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    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    FOV depends on the game settings and are not directly tied up to the resolution, but if you mean a normal FOV value without distorting the image to much you are a bit away from a real 180 degrees FOV. The drawback with large horizontal resolution combined with a wide FOV is that the picture gets stretched against the edges of the screen, and objects at the center looks further away than they really are. If I try to run arma on my triple screen setup(5760x1080) the picture becomes very distorted at the edges. And if I compensate with narrowing the FOV to get more realistic proportions of objects I run out of vertical space. 1080 are not enough vertical resolution. My dream setup would be nine screens, (or even better one giant screen) in 5760x3240 to get a more realistic FOV without distortion :)
  2. bullet purveyor

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    This stuff looks amazing TxT. Will that hook lift be functional, by that I mean are we gonna be able to change out flatbeds, containers, tanks etc? If so that's awesome. I was really disappointed with BIS not giving their hook lifts any functions in game, just like the TARU lift helicopter. With the new vehicle in vehicle system, transporting vehicles on a flatbed might also be possible?
  3. bullet purveyor

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    A small bug: Sound delay based on distance is missing on building destruction. Drop a 155mm shell on a building and you will hear the building crumble instantly regardless of how far away you are. The explosion sound will arrive with the speed of sound, as it should.
  4. bullet purveyor

    So many high levels

    Probably some sort of ranking system in the game where people already have insane high scores one day after the release. People are quick to figure out glitches and cheats soon after a games releases so those ranking systems are not worth much.
  5. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes, both fog sliders are set to 100 % by default, but the fog seems to be following the draw object distance if I don't open the intel screen. As soon as I touch any of the fog sliders, it locks up at 100% fog no matter how I set the sliders. On the other maps I get no fog at all, on the VR map I get the same as you. You can override it somewhat if you have zeus enabled. Drop down weather module and set fog to zero. EDIT: Doesn't have anything to do with draw distance after testing more settings.
  6. bullet purveyor

    Taru questions

    You should take a look at this mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27532 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/176049-xeno-taru-pod-mod/ Be aware if you play online the server needs the mod as well. It's on steam as well so should be really easy to install.
  7. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    hmm, strange. I have a lot of jungley sounds.
  8. bullet purveyor

    LOD Discussion

    Great job on the new LOD blending, it looks a lot better. I hope you can do something similar about the small plants LOD-popping 3-4 meter in front of you in the jungle. I also request that you make landmark objects like bridges, harbor cranes etc and maybe even the new tower buildings tie in with terrain distance. You already have this working for radio towers and construction cranes. It looks really weird when half a bridge is drawn on your screen, cutting off right at draw object distance.
  9. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Why? Sounds really good to me.
  10. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Smoke deployment is bugged in several vehicles.
  11. bullet purveyor

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    You tell others to speak for them self then claim your way of playing the game is the only right one, and all people who don't use NVs are idiots. Is it possible to be more arrogant? There is a myriad of missions and play styles where the use of NV/IR is completely out of place.
  12. bullet purveyor

    How to do this stance in-game?

    It's probably from SMK animation mod which added a bunch of cool new animations to arma 2. https://youtu.be/dFRh_o3axGA?t=406 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/111228-pvp-animation-replacementenhancement-pack/ The creator smookie, was hired as a Bi developer.
  13. bullet purveyor

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Error message pop opp when flying over water: Can't walk through the front door in this type of building:
  14. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I think all HK weapons have Non-reciprocating charging handles, I know at least all g3's and the mp5 family have that.
  15. bullet purveyor

    Creating Shooting Drills

    If you search the editing part of the forum there should be several threads on how to get targets to stay down/pop up. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/149514-targets/#post2435091 This was discussed briefly during alpha 3 years ago in this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/149906-how-to-edit-the-firing-range-missions/?hl=firing+drill#entry2380955 One of the devs told us to stay tuned for updates on modules and documentation to make our own firing drills. Posted by DnA, 13 July 2013 DnA, we are still staying tuned :)
  16. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Some bugs encountered on Dev Branch Smoke deployment doesn't work on several vehicles https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117552 Missing glare/refection in glass on vehicles: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117552 Some vehicle glass don't block thermal vision https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117543 The Yorris J-2 reflex sight is unusable when you have sun behind you https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117549 Units inside tempest glow white when in sunlight. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117544
  17. bullet purveyor

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    BIS did a really great job on this new map. Love all the new assets and can't wait to see it in user made content. Vietnam maps are gonna be fantastic :) The jungles are much more dense than I expected. Sounds are a huge step up from previous maps. Great variation in buildings, even though we can't enter them all. I really hope the LOD switching is improved before the stable release though, it's pretty bad at the moment. A few fly overs and storm/rain- sounds:
  18. bullet purveyor

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Anyone else have messed up trackIR with the latest DEV build? When I turn my view away from center and zoom in, the camera is forced towards center. If I hold left alt key(freelook) and zoom in, it works as intended.
  19. bullet purveyor

    Request for a "Minimum" requirements update

    Is your buddy still having issues with his x-58 chipset on win 10? I was contemplating doing a clean install when I get my 1070, but if there is a lot of performance problems with x58 I might as well stick to win 7. Anyone else experience issues with this?
  20. bullet purveyor

    3den Enhanced

    Thanks for updating and improving this tool R3vo, it's a great addition to the original 3d editor. A feature request: Would it be possible to add an option to start units with their weapons on their back/slung over shoulder under ace option?
  21. bullet purveyor

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I retract my previous critics of the visual upgrade. CUP terrains fixed it. As always after an update on the stable branch I start Arma without any mods from the steam launcher. Huge disappointment, daytime has blown out highlights in the clouds, glowing buildings and very unnatural colours. Night time was even worse, absolutely unplayable. Black was pitch black, zero dynamic range. all lights looked like crap like in phantom3013s pictures in the post above. After tweeking the new post process settings and other graphics options for the past days I couldn't get it to look any better. Then someone posted a picture of CUP terrains chernarus wich looked much better. I booted up my CUP collection through PW6 loaded up good old Chernarus, and wollah! Everything was looking much better with CUPs lightning configs. Both day and night. CUP-terrains. Cherna by overcast day. Nice dynamic range in the clouds and no bright shining white colors on buildings: Moolit Cherna: Even Altis and Stratis looks good with CUP terrains running: I booted up vanilla arma again for some comparison shots and now everything looks good there as well. :) I have no idea how but running CUP fixed it. Some config values must have been overwritten which was not installed correctly after the patch. Vanilla arma night, moonlight: Settings: HBAO+ high Brightness 1.0 Gamma 0.7 postprocess settings: Brightness 80 Contrast 90 Saturation 80. There is still some issues with dim lights and poor shadows, but now it's at least very playable. I have seen many people post pictures of the same messed up visuals I had, so there must be some issue with the installation of this patch.
  22. bullet purveyor

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Of course you can find a nice spot a take some good screenshots, that means nothing. The new water reflections, shore lines, and other visuals look great at day time that's not the problem. The problem is many game mechanics is broken. Playing night missions without NVGs are now impossible without cranking your gamma levels up to ridiculous levels. Even then you barley see the ground on a clear full moon night. Just go into the editor set the date to a full moon night, place your character next to one on the lighthouses on Stratis.(they used to light up surrounding areas like it was daytime) Then come back here and tell me it looks 100 times better. And throw down some flares and chems while your at it. Saying they have always been broken is bullshit. danil-ch provided excellent videos of before and after visual upgrade. It's on top of this page and I even quoted it.
  23. bullet purveyor

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    This visual upgrade is totally broken. All the issues mentioned by Danil-ch made it into 1.60 stable. Moonlight broken. Flares broken. Chem lights broken. All light sources are way to dim. Night sky way to dim. Everything looks like an overexposed photography with default settings. What exactly is the point of these visual changes, and why is it not kept on the dev branch until all issues are fixed?
  24. bullet purveyor

    Line Drawing Splendid Screenshots [Official Thread]

    Is there seriously no way to disable this in the server settings? If so that's just plain stupid. Everyone in the dev team must have foreseen what this function would be used for in public servers.