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    Analogue Inputs only 50% range

    Glad you manage to sort it out. This bug is not an easy one to figure out, I wasted many hours on this myself. This issue has been mentioned on the old feedback tracker but probably got buried far down in the pile of tickets. If any DEVS read this you should really give a warning about this in the control setup. A big warning on top of the screen that binding two different controls to the same analogue input will mess it up.
  2. bullet purveyor

    Analogue Inputs only 50% range

    I have had this happens if you map more than one control to the same input. E.g you bind both the x-55 stick twist input and rudder pedals to your rudder controls, you will only get 50% rudder. Make sure you have only one control mapped to you analog functions. If you have both xbox and x-55 bound to the same functions try remove the one you are not gonna use.
  3. Looks good. Any chance of giving them some gloves to prevent some nasty frostnip :)?
  4. bullet purveyor

    Terrain - Kerama Islands - v1.0

    Great work guys, looking forward to try it out.
  5. bullet purveyor

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    There were several complaints about this in alpha and beta, It happens when mission makers have wind direction set to random. The whole cloud layer switch directions in a split second, following the complete abrupt wind changes. Looks really bad. Devs should just remove the random wind direction if they can't make smooth transitions.
  6. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    New midrange textures?
  7. bullet purveyor

    Sab Aircraft Lib

    Thanks for giving us all these cool aircrafts Sabre. Have you thought about releasing all your planes in one pack eventually?
  8. Sorry for a stupid question, but how do I execute the command, surfaceType screenToWorld [0.5,0.5];. I tried the debug console, couldn't get it to work.
  9. Yes that parallax update may be the culprit. I tested again with and without mods and the effect can be seen both on BIS terrains and community maps. Some map textures is worse than others, but even the default arma 3 terrains have this weird look in some places. Not as bad as arma 1/2maps and community made maps though, which also sometimes have that old "wave" in the terrain a few feet around the player. Does it look the same at your end? More screenshots:
  10. when running CUP_terrains my ground textures looks like smudged out oil paintings. Anyone knows whats going on here?
  11. bullet purveyor

    Save our own compositions?

    Is there a way to save our own creations to the compositions list?
  12. bullet purveyor

    Save our own compositions?

    Good to hear. Looking forward to it.
  13. bullet purveyor

    TrackIR Issue (1.56 Stable)

    I have the same thing. There is also something weird about the camera in the 3d editor. When you look up, using mouse control, and get to 90 degree angel the camera snaps 180 degrees down to the ground. Tested with and without TrackIR connected.
  14. bullet purveyor

    Ability to clear vehicle arsenal

    This should be an option under attributes of all vehicle class in the Eden editor as well.
  15. bullet purveyor

    Save our own compositions?

    That mod looks great, will check it out.
  16. bullet purveyor

    Eden Editor: Option for merging maps together

    Tested the old 2d editor, still works there. So you can merge, save, then open in 3d editor.
  17. bullet purveyor

    Eden Editor: Option for merging maps together

    He means the merge function. If you had used the old editor you would have known. I couldn't find it either, seems like the new layer system has replaced it. Guess we have to copy paste.
  18. bullet purveyor

    Battle Bus

    This looks like it could provide some good old fun. Is it a stand alone mod, or does it have any dependencies?
  19. bullet purveyor

    Norwegian Units

    The units will not replace the original units in the campaign. They are meant for creating custom missions in armas mission editor. If you want them in the campaign you need to make a replacement config. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_3_Replacement_Config_Tutorial
  20. bullet purveyor

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Thanks for the update! I see all mods are up to date on PW6 except the ace3 comp patch. It's still 1.0, can you update it to the latest 1.1 please?
  21. bullet purveyor

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    I use Play with six, and this is in the optional folder: ace_compat_cup.pbo ace_compat_cup.pbo.ace_3.4.1.0-0599b35f.bisign ace_compat_cup.pbo.six_ace3.bisign I guess they are redundant then and will not use them.
  22. bullet purveyor

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Is the 'CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - v1.0' the same as the compatibility files found in the optional folder in ACE3, or am I supposed to run all of them together?
  23. It's great to see you guys port over all this awesome stuff from a2. I hope this eventually will get supported by all the major aicraft mods out there, can't wait to have tons of cool stuff to drop at the enemies :)
  24. bullet purveyor

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Looks like a Russian heavy lifter :)