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  1. Tex Zero

    Lingor Jungle SF - Rhodesy

    Great work Rhodsey. These really look great. Tex.
  2. Well I tried uninstalling BE, deleting the BE files from my user profile and cleaning the registry. Reinstalling BE both from Steam and manually from their website still locked me out of the 1.55 servers. I uninstalled BE, uninstalled OA from Steam and bought a new install from Sprocket. Installed the Sprocket version, updated OA and launched into MP and joined a 1.55 server that had previously locked me out. OA reported updating BE client. No problems since. Cost me $40 for a new copy of AO but I'm rid of Steam, the problems associated with it and delays in Arma patches. This issue may not be directly caused by Steam, but it surely was affected by it in my case.
  3. Same issue here. Steam version upated to 1.55. Cannot connect to any server running BE.
  4. Noob question. How do I get the Javelin to lock on? I hold space which gives me the lock box but if I hit fire nothing happens.
  5. A 6100 is never going to play this on anything but the lowest settings, and even then I'd guess it would be struggling. Time for an upgrade. Whhats the rest of your rig consist of?
  6. Anyone know what this error is? I get it when launching multiplayer since 1.03 patch. ---------- Post added at 12:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:38 PM ---------- Nevermind. Looks like its a little bonus for us Steam users.... http://dev-heaven.net/issues/show/3432
  7. Tex Zero

    Crashing to Desktop.....

    +1. Multiplayer on dedicated servers crashes or freezes with Arma2 stopped responding error constantly since the 1.03 update. Prior to the update I hardly had any MP crash issues except when a server fell over.
  8. Tex Zero

    STEAM troubleshooting

    Yep. Steam users have to download practically the whole game again. See this thread ==> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=82819
  9. Well that sucks the fat one. :mad: Surely they could give Steam users the option to manually update their files from a downloaded patch or run some sort of batch file on download to update? Good work BI. Once again you've managed to ostrasize a good chunk of the game playing community.
  10. GTX260 here. New beta drivers installed. Around 5+ fps improvement in MP and maybe a little more in SP. Graphics are smoother, less texture lag and has reduced tearing for me. I can run on higher settings without the stutter or texture issues I was having with the previous drivers.
  11. Yeah. Make sure you exclude it from FFDshow Audio. Oblivion had the same issue with FFDShow and X-Fi cards on some setups.
  12. Another issue with penalties in MP. If you are in the driver's position of a vehicle being airlifted and the pilot flys too low and you hit an object, you are penalised for killing any other players in the vehicle. The game assumes that as the driver you are in control of the vehicle- even in the air. So *any* crash is your fault.
  13. I had the crackling issue with my X-Fi card. I have FFDShow installed and the issue was linked to the FFDSHow Audio Codec. Excluding Arma2.exe from FFDShow fixed the sound issues for me.
  14. On my system AA proves to have a significant hit on performance. I've achieved OK framerates (30fps) by diabling AA. AF seems to have little impact. Has anyone done benchies comparing fill rate to AA settings?
  15. Tex Zero

    computer for arma 2

    I agree with bender. I really want this game to run well and I'm prepared to buy a better GFX card but at the moment I don't think a better card is going to guarantee a better game experience.