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  1. Well I have a Problem downloading the Installer HTTP File from http://caa1.arma-creations.com/download/CAA1_2009-08-21.exe. It only says Not Found The requested URL /download/CAA1_2009-08-21.exe was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. What can I do. And by the way are you really going to transfer even the official OPF and Arma1 Campaigns+ Add-ons to Arma 2? Did I understand that in the right way?
  2. Tonci87

    SP Mission: Operation Enable Sky

    Really great mission. Had very much fun with it. Liked espeacally the öast part with the Counterattack
  3. Tonci87

    Search At War [SP]

    I found out what it was. You need to blow up the AA Gun, and I really mean blow up, after that you can call the chopper without a crash. But the chopper crew is somehow stupid, they keep crashing in trees all the time. Please check if the have nighvision
  4. Tonci87

    Search At War [SP]

    Sehr schöne Mission wirklich. Nur eine Sache stimmt nicht. Jedes mal wenn ich den Heli rufen will 0-0-5 stürzt Arma einfach ab :confused:
  5. Tonci87


    Please Guys do something against Teamkillers in MP. OK there is already a cool Feature that marks TKs as Enemys on the Map, but could you somehow highlight them visually, so that you don´t need to look at the Map to indentify this Idiot? Maybe paint him red or something?