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  1. lol



    OK, though to the question.


    The first question that needs to be answered is do the aliens behave in a way that their presence can be kept a secret? If not, then authorities should share as much information as possible with the population to avoid...misunderstandings.


    If it can be kept a secret, then they probably should do so for a time, both to control the flow of information, and also to prevent certain misunderstandings where some people immediately grab guns and want to purge some xeno scum in the name of the holy emp.... wait, wrong franchise. 

  2. Why does a Cockroach scurry away when you switch on the light? Because it knows that you are far too dangerous for it.

    Humanity should avoid attracting any attention to itself until they have carefully assessed the threat that the aliens can pose.  

  3. There is currently so much AI development in the industry because companies have finally understood how beneficial to them these systems can be. There is an demand for better AI in the industry.


    In the gaming sector however the demand simply is not there. Why should publishers and developers bother to invest into that, when todays gamers will lap up every pile of trash that is thrown in front of them....

  4. Yeah, AI development is difficult and costly, so many companies go with a focus on MP. It really is a shame. I´m also a SP player, because I do not want to waste my precious time being frustrated by idiots and stupid children. You just can not get immersed in a regular MP game the way you can with a good SP game.

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  5. Well that depends on the level of technological advancement they have, doesn´t it?


    If they are far more advanced than we are, then it is easier for them to discover us, than it is for us to discover them. If they are more advanced, they would have better equipment to scan for life, maybe they would even be capable of interstellar travel, something we won´t be able to do for a very very very long time.

  6. Well they could also have the same motivation as humans that drives them to visit new places. The simple joy to explore, or to be a tourist.


    I see these possible motivations that basically drive all lifeforms known to us:


    Trade, they give us something they have in return for something we have. 

    Expansion, either for the sake of new Lebensraum or resources (also includes food and workforce). This also includes them trying to convert us to their religion or something like that (which by the way would be a cool story line).

    Exploration, some alien wants to discover the galaxy and finds us.

    Experimentation some aliens stumble upon us and decide to observe and study us out of scientific interest.

    Extermination we might not know the exact motivation, but maybe aliens really do not like us. Considering that with their technology they are able to fly through space, we are pretty much done for.


    Enlightenment they do not know selfishness, greed or anything like that and simply elevate us to their level.


    Now you could say, "but what if it is a motivation completely incomprehensible to us", but whatever aliens discover us, one of the following is going to happen:


    They show no interest in us, just like a fish in the sea might have a look at a diver and move on with its life.

    They enslave (use) us.

    They try to make us a part of them (either religiously or politically).

    They study us.

    They trade with us.

    They kill us.

    They know no concept of ownership or greed and simply show/give us all their technology. We then get greedy and conquer them, because as a species we are sadly just like that...

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  7. Well this is interesting.


    I also believe that the first contact would, or be made by scientists, because they are more likely to figure out a means of communication, or would first be consulted. In the end though, I feel it would always come down to powerplays. The country, or group (e.g corporation) that can initiate contact first has the biggest potential to gain most from it.


    Human selfishness and lust for power would naturally then make the following things likely:

    The Group who makes contact first will try to keep the Aliens a secret from everybody else.

    They will seek to expand their own technological capabilities as fast as possible by learning from, or trading as much as possible with, the aliens.

    They would use their new capabilities to expand their power here on earth.

  8. 7 hours ago, Dedmen said:

    Doesn't say anywhere that you need to speak czech.



    Joke -------------------------------------------------------------------->



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  9. Oh no.... What a tragedy

    I was actually planning to visit the cathedral next month when I will be in Paris for a day. It is so sad that this majestic building is burning 😞

  10. 22 hours ago, krzychuzokecia said:

    Honestly, that vid is pretty meh. It just recaps main points of Gamasutra, RPS and Eurogamer articles, bringing nothing new on the table. In light of this, author calling his vid a documentary and asking for donations seems to me rather pathethic, but... It's 2019. Kids today don't know how to use Google, so I guess there's a purpose for such videos.


    And, because it's still in our minds and hearts, I have to take a new stance on the Great Bohemia-Codemasters War of 2009. Back in the day, I was rooting for BIS and denouncing Codies treason and theft just like everyone. But back in the day I was really nothing but a teenager, and after a decade I have a quite different outlook on the affair. Flame away, but now I think that BIS was very lucky that they lost only Operation Flashpoint brand.


    See - the company signed a contract with Codemasters, committed themselves to make OFP2 and Elite, and failed to deliver. And games are business, quite a big one, so missed deadlines equals to loss of money (either already invested, or projected income). In theory Codemasters could sue BIS into oblivion, and let's be honest - BIS is not really good in keeping up with their promises. We should remember that before 2005 (release of Elite and secession from Codies), BI was involved not only with OFP2 but also VBS and (even earlier) OFP spin-off - Independence Lost. Not to mention supporting the bug-ridden (like every BIS release) Operation Flashpoint. It seems that most of their projects of Codemasters era failed (including Elite). That makes BIS a rather untrustworthy business partner. Fans will say that BIS is not making games for money, but... do we really believe that after seeing games like Argo and Vigor? Not to mention that VBS was essentially a cash-grab - jumping into lucrative market with little-to-none new development (remember that new content for VBS was created by members of OFP modding scene).


    With that in mind, BIS losing just the brand is quite a lucky outcome. Would they expect Codemasters to forget about losses and failed projects? And, correct me if I'm wrong, I remember that Operation Flashpoint was in fact a Codies-invented name (though based on the Flashpoint name used earlier in development). The 2009 press-release, where BIS angrily responds to Codies marketing their Dragon Rising as an official sequel to OFP is just mindblowing. I mean, if Codies own the brand, why can't their product be called official sequel? For adult me that press-release reads a little bit as a childish tantrum, and a little bit as a hidden advertisement for BIS own Arma series. Which, by the way, needed all the publicity after the unfortunate Armed Assault. BIS holier-than-thou attitude, deciding what is and what is not official or true sequel was nothing more than virtue signalling. Which is a shame, because quality of their product (Arma 2) spoke for itself, especially when compared to Dragon Rising. So while Dragon Rising may not have been a true Operation Flashpoint-style game, it's still an official sequel no matter how far it went from original genre (SWAT series comes to mind here).


    So yeah - video games are a big business, and business is a thing for adults. The 2009 Great Bohemia-Codemasters War was none of that. It was an emotional outburst, and an example of mob mentality. Both of which have it's place in the world, but seem rather funny when it comes to my product is better than your product. In the mean time we also found out that BIS is not really better or worse developer than others. BIS acquisition of Altar in 2010 killed UFO franchise (and UFO fans to this day hate BIS just like we hate Codemasters), BIS games still have problems with their releases (either delayed or full of bugs - though with early access this had became an industry standard), and we see that BIS passion for their games have vanished to some extent, being replaced by pursuit of profit. Which is not bad - their families have to eat. But it's obvious that nowadays, instead of developing original ideas (like very unique Take on Mars which is now abandoned), they are jumping into existing lucrative markets (ArgoVigorYlands - all are clones of popular franchises).


    One could say that BIS have become the very monster it claimed it will never be. Or maybe they just grown up? Sooner or later, all of us do.



    You are a hundred percent correct.


    I would also like to add one more thing, The rivalry between codemasters and BIS meant that BIS had to step up their game. Arrowhead was a very substantial expansion to Arma 2. It added so so much to the game. Honestly I do not believe that Arrowhead would have been as substantial if BIS didn´t feel the pressure that they absolutely have to deliver a superior product. I do not think that the modern BIS has the same kind of drive and energy that the old one had. A lot has changed

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  11. I am not disputing that EU politicians are doing a terrible job. However, you should check how many Muslims live in Europe, and compare that with how many Muslims have committed terror attacks in Europe.  The percentage is minuscule. 

    As I said, I can feel actually safer walking through a majority Muslim, quite bad part of town here, than I would walking to a bad part of town in Poland.

    But now I see from what kind of sources you get your news from, and I am not surprised. Foxnews? Conservapedia? The Religion of Peace.com?

    Do you not see that those kinds of sources have very obvious agendas? BTW, one of those agendas is to blame everything on foreigners and direct the frustration and anger of the population, that should be rightfully aimed at our dear politicians, CEOs, and bankers, towards an unloved minority group. Very easy to do.

    Unfortunately many people fall for it. You included. 

    No foreigner has ever done anything bad to you. Judging by Poland Demographic, you can probably count the foreigners you are acquainted to personally on one hand. Your politicians have done plenty bad stuff to you and to your fellow countrymen. And yet here you are, being mad about foreigners instead of asking yourself why your politicians (who have never done anything good to you) want you to be mad at foreigners. That is silly.

  12. 13 hours ago, vilas said:

    lol, when my countrymen go to west they say "so many welfare benefits, such big labor support, such big child family care welfare" etc.

    you have more welfare than we had before 1989 , your labor codes protect worker/employee 10 times more than our labor code and you call it capitalism ?

    you work 35 h/week while we work 48,

    you have super medical care while we have to pay for many things,

    you have protection against being fired from job without any reason while we don't ,

    you have in your markets kindergardens for employee while in our (not our - yours because we have German, French and British ) supermarkets cashiers had to wear pampers cause they were not allowed to go to WC "to not waste time"

    you have benefits/welfare  for families which we do not have - i know what my colleagues from school say when they emigrated to work in west - they say that they earn 5 times more and everything is funded by the state - you have more socialism than you realize , you simply do not realize it  , capitalism is in the USA , not in Europe, in Europe there is all controlled by the state, calling it capitalism is mistake, because in EU there is socialism and there was no problems till native worked when lots of migrants came making terror attacks and not working - economical problems came too because taxes that were been collected so far were not enough , plus corporations moved production to China (jobs in Europe gone, many things are produced in China ) so people have less money because there is no such big production in Europe as it used to be, almost every t-shirt, shirt, trousers in this world are made in China or Indonesia , of course socialists which lead EU are corrupted / bribed so they do not touch neither banksters nor corporations, they only tax usual people more and more and more , there are 2 levels of laws, one for usual citizens , second for corporations and banksters,

    whole EU paid for banks when those banksters made crisis, whole EU allowed to be flooded by islam when USA bombed and destroyed tyrans which kept extgreme islam under boot , you may call me xenophobic i do not care, for us nationalism is okay and good - because it keeps us safe from rapes on streets, terror acts, shooting pedestrians buy guys shouting "allah akbar" , knife attacks by bearded "allah akbars" etc.

    i want to be rich, healthy and safe - i do not care that you call it xenophobia or racism or whatever, i want safety on my street, i want my property to be safe and not destroyed, dammaged or taken from me (by too big taxes), while EU deals with "gender" "multiculturalism" etc. people are taxed more and more, soon after all those crazy CO2 "environment" eco-terror we all have price of energy rise, in Poland they say we gonna have even 70% higher prices of electricity - it is madness,

    half of price of fuel is taxes, it is madness ,

    1/3 of price of car is taxes, it is madness ,

    people have less and less money to pay those who do not work but have 5 kids and pray to allah , in case of Poland new reforms also rised welfare benefits and we already have problems that some percent of people do not work but take "child support" and drink for it,

    one thing that is not "less" are taxes , we have less money in EU because taxes rise ,

    soon every european gonna have higher cars prices, higher electricity prices, because of this mad EU soon electricity prices will rise for 70% in Poland due to evil "EU CO2 issues", i do not want to pay twice more for electricity because some ultra-left eco-terrorists from communist parties say about environment , i want to pay less taxes, not twice more,

    i know what socialism results - i lived in such system and my parents - terror , opression, political police beating and shooting and torturing oposition, confiscation of property,

    we had communism from 1944 , they tortured and executed people for other political views (for patriotism, for capitalism, for having big property, for Catholicism), we had Stalin terror and after Stalin era we also had terror from commies, they were not allowing to rise private enterpronous people, they controlled all, they controlled who can get flat or truck etc.

    my family had property confiscated and was imprisoned till 1958 , i know what is socialism , it leads to poverty because if people get things free - who want to work ? only suckers and idiots work when everything is "given" by the state , if people have to work to buy something - than it motivate people,

    my family had over 200 ha of land in east before 1939 (now Belaruss) and commies came, confiscated it and put my family to Syberia , this is socialism,

    house of my family was given to Militia officer "because he needed it more" - this is socialism, and after everything was "given by state" , in early 60s in Poland you couldn't have truck, trucks were controlled by state and there was special legal regulation who (except state) can have truck , farmers had to apply to buy car... buy car in socialism ... lol, cars were produced and people get "bills" to "buy" it , they had to wait and if someone was in communist party he was given such "bill to get car" first ,

    if someone was active in Catholic church he was oppostion and he was neither given flat nor car nor washing machine etc.

    communism is idea that many EU commisars praised in their youth - they were in their countries communist organizations, some of them were formally in communist organizations , EU is heading into neo-marxism uthopia that will only end in civil war with society




    Again, so many untrue things it´s incredible and I won´t go into everything.


    In my company people work 45 hour weeks. The "normal" amount would be 40. I know very few people who work 35 hour weeks.

    We have protection about being fired from our jobs in theory. I practice there are so many loopholes that if your boss wants you gone, he will have a way to fire you without many issues.

    It is news to me that we have kindergardens in our supermarkets, or even for the employees of supermarkets. The Supermarket employees I know work very hard, and very long hours, with unpaid overtime, and get a really shitty salary out of it that is barely adequate to get through the month. God help you if your car dies and you have to get a new one, because you have no savings.


    Corrupt politicians is a different issue altogether, and one that is real.


    Your Xenophobia is worrying. I live in Germany my whole life, often I have lived in, or visited areas that would be considered the bad part of town. Do you know how many times I have been raped, mugged, blown up, or heard somebody yell Allahu akbar?




    I can go right now, in the dark, to the worst part of one of the biggest towns in Germany with over 90% immigrant population and take a walk. I´m pretty confident that I will be OK.

    My Girlfriends family is from a pretty bad part of a town in Poland. When I visited I was advised to tuck my little gold chain under my shirt, since it would almost certainly get stolen. I´m also advised not to come with my own car. And that in a neighborhood full of white, christian Poles. Great! So much for a feeling of safety....


    Maybe you should stop listening to whoever you have been listening to, or stop reading whatever you have been reading on the internet, and come to Germany yourself. See how it is.

    You think it is easy here? Good luck.


  13. So you base your opinion on your visit to one city of that country? The Capital city that is known to be quite expensive e.g. only the wealthy can afford to live there and pay for car parking?

    If I go to Berlin I will also see many new shiny luxurious cars driving around. What do you think I see in my city that is still among the fifty biggest cities of Germany? Basically the same cars that are driving around in Poland. Trust me, I know. My Girlfriend is from Poland and I have visited a few times. Germany France, the UK, all "western" countries have drifted more and more into hardcore capitalism during the last two decades. It has come to the point where workers will not speak up about shitty conditions because they fear that they will be terminated. Everybody who has a job is mostly happy to have one, even if he doesn´t like it. The french governments have been a bit late to the Neo Capitalism party and are now trying to rush things. Didn´t go down too well with the french people who are now protesting.

    Based on your writings I always have the impression, that you are getting your news from sources with an agenda behind it. Xenophobia, Neocapitalism and Neoliberalism, etc.

    Maybe you should fact check the news you receive, because there seems to be a lot there that is simply untrue.


  14. I´m somewhat glad that I didn´t buy Steel division. It looks like a very interesting game, but Eugen has proven AGAIN that they seem to be incapable of balancing their games properly. Also DLC divisions seem to be more powerful than the ones that were included in the game. 

    AI is also still poor, so that you can´t even have decent fun in SP.

    I think I´ll skip Steel division 2 as well.

  15. Yes respect toRussia. The country has its problems, for sure, but the organisation and execution of this event was simply fantastic. As far as I have heard the Russians have been amazingly friendly and welcoming hosts. 

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