything that needs changing and installs the change. Obversly upon an uninstall the orginal sripts would be replace. Why? Simply put there are those that are not up to rewriting andthing within the program. I guess what I'm saying here is that the more user friendly it is the more likely it will be used.
  6. Ok, color me stupid. I've read your readme file and I do know how and where to install this. However what is not clear is does this work ONLY client side or both? And if both, since Iplay on a dedicated server (AGE Clan). How does this work or what, has to be done server side?
  7. I'll have to check with our ArmA 2 Guru as I'm just a flatfoot trying to reason this out. Thanks though. By rebuild, are you refering to the time it should take the repair area to be fixed or the running of the game? to try and answer this once the repair area is down, it's down. It only goes through the motion of repair. As for how long the computer/server was running. It really makes no differance. Even after the server, not just the game, has been reset the arewas are the same. Once down, they do not come back.
  8. Gentlemen I may or may not have breached this question beforer, here. Some how in our (AGE moddifications to Dom OA) moddifications we have bunged the repair facilities. Meaning, when they are destroyed they do not come back. It does give you the normal option (to an Engineer) to repair the facility. And it tells you like normal that it will take awhile. But then it is never repaired. The settings are at YES in the options menu for Dom-OA so that isn't it. Any ideas?
  9. chiefredcloud

    Complete Reinstall.

    I hope noone minds me tagging onto this past. This way I wont duplocate it. This is how far "I" have come on "MY" reisntall. Any details would be MOST appreciated. 1. Install ArmA 2 (done) 2. Install Operation Arrowhead (done) 3. Install BAF (done) 4. Patch 1.59 (to be done) 5. Install PMC (to be done) Do I need to reinstall 1.59 after installing PMC? Also I'm just curious, I've gone into the game each time I make an install but things don't seem quite right. ArmA 2 (ok), But OA training is same as ArmA 2 not that for OA? BAF missions are NOT there. Originally I bought ArmA 2, later I bought Combined Arms and just installed OA. Now here since I chiefly play online, I did not notice the training mission was not OA. I bought and installed BAF and the BAF Missions were there. Played some. I bought the PMC and installed it. Played some. Please keep in mind that I have applied ALL official patches as they have come out. And up until I had to reformat and install;; windows again, everything worked fine (except, I think the OA training part). I am looking forward to getting back into ArmA 2/OA but think I will wait for your reply.
  10. Futurisim? The Comanche existed. It flew. IT was not purchased true. And it was in this date and time. So where do we (meaning you) get this futuristic stuff. Please, set me straight. Oh and the cameras on the helmets, been around for years (talking about avaiable, not neccissarily issued). So what else besides the "futuristic" Comanche is futurisitic about ArmA 3 so far?
  11. chiefredcloud

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Very True ..... :bounce3: ---------- Post added at 12:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:22 PM ---------- So this video proves the tracks on a hanamog can turn. How was it accomplished and why do I not see it. Meaning, is there something wrong on my end? OR ... did someone reclassifiy the Hanamog as a tank?
  12. chiefredcloud

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    I noticed while playing the Domination version of Invasion 1944 that the track for the Hanamog (which may not be spelled correctly, sorry) are not animated. The boggies turn (or appear to) but not the tracks. The vehicle operates just fine, just the visiual (tracks) are off.
  13. First let me say from the point of someone who has no skills at modding, thank you ALL, in this case the team of 31st Normandy, for your works. IF I ever appear to be TOO critical of a MOD in my discussions, I expect to be brought down to the ground where I belong. That said, I have installed Patches 1 & 2 and I find that I still have an editor (in -the-works). I cannot and will not be critical of A-Work-In-Progress. I will however provide any feedback I can for your review. I'm not sure what stage of the software (mod) that I have downloaded (from the first page, I believe) so I hesitate to make any comments at this time. Perhaps this information is in the reading of this thread and I have but missed it. I will reread the thread to see. I wish you the best of luck on this project. My Clan (AGE) has enjoyed the Invasion 1944 Mod but most of us feel that to is an onging project with work ahead of it. We do enjoy this indever into WW2 via ArmA 2 and look forward to playing both as they are avaiable.
  14. chiefredcloud

    I44 Domination 2 Chenarus

    Small and possible insignificant comment but the Hanamog (halftrack) tracks animation are not there. Runs fine though. I take it that once the planes reach aboout 400 meters up that they leave a contrail? When I saw it firstm I said OH "insert comment here"! I thought I had been hit. Also I didn't notice items from the AO being noted on the maps after I flew over. Was this intentunally left out or what?
  15. I downloaded this mod and installed it (minus the patches so far) but when I went to check it out all I get is the editor. And this is after I go through the process of setting up a server. If I'm doing something wrong, what would it be?
  16. chiefredcloud

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Was MY honor to server and would again ........ as soon as they create a NEW Dads Army ..... LOL
  17. I'll ask you fine folks who are developing the Normandy Mod the same question I asked over on the Invasion 1944 Mod. 1) How is the Normandy Mod different from other WW 2 Mods (such as Invasion 1944)? 2) Why not combine everyones effort on other teams to develop your WW 2 theme for ArmA 2?
  18. chiefredcloud

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    I commend ALL of the Invasion 1944 Team on such fine work. With that said I hope no offense is taken at my 2 questions. 1) What makes Invasion 1944 differant from other up and coming WW 2 mods? 2) And why not combine the hard work of other groups working on WW 2 mods to make n overall combined effort towars your mutual goals? I know these questions sound like those of a youngster but I assure you at 63 I'm not feeling as spry as I use to. Still I enjoy your mod emmensily. And NO I wasn't in WW 2 ...... Viet Nam yes, WW 2 no.
  19. chiefredcloud

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    How do you or where is a link for "HOW" to set up a dedicated server for Invasion 1944
  20. chiefredcloud

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    Where do you find the "WEAPONS RESTING MODULE"?
  21. chiefredcloud


    I had an experiance with Insurgency the other day I'd like to pass on to you. I was the only one in our clan server (AdultGamersElite) the other day and I had never figured out how to utilize the A10 (the commands to do so). I sort of stubbled on it by chance and thought, cool. I utilized it and then the time ran out. No problem. Then as I was trying to put a personal waypoint on the map, I found myself BACK in the A10 once more. This sequence happend nearly every time I tried to put a Persona Way point on the map till I left the game. What the heck am I doing wrong? Or am I doing something wrong?
  22. My observations have nothing to do with STEAM, if that is ok. We are running Domination (Xenoslast official I think) on our servers. Noone that I am aware of have had any problems with the new Patch. Thanks BIS. However I did notice a couple of things. 1) The translucent grass/bushes (already addressed further back) 2) Dissapearing vehicles. No, not the normal derez types. Two examples: Enemy armoured patrol driving through an AO that has just been captured. We nock out a tank but an M113 tries to speed away. I take aim with a MAAW as it passes behind a building making the noise an M113 does. Suddently it is deathly quite. I venture over and NO M113. Gone. Second incident, today. A memeber of my team and I were flying a Little Bird and we came under fire. I jumped and survived but the chopper derezzed beneath my partner and he fell to his death. No explosion or crator or smoke. Just gone. Is this possible an incompatability between Domination and the new patch?