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  1. Tonci87

    Gravitem Tactics: Mius Front

    Another really well done cinematic gameplay Video
  2. Tonci87

    Escape from Tarkov

    The level of detail and weapon modification is stunning! I so wish they would make a proper Single player RPG with this..... Let´s face it, the game will be most popular in Russia, and I´m sorry to say this, but in some MP games Russians are the very worst kinds of players.... I also have fears that cheating might become a problem in this game.... In all seriousness though, DayZ is forever finished after this game is released..... And I really like that they have the confidence to show off a few bloopers at the end of the video :)
  3. Tonci87


    That is an amazing collection.
  4. Tonci87

    Germany General

    The difference is that Germany bombed English cities when the war was still undecided. I agree that it was also a war crime, but the British continued to annihilate German cities when the wars outcome was already decided, even shortly before the war ended. And it was absolutely clear to the British at that time that the bombing of the cities would not make Hitler surrender.
  5. Tonci87

    Germany General

    Yeah, I know, its terrible. What the allies, and especially the British did to German cities during WW2 is nothing short of a war crime. Many cities were bombed that had virtually no military value, other were bombed even when the end of the war was already in sight. To this day it is a pretty regular thing to find unexploded bombs during construction works. Hagen, the city where I live was hit by 72 Air raids during the war, the last one in march 1945, it was one of the most devastated cities in Westphalia. 98% of the town were destroyed and it lost half its population. Hagen used to be a beautiful city before the war, known for its impressive architecture. After the war people simply focused on building new houses as fast as possible and the town is now quite ugly. Here is a before the bombings / after the bombings video if somebody should be interested
  6. Tonci87

    Germany General

    Apparently some people blamed the refugee just because he looked like a foreigner and the police arrested him. All this fear mongering is really counterproductive as you can see....
  7. Tonci87

    Germany General

    The police announced that there are serious doubts that they arrested the correct person last night.... The arrested refugee might be innocent after all.
  8. Tonci87

    Germany General

    It has been confirmed that the dead person in the truck was the original Polish driver. He has been killed with a firearm. The Terrorist driver fled the scene. The police arrested a Pakistani suspect, who claims to be innocent. During the night the German SEK special forces raided a refugee camp at the old Tempelhof airfield in Berlin. Nothing else is confirmed right now.
  9. Tonci87

    Gravitem Tactics: Mius Front

    Really nice cinematic gameplay video :)
  10. Tonci87

    Free Games

    About EVE: The free version: EVE and some of its most popular ships now available with no monthly subscription. Great for new and returning EVE players. Subscription gets you this: The full EVE experience, unlimited access to ships, skills and modules. Sounds basically like a free trial version to me, not really f2p
  11. Wargame Returns Wargame Red Dragon is now available for preorder. Everyone who preorders will get into the Beta in a few days (a closed Beta is already running, you can find videos on youtube) Owners of Wargame Airland battle get a 25% discount! I guess I´ll buy into the preorder (wich I usually would never do). From playing Wargame AB and watching RD gameplay on youtube I exactly know what to expect from this game. It will be awesome!
  12. Tonci87

    Wargame Red Dragon

    Although I really would be interested to play a Yugoslavian faction, and I really loved this series and its gameplay, Eugen is not going to get any more money from me. The promised before Red Dragon was released that they would not sell DLC for that game. Then they released it in a poor to average and halfassed state (Ships are still unbalanced and don´t even have engine sounds....). Instead of fixing the game they poured most of their resources into Act of Aggression, wich bombed spectacularly because it sucked, and now they are trying to milk what they have for all that it´s worth. They never bothered to fix the real issues that this game has, and the DLC nations are reported to be a bit OP wich further ruins the already questionable balance this game had. No thanks.
  13. Tonci87

    USA election 2016

    He will do it the same way Bush did. Running the country even deeper into the debt and then leave the almost unfixable shambles to whoever comes afterwards. Guys, the Simpsons predicted long ago that Trump would become president. They also predicted that he would leave the country with an astronomical debt. I honestly think the US is pretty fucked, it will take them again 8 years to realize how hard they are fucked, but they will see what they did eventually. Also, I hope that they won´t go and vote a third moron into the white house afterwards.
  14. If someone could combine the best of both mods....
  15. So, wich mod is better (especially when it comes to AI)? Swat remake, or elite force?
  16. Tonci87

    ASR AI 3

    I noticed that too, there seems to be a lot more pistol usage than you would expect.
  17. Oh my God, I found the solution. ACEX is at fault. I can delete the medical.pbo without issues, as long as I don´t run ACEX
  18. Thank you for the understanding, now we can do some progress. Supported the ticket. @Alwarren Thank you for the advice, could you maybe explain how exactly that file had to look, and where I would have to put it?
  19. Thx for not readin my posts at all... If I remove the medical.pbo, then I can´t save the game anymore, or to be more precise: I can´t load saves that I create. I´d love to be able to remove the medical.pbo if it wouldn´t break the game!
  20. Just to avoid misunderstandings, I´m not talking about old Savegames, I´m talking about newly created ones. Are you saying that ACE is not modular any more and that I either have to accept ace-medical in SP, or play without ACE? What did you change from the last version that caused this issue?
  21. As soon as I remove ace_medical.pbo, savegames become unreadable. The mission can´t even be restarted without going to the main menu first. This issue was not present with the previous ace version. Pretty much brakes the modular aspect if you ask me....
  22. Guys, any solution for that problem? Is there another way to disable ace medical if you don´t want to use it?
  23. How do you use the vanilla AA launchers with ACE? I can´t get a lock on an aircraft.
  24. There is another serious problem. I removed all the ace_medical files from the ace folder, because ace medical is not suitable for SP gameplay. Now I can´t load savegames any longer (even newly created ones). That worked with the previous version. EDIT: I left in medical blood, but it doesn´t make a difference if I remove that as well. It has become impossible to revert to a savegame, or to restart a mission, as soon as you remove the ace_medical.pbo The mission just ends...
  25. Tonci87

    Russia General

    Well a thing we had plenty of opportunity to observe was that a few, lets say very pro Russian, forum members here were ready and willing to believe any story, and even if it was blatantly obvious that it is bullshit, just because it was in the Russian media, without doing any critical thinking or fact checking.