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  1. Why has the Six Updater suddenly started to automatically launch the game after I run an update? Is there a way to turn this off?
  2. bullet purveyor

    Recommend a flight stick

    Thanks alot Pulverizer. No it works like a dream. Got really disappointed at first when a 200$ flightstick was that crappy :)
  3. bullet purveyor

    Recommend a flight stick

    I just bought th Saitek x52 pro. And I have a huge deadzone in all directions on the stick. In the windows calibration tool everything work just fine, but in Arma II I can't set it up properly. Any suggestions for this?
  4. It works fine with me atleast. Just place the modul in the editor and choose your settings. You will see a big diffrence in the colours of the mission when you get it to work.
  5. bullet purveyor

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I guess many players that was used to the battlefield 2, CS and other arcade like shooters quickly shelved the game after a short time, when it didn't live up to their expectations. Some of the game trailers make it look more like a fast paced arcade shooter, so many got disapointed when it is rather slow and very complicated. I got 3 of my friends to buy it at release and none of them really got into it. They lost their patience, mainly because of the many bugs (That I tried to explain would be improved in future patches and by the community) and the complex interface and gameplay. The public online games where not much fun right after realease, the famous receiving message, and red chain followed by CTD. Mix it up with all the team killers and idiots screwing things up, thats always attracted by new online games, and I think many players got discouraged by that. Someone in here posted a while ago that Arma 2 has sold over 1 million copys. Which I think is very good for a niche-game like this, if those numbers are correct? Unfortunately I think many of those never got to experience this game at it's best before they gave up. With all of the great community content and playing in organized games. Or just playing around in the editor like I do most of the time :) -Better documentation on all the key commands and how to control AI. -More in depth ingame turtorials on gameplay. -A small ingame turtorial for editor, that cover the basic to get people started. -Making all the players that are new to the series aware of the great community made content. I hope BIS make a better job explaining to the new players how this game work when Operation Arrowhead comes out.
  6. bullet purveyor

    ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

    Some suggestions: Could you make the window a little bigger, maybe adjustable to prefered size like windows explorer and such. would be a little easier to see all mods when you have a lot of them in the list. And a option to move a addon to the top of the priority list, or in increments of 10 or something would be nice, with 100+ mods it's a little tiresome to click that "green up arrow" 100 times to get something at top. Sorry if this is brought up already, didn't read all the posts. Great work on this tool! Makes it really easy to administer a lot of addons, ACE and x/caa.
  7. bullet purveyor

    Suppresive fire

    Have you read this thread? : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92248&highlight=suppresive+fire maybe some info in there for you.
  8. bullet purveyor

    Arma 2 Program Migration (vs installation)

    Thats the great thing about Steam. You can move the steam folder to a diffrent partion or hardrive and it works like a charm. So for steam users it can be a good idea to backup your entire steam folder to a backup HD for easy access and installation after a system crash or reformat.
  9. bullet purveyor

    Multiplayer dissapeared :(

    Maybe there is some filter settings in multiplayer lobby that need to be turned off. If it dosen't help, You can download http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6649 Alpinestars Arma II Launcher and use that as a server browser.
  10. bullet purveyor

    SP - Sting Of The Scorpion

    I could not get and extraction with version 1.1. The helicopter just circled above for a minute then left. I can't get the medic to heal me in this mission. He heals the others in the squad if I command him. Maybe it's just the AI screwing up. You can also take out the AA with the air support request. Not a big deal, but the point probably was to take out the Shillka before you could order in CAS? I didn't think about picking up an AT weapon of the dead millitia(if they have any?) before I went up to the AA objective. Maybe add a AT weapon to one of the squad members?
  11. AI Driving skills. would adjust the steering/response help? I'll start by saying I'm new to Arma and it's comunity as I bought ArmA II this summer. This issue has probably been brought up several times in the past since I have seen several post about this the short time I have been reading the forums. But it always come down to bad AI programing/scripting. I have mostly played as infantry, and not given the driving stuff much attention since I got the game. Until today. I tried to make a simple setup in the editor with 5 humvees following a straight line waypoint. All goes well until first contact, and they start to go off in all directions, and when the enemy is killed they use forever to get back in formation. I tried alot of diffrent settings with AI awerness and so on. Always with the same result. Veichles get stuck and take a long time to make the simplest turn. There might be alot of factors to the problem. But Wouldn't a more responsive steering, like in all other games that have vehicles, also be helpful to the AI? I have no knowledge about game programing, but my common sense tells me that a fluid steering would be useful both to AI and us players? Why have BIS made it that way? I can't see any reason to why a terrible, unresponsive jerky steering should make the game more like a simulator/real. I have drowen my fair share of car games and real vehicles, but never come across something as awful as in this game.
  12. bullet purveyor

    Norwegian Forces Pack

    Great work Viking! Hope you get some help on this project so we can see alot of Norwegian units and veichles in the future. Any plans on texturing the old uniforms? Feltuniform:
  13. bullet purveyor

    Manhattan mission radio chatter...

    I think there was a mod a while back that removed the voice, but kept the chat visibile. I tried to do a quick search but could't find it. I will check my modfolder when I get back from work, and see if I saved it. Edit: Sorry misread your post, thought you where talking about the units voice chat.
  14. bullet purveyor

    Can anyone see out of cockpit at night?

    I think it depends on the light. If I fly in the direction of the moon I can't see anything with or without nightvison. I have only tested the new campaign in the 1.05 patch, where you fly the AH-64. Will try it in the editor later to see if clouds/clear weather has any effect. And if there is any difference in which aircraft you fly.
  15. bullet purveyor

    Clunky movement, especially noticable in CQB.

    Dubbel tap the Ctrl key